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I am always happy to come across new music from a new artist that I dig.  This being the case with the self titled debut album from Choklate.

L.A. deejay Kristi Lomax of KPFK’s Restless Soul first hipped me to this sistah.

Choklate is a little Esthero, Ursula Rucker, India.Arie, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu all rolled into one album and 14 songs.  Her voice is sexy, sultry, and soulful with a touch of Phillybut she definitely has that Cali vibe going on.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Choklate was raised in San Diego and credits gospel music as an early influence.  I think this is especially true as demonstrated in track 14 “What’s About to Go Down.”

The song writing is exceptional.  I am really into lyrics and by that, I mean lyrics that actually say more than “Baby, baby, baby.”  The situations Choklate sings about are real life relationship situations that make it easier for the average listener to relate to.

Favorite tracks include: All of them.  There’s not a bad one on the CD.

Rating: Excellent, A Must Have

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Track Listing

1. Thank You
2. Never Change
3. Incredible
4. Waitn’ – Feat Chali 2na
5. Long Way
6. Gettin’ Is Good
7. Heavy
8. Dedicated to Music
9. Love It
10. Wish I Hadn’t Told You
11. Now What?
12. Bigger Than You
13. Whenever
14. What’s About to Go Down