Big ups to my girls in the Charlie’s Angels Motorcycle & Social Club and my boy Lil E, aka Lil Eazy-E, son of the late rap legend Eric Eazy-E Wright for hosting Watts 1st Annual Charlie’s Angeles Christmas Toy Giveaway at the McCoy Plaza on 92nd and Firth.  An even bigger thank you for selecting the Brown family as your special guests and helping to make sure that this family has a great Christmas despite their circumstances.  For those not in the know, Daryl Brown was the subject of my I’m A Daddy and I’m Homeless piece I did a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Amy and Charlie’s Angels, his two sons were loaded down with gifts and winter jackets at yesterday’s event.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  There’s still time to donate and give to this family in need if you’re interested.  Just click here.

The Christmas Toy Giveaway was an opportunity for the members of Charlie’s Angels to reach out to the community and help those that are in need of assistance during the holiday season. Toys were distributed to over 200 children living in McCoy Plaza, an apartment complex that provides shelter for displaced families and single mothers re-entering society after incarceration. The goal was to provide toys for children who otherwise might not receive a gift this year and identify those individuals that Charlie’s Angels might be able to assist with job placement, health care information, or mentoring.

Charlie’s Angels is one of Southern California’s newest Motorcycle & Social clubs for women. Made up of professional women, the purpose of the club is to support and uplift women who strive to be successful in their personal, spiritual, and social lives.

Breast Cancer Awareness is one of the primary focuses of Charlie’s Angels. The Angels utilize community outreach to encourage women to learn how to give self-exams, get annual medical check-ups, and get mammograms every 1-2 years if over age 40.

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