Christopher Dorner: I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told…the Names

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help to cover it up).


This information is long overdue and it took quite a bit of sleuthing to get it.

If you recall about a year and a half ago the Los Angeles Police Department was on the hunt for Christopher Dorner. Dorner was the former Los Angeles police officer who had went on a rampage against the LAPD in an effort exact revenge for his firing as well as in an effort to try clear his name.

But this post isn’t about Dorner per se.

I want to draw your attention to the early morning of February 7, 2013 when officers on protective duty in Torrance of a high-ranking police official named in Dorner’s manifesto fired approximately 100 shots at a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.  The officers mistook the blue truck for the gray Nissan Titan Dorner was believed to be driving at the time.

In that truck was Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother, Emma Hernandez, who were delivering newspapers.  Hernandez was hit and Carranza suffered injuries from flying glass.

When it was all said and done, the city of Los Angeles agreed to a $4.2 million settlement besides the initial $40,000 payment for their truck.

The eight officers involved were found to have violated the department’s policy of using deadly force in a report presented to the civilian Los Angeles Police Commission earlier this year.  Police Chief Charlie Beck had the final say though on any discipline the officers might receive.

Despite pressure from the community, Chief Beck and the Los Angeles Police Department continue to refuse to name the officers involved.  However, it’s been almost two years now.  Dorner’s dead, the victim’s have been compensated, and there’s already been a completed investigation by the department’s Force Investigation Division with the findings reported.  I think it’s safe to say that we can move forward.  The last piece is the public’s right to know certain information regarding the shooting.  Information that’s been requested and asked for numerous times.

So…according to reliable sources, the officers allegedly involved in the February 7, 2013 incident in Torrance connected to the Christopher Dorner manhunt are Sergeant John Valdez, Officer Geoff Lear, Officer John Hart, Officer Franco, and Officer Faber.  There three additional officers whose names I will add to this list soon.  Hopefully the department will just decide to go ahead and release the names themselves.  All of these officers at the time were out of the Hollywood Division as reported in the news.  I’m told that they were given the option to transfer out of Hollywood and some stayed some left.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • ugh

    the victims have been compensated and it’s time to move on??? you cannot be serious. the crimes of that murdering narcissist sociopath are far from being something alot of us who were directly involved can easily move on from. your insistence on trying to demonize the officers who did the best job they could during that horrifying time is despicable. i truly do not know how you look yourself in the mirror everyday. it’s time for you to move on and pick on someone other than the hardworking officers of the LAPD.

  • slyboogie

    She’s only reporting the facts. Stop trying to alibi or protect these trigger happy morons! How would you like if It was your wife and kids in the truck or perhaps your mother and kids and they were all shot and killed in the process. You can’t shoot into a vehicle simply for driving down the damn street idiot! It’s out of policy. What don’t you understand about that? It’s not standard operating procedure. But cops lying is. Mr. Dorner alerted the public to police corruption, something we already knew too well. Rampart would be a good example.

  • ugh

    it was my family that was one of the murderer’s targets so do not tell me i don’t know. we are still living with the aftermath. that murderer had a personality disorder long before he became a police officer and was fired. he lied because he wanted to sue the city of los angeles. he played the race card to gain support for his personal agenda. this i know for a fact. you have no direct knowledge of this situation so it would be a good idea for you to stop purporting “facts.”

  • Tyndon Clusters

    As neither a LEO or a critic of the LAPD, I think an impartial opinion would be that there was a serious breakdown in communication, planning and plain trigger happy stressed out behavior by officers who made a HUGE mistake.

    Whether they should have been fired may be a bit too harsh a penalty, but sweeping it under the rug, not being transparent and letting them get away with seriously endangering innocent bystanders, it seems that I would side more with some punishment.

    The fact that there wasn’t any gives the strong impression that the LAPD has an “us against them” mentality and is going back to the dark days of Gates and the out of control Rampart clique.

  • Thanks Jas

    They ambushed to old mexican ladies. They all should be charged with attempted murder and fired immeadietly. BS double standard. No accountability. Thanks jas

  • ugh

    every one of the officers on all the protection details did the best job they could based on what they had and what they knew at the time. the murderer had ambushed two lapd officers, injuring one, then went on to execute another officer and critically injure his partner. the officers in torrance were also advised over the air that a citizen had reported seeing the murderer in the area shortly before that incident. were there mistakes made??? yes. was it out of malice??? no. the involved officers did not get off “free.” there is only one individual responsible for the direct and collateral damage in the entire rampage. in the interest of “transparency” i would like to see a call for the background and personnel files of the murderer to be released so that everyone can truly see what kind of mentally ill person it was who slipped through the cracks.

  • slyboogie

    You need to “get over it!” And what makes you have direct knowledge? As far as a “race card,” just what is that anyway? Never heard of it. It’s always different when you’re on the outside looking in. If your family was in that blue truck, you’d be pitching a bitch all day and night. Take a chill pill and relax Bud.

  • ugh

    your ignorance and lack of humanity for those who risk their lives everyday to protect and serve are alarming…..

  • slyboogie

    I’m a Federal Agent for Homeland Security Bozo, so I put my life on the line for the country, not just the city. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who commits it. LEO’s are NOT above the law. Case closed. Now go watch some baseball or football and calm down. Read a good book.

  • ugh

    so articulate…….

  • Lou

    Mr Dorner alerted the public to police corruption. What a DHS Douche bag. He did not alert, he murdered and attempted to murder many more. Jack A$$.

  • slyboogie

    Typical whiners crying sour milk. To coward to even put your weak ass face out there. Be a man and quit hiding behind your wife’s skirt. Like the line say….”you can’t handle the truth you little slime ball.” It’s us FEDS that got a verdict against those renegade and corrupt sheriffs at Twin Towers a few months ago. Some nerve trying to intimidate and threaten an FBI agent in front of her own home. Now go hide your sorry ass under a rock and stay there MORON ! Sound like someone without a life…I suggest you get one. You need some sex! Too uptight!

  • ugh

    hopefully you are really not a law enforcement officer. your demeaning comments and name calling are example of exactly what we do not need within our ranks.

  • slyboogie

    There’s a great football game on CBS. Georgia and South Carolina. You’re invited to come over and watch it with me. Just bring the beer. We can talk at halftime. Now that’s called brotherhood.

  • Johnny Rico

    Many of the officers involved in those first protection details were given poor information. Many officers walked away from briefings believing that they had been given shoot on sight orders. Perhaps “execute on sight” might be a more appropriate description. Command Staff members who gave those briefings appeared panicked. The information given in those briefings led many officers to think that Dorner had military special forces training and was armed with military style weapons. Officers picked up on the poorly suppressed panic of their leaders and, in turn, experienced some of that same emotion.

    The average LAPD officer is not trained to do protection duties. LAPD officers are trained to perform patrol duties. The mind set and the training are different. I can personally attest that with over two decades of LAPD training and experience, I have never been given training in protection details.

    The difference of the color between the vehicle driven by the two women and Dorner’s vehicle is easily explained by the fact that it was dark. In humans, color vision does not function well at night. The cells in the human eyes that function at night don’t see color. Those cells see shade of grey.

    Like most officers who have worked much of their careers on morning watch (graveyard shift), I have often seen newspaper delivery people drive erratically. They tend to ignore stop signs, drive on the wrong side of the road, etc. They are typically more concerned with getting papers delivered on time than they are with following the rules of the road.

    My personal opinion is that all of these factors combined to result in this shooting. The lack of training in protection details, the near panic of our leaders, the over estimation of the threat posed by Dorner, the problems with human night vision, the erratic driving of newspaper delivery people all led the officers to perceive a threat when their was no threat. They responded as if there was a threat and they responded in the way that they believed they had been instructed to respond by their leaders. It sucks.

  • robert peel

    when protecting a building the heavy firepower is generally inside the building not allways outside..LAPD generally dont get involved in this type of policing like many east coast cities putting the officers outside the house in this situation was really just providing more potential targets.the inexperience of the lapd today is lacking in all levels and its showing.

  • CityEye

    Jasmyne does the publicity for Earl Hutchinson the media whore who calls out cops. They and other black activists REFUSE to acknowledge the horrific killings from black on black crimes and gangsters in South LA or all the violent domestic assaults BLACK NFL, NBA and other pro players are now being arrested for. There have been over 8 killings in South LA but where’s Jasmyne, Earl, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton. SLIENT. The facts lil Jasmyne doesn’t post is it was PITCH BLACK DARK out when the blue truck that was also a description of Dorner truck pulled into a cul de sac. The ladies turned off their lights, they refused to comply with commands, Officers had just heard on the radio two officers near Riverside had been shot at, one injured over the radio., I agree with poster MOVE ON

  • cutty sark

    “…there is only one individual responsible for the direct and collateral damage in the entire rampage.”
    Are you absolutely certain of that?
    Because one of the most disturbing and as of yet never explained aspects of the Dorner operation was law enforcement efforts to downplay connections to the Dorner acquaintance.
    Under any equivalent Dorner type situation, the normal law enforcement approach comes down on the acquaintance with a microscope and a fine-tooth comb. every smallest infraction which can be charged to the acquaintance will get cited. the farthest stretch which is still reasonable that can charge a felony will be made.
    The media has remained obedient. They never stray in reporting the official approved Dorner story. The effort made by officials to minimize any awareness of the Dorner acquaintance has left their true intent clouded in doubt.
    This shadowy figure who is only referred to by his initials was Dorner’s co-tenant at a storage locker in Costa Mesa. This acquaintance was credited by authorities for his voluntary cooperation to provide them with individual photographs of Dorner’s firearms and weaponry.
    We also find the most incongruous event of the Dorner saga directly intersects with the acquaintance – the discovery of Dorner’s burned up truck in Big Bear on Feb.7, 2013.
    Why does a fugitive Dorner trying to elude police pursuit and avoid capture decide to torch his vehicle? Burning the truck is guaranteed to draw attention, investigation and redeployed manhunt resources to focus directly in that location.
    According to a report in the L.A. Times, U.S. Federal Marshals were sent to that vicinity on that day as part of the Dorner operation. They were sent to check on a property parcel linked to Dorner’s acquaintence.

  • cutty sark

    When can you provide a list of the names of the LAPD captains and commanders who conceived and approved of the security plan to protect against the threat posed from Dorner’s manifesto?
    Can we hear the criteria used to select and deploy individual officers and supervisors to the various protection details? What determined the number of officers assigned to the various protection sites? Was it the same number at each site? Or was there an evaluation of each site to determine the number necessary to provide a minimum acceptable level of protection from an assault by Dorner? Or did the number of protectors correlate to the rank of the individual needing protection?
    Shouldn’t we know, of all reasonable alternatives for protecting those on the Dorner target list, who and how the LAPD settled on a scheme which requires the most personnel diverted from the normal daily law enforcement needs of the City and results in the highest total cost in salaries and overtime and delivers the lowest actual probability of avoiding injury from a Dorner attack?

    The philosophy of the protection operation deployed at the Torrance residence has more in common with World War I trench warfare designed to hold ground than any intelligent use of resources based on the threat from Dorner.

    When the newspaper delivery ladies came under fire at 4:30am, was anyone even home at the residence the uniformed team was standing guard over?
    I would think not. When several uniformed LAPD are stationed on your block all night because Dorner might come to attack you and your family, isn’t that when you call grandma or auntie and tell her your bringing the family to stay with them for a few days? Or you just book a suite at the Terranea for a week?

    The Dorner protection plan could have told everyone on the target list they may stay at any lodging they choose in Southern California for the first week. They can place their pet with any boarding facility they choose. They can use any taxi company or livery service they choose if they need transportation for immedeate family members. Just bring us the receipts and everything gets fully reimbursed.
    That would remove the targeted individuals from the known target sites. it also provides a randomization of their temporary locations. Dorner would need to conduct a whole new intelligence operation for any chance of finding out the temporary location of someone on the target list.

    Then the operation places the list of targeted residences under clandestine monitoring. One or two undercover officers per site for the first couple days. That should be sufficient time to establish remote electronic monitoring from an undercover vehicle at many of the sites. The point is to make the most efficient use of resources to monitor the sites and identify when Dorner is approaching for a possible attack. When Dorner is sighted, that activates a rapid response team staffed with the most skilled and experienced personnel whose mission is to surprise, capture and/or kill Dorner.

    Why don’t LAPD commanders like this Dorner security plan? Even when we reimburse 100% for the temporary lodging of choice, even if its the Ritz-Carlton, doesn’t this plan cost less for the City in dollars and diverted human resources while providing an equivalent or superior level of protection?

    Give us the names of who decided on the protection plan which resulted in a $4 million settlement to the newspaper delivery ladies and placed the officers in an untenable situation for which they have been unfairly blamed and for which they deserve an apology from those assigned to act as their superiors.

  • Bob Abouhy

    Nice Teaser Jasmyne. Can’t wait for your follow up story. We all have heard that Commander Eisenberg and his FBI buddy allegedly shot at those poor woman with assault rifles. There names don’t appear in the OIS report. Cover up perhaps?

  • TeamGamerfood

    glad he took down one of your family members, too bad he didnt take down you with that retard, you disgusting kike shill

  • TeamGamerfood

    >FBI agent
    lmao how many gallons of cum did you guzzle for that title?

  • Hazuki2014

    If you really are a Federal agent for Homeland Security, the U.S is in big trouble. To have a Federal Agent acting like a troll from 4chan when he comments online is embarassing and frankly quite worrisome. If you continue to make stupid comments online, please do not mention your occupation as you willl only make your employer and our country look bad!

  • slyboogie

    A lot less than I had your wife swallow last night and a lot less than you took up your narrow ass the other night from Big Willie style. Tell your wife not to choke so hard next time. And as a cracka, devils like you may want to stay out of the Middle Eat so you don’t keep getting beheaded! Now swallow that!

  • cutty sark

    The final LAPD report on the Torrance use-of-force incident lists several factors contributing to the officers reaction of firing upon the blue Tacoma delivering newspapers. Less than ideal planning and management was mentioned as one of those factors.

    There could be significant value in investigating the LAPD Dorner protection response at the strategic planning and implementation level. An objective evaluation may reveal that most or all of the undesirable aspects of the Torrance incident are attributable to decisions made at the strategic level.

    Does Chief Beck have a process for investigating decisions made and actions taken at the srategic command level? Are there any standards to help Chief Beck and the Police Commission evaluate or discipline command personnel?

  • Mr Smith

    If you really are a federal agent (especially if it’s DHS) you should be fired immediately. Your comments are reprehensible, your racism is obvious, and the sexually graphic and demeaning nature of your attack particularly brutal. That type of behavior should have no place in the federal government.

    Jasmyne should also be held responsible, the comments should’ve been reported to a DHS supervisor and deleted by a moderator here. That such misogynistic, homophobic, and racists comments are permitted to prevail should be a testament to Jasmyne’s hypocrisy. I cannot help but wonder what such comments would’ve warranted by way of response if instead they’d been directed at a black person.

  • slyboogie

    Just the way white global supremacists operate. Not a problem for a white person to express his warped and narrow minded views, but always a problem for a black person to express his or her views. If someone comes on this site and disrespects me, you can be damn sure I’m going to give them a dose of their own medicine whether people like you like it or not! Live with it and move on!

  • Mr Smith

    Who exactly on this thread launched a misogynistic, homophobic, racist diatribe that was even close to the bile that you spewed? Your parents did a disservice to the rest of society in how you were raised.

  • slyboogie

    You sound very unpatriotic and confused to say the least. I’m busy working and don’t have time to go tit for tat with some of you who are so misinformed and doesn’t like it when someone gives you a dose of your own medicine. You’re all alike. People think that all officers should defend their rank and file regardless of how corrupt and evil they may be. Well, I guess all teachers should come and defend a teacher who they know is molesting a child or children, just because they feel all teachers should stick together. Right? WRONG!!! Speaking of parents, isn’t that why White Global Supremacy continues to exist? You simply take the baton of racism that was passed on to you by your wicked and racist parents and continue the legacy. Now, let me get back to work and make society a better place to live for people like you. P.S. Do you have a face to show? Why not? What are you afraid or ashamed of?

  • Mr Smith

    What about anything I have said is unpatriotic? I’ve merely commented that a DHS employee shouldn’t be comfortable spewing racism, homophobia, and misogyny. I haven’t at all criticized any of your opinions about policemen, or even this particular article. My complaint lies entirely in the fact that you continue unabated with hateful and reprehensible comments of a nature unbecoming for a federal employee.

  • slyboogie

    Mr. Smith, my comments were never directed at you. They were directed at the writer who goes by “TeamGoodfood.” Read his comment about “how much cum did you have to guzzle to get that title?” He was referring to me and my handle. So I replied to him on his level. That’s when you decided to reply to my comments I made to him. (Read the entire conversation between he and I). Like I said before this guy even wrote to me, “right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of one’s profession.” Cops are not and should not be above the law. I made this my first point and he “TeamGoodfood” decided to attack me personally and I wanted to make sure he never pulled hat stunt with me or anyone else for that matter. It’s a simple case of him reaping what he sow. Hopefully this will clarify things a little and maybe from now on, everyone can engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue on this and any site, but we both know this will not be the case.

  • Mr Smith

    So “he started it” is your reply? Yes, your parents did a disservice to society.

    And I did read the entirety of it. You didn’t simply “respond on his level” – you took his misogyny and raised it with some homophobia & racism. It’s despicable. The fact that you can openly define yourself as a DHS employee and see no problem with your behavior is precisely why our government is a cesspool. The fact that Jasmyne has allowed such comments to prevail is further evidence of her bias. No doubt if your comments had instead been directed at a black woman instead of a white man, Jasmyne would’ve personally crusaded for your bosses to immediately fire you. She, much like yourself, isn’t searching for equality or justice – but retribution and vengeance against (as you’ve put it) the White Global Supremacy.

  • slyboogie

    Well now, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. A white person accusing a black person of racism. Considering the fact I don’t see black people determining where they will work, go to school, making laws, deciding who goes to prison and who doesn’t, where they can and can’t live…shall I go on? Interesting though. Black folks have been denied justice throughout this lifetime on a regular and all of a sudden white people don’t get the verdict they were hoping for in the O.J. case and all of a sudden, the system which ‘they” created isn’t fair. Jasmyne just report the “FACTS.” Some folks simply can’t handle the truth. By the way, what is your position on the white CHP officer that brutally beat an innocent black woman on the side of the freeway? Would you feel the same if she was white and the officer was black? It’s like trying to explain to a dog what it’s like to be a cat, you simply can’t explain to white people what’s it’s like to be black. So on that note, I’ll end it here. But I have a good feeling, you’ll feel compelled to get the last word in. After all, white is right, Right? Let me guess, you’re not a racist because your best friend is black. Spare me. Get a good book to read. You have way too much free time on your hands!

  • Mr Smith

    No it’s not the pot calling the kettle black. You referred to that white man as a “cracka” – and that was just the beginning of your racist jaunt.

    I would challenge you to find a single instance where I have been in any way racist. Instead, you’ve decided that I am both white AND thus a racist – or put more bluntly, simply because of my skin color (which you don’t, in fact, know) you’ve decided that I am a racist. Curious it would be to see how fast your opinion would change if you did know my skin color, only further exposing your racism.

    By now you should’ve come to your senses and realized the error of your previous comments of racism, misogyny, and homophobia. You should’ve recanted, retracted, and apologized. That you haven’t means you stand defiantly lacking regret for anything you’ve said. That’s deplorable.

  • daphne gomez

    What is your opinion on the Dorner Manifesto – in particular his recommendations about gun control?

  • slyboogie

    It’s been a good while since I’ve looked at his manifesto. I was reading it everyday when he was out there trying to get his message across. The racism he spoke of, I know firsthand so it was nothing new and I have black colleagues in general and in law enforcement that could gladly attest to this. You would have to brief me on his position on gun control again as I don’t feel the desire to look it up again. My personal view is that it’s a 4th amendment right. If you look at the Ferguson Missouri situation and if you recalled that racist cop that was pointing the rifle at the protestors and even the media, (he has since left the force, I’m sure by threat of termination), I can’t imagine the public not having arms to defend themselves. The cop that I just mentioned was a perfect example of someone that should not be carrying a weapon. If he was to do this to ordinary civilians while on patrol in the military, he would be court martialed. A racist with a weapon and a badge is a volatile mix!

  • slyboogie

    You feel better now that you’ve got the last word in? Good. Now go and get some rest. There’s a lot of good movies out there. Take time to go and see one Mr. Smith or whatever your real name is. Good day.