We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told news reporters that he would not release the names of the officers involved in the shooting that killed 29-year-old Brendon Glenn in Venice until the department was satisfied that there were no threats that were credible.

For the record, to date, the only credible threat that’s been made on the officer’s lives and livelihood involved hasn’t come from external sources but rather internally from Chief Beck himself.

The first credible threat that should have been a warning to all officers was when Chief Beck let it be known that he personally called Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey to ask her to investigate and prosecute Officer Richard Garcia for his role in beating of Clinton Alford last year in South Los Angeles. Whether he actually did that or not, I do not know, but just the fact that he said he did made it clear that no one was safe. I mean if the man is willing to throw his deputy chief under the bus over that Boxergate madness, how expendable do you think a few police officers are to him? I’m just saying.

The second credible threat came by way of Chief Beck announcing to the world that the officer involved in the killing of Brendon Glenn was Black.

Chief Beck has never in his career with the LAPD that I know of identified an officer involved in a shooting by race to media just days after the incident, however he felt comfortable enough to do so this time.

I figure seeing as how the officer is Black and not a part of the department’s inner crowd (meaning he’s not sponsored or a favorite just a regular street cop), Beck knew he wasn’t risking much by possibly alienating the few Blacks left in the department by outing this officer. I mean what’s the most that could happen to him? The Oscar Joel Bryant Foundation, the Black officer’s group, is pretty much silent all of the time. The one Black on the Los Angeles Police Protective League’s board, I’m told anyway, is mainly there for her skin color and not her opinions. And Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger is seldom seen or heard from these days.  The most Beck probably thought he’d get is a watered down response from the LAPPL and that’d be pretty much it.

However, I think had the officer been white and one of the more popular ones from Metro or some other specialized unit, Beck would not have opened his mouth to offer the officer’s race.  My two cents.

The third credible threat came when Beck almost assured the officers involved that they’d be unemployed in the very near future.

Beck said that after seeing video footage of the incident that he was “very concerned” about the shooting, adding that it generally takes “extraordinary circumstances” for police to shoot an unarmed person, and that he was unclear if those circumstances existed in Glenn’s shooting.

Until recently, Chief Beck never had anything more to say on officer-involved-shooting other than let’s wait until the conclusion of the investigation. Now he’s making comments ahead of the investigation that are going to directly influence the investigation. Now those doing the investigating know exactly what Beck wants and there’s nothing to say that they won’t do their best to validate their chief’s initial comments and position as they conduct their investigation. Gotta keep the boss man happy.

The fourth threat came yesterday after the police commission meeting when Chief Beck told reporters he had already called District Attorney Jackie Lacey regarding the Glenn shooting. The call could have been just to shoot the shit with her or he could have strongly urged her to investigate and prosecute the officers involved. Who knows?

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The fifth and final threat so far came during that same meeting with reporters when Beck made it clear he had no intentions on releasing the Glenn video should it taint potential jurors or witnesses. Jurors. Enough said.

I have yet to read about any external threats from the community on the lives of the officer’s involved. Their names have been out there for a few days now. The anger from the community I think was more about knowing the names and who they are including the background as cops. Not because anyone was going on the hunt to track them down. That’s just something the LAPD likes to put out there to buy them time on releasing the inevitable.

Naw, the only person on the hunt for the officers involved so far seems to be their chief.

Now the average person who hates the police may be reading this and thinking what’s wrong with any of this. Cops possibly getting fired is a good thing, right?

Think again. Chief Beck is not on your side either. He’s just playing up to a public that’s tired of officer-involved-shootings of unarmed Black men and a throng of news media currently fixated on these shootings. That’s it and that’s all. It’s what I have dubbed as ‘convenient integrity.’ Don’t be impressed and don’t think for a minute that this is some new and improved police chief, because it isn’t.