Christopher Dorner’s Training Officer Sues for Discrimination

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


I don’t have much to say about Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Teresa Evans that I haven’t already said. However, with the recent news that she’s now suing the city for discrimination because she’s white and for harassment, I thought it might be worth posting a little reminder of Evans and her role in the Christopher Dorner situation.  Because while Evans may feel like the Department is working against her, it could just be that they know she lied and is the main reason why Dorner did what he did. This is after all, the same Department who helped to cover it all up in the first place.

Anyway, below is all you need to know about LAPD Sgt. Teresa Evans, her role in the Dorner situation and how the same Department she’s now suing helped to cover up her sins of the past to save face after Dorner’s rampage and killing spree.

For those of you who simply cannot put your hatred of Dorner aside–this isn’t for you.  Because no matter the proof that Dorner did not lie about Evans and that it was her actions that moved Dorner into taking the action that he did, nothing short of Evans admitting publicly she lied will move you–and I seriously doubt even then that would do the trick. The same goes for reporters and producers who just read the scripts given to them by the LAPD and are unable, unwilling or too lazy to do any research on their own as to the what the facts mights really be.  The story isn’t as simple as cop goes crazy and kills innocent people before being killed.  There’s more, lots more to the Dorner story.

For everyone else who is open to exploring the remote possibility that Christopher Dorner wasn’t lying while learning about what the Department worked so hard to hide, this is for you. Nothing can be done to change what Dorner did, but I think that Angelenos would want to know if the LAPD set the stage for what eventually happened. And by set the stage I mean the favoritism, nepotism, cover ups and straight up lying that took place. Because if they did it with Dorner who is to say there aren’t several other “Dorners” in hibernation ready to be set off when the Department targets them.  Exactly.

I am not trying to defend Dorner’s actions or vindicate him.  You can’t be vindicated when you take the lives of innocent people. But the Department’s own reports and findings show that he was not lying about Sgt. Teresa Evans even though they painted a completely different picture for the news media.

So let’s get to it!

Sergeant Teresa Evans

LAPD Sergeant Teresa Evans

LAPD Sergeant Teresa Evans

To begin, Evans was Christopher Dorner’s training officer. She was the one he accused of kicking a suspect in the head and she is the one whom he was eventually fired over after it was determined that he provided false and misleading statements during his Board of Rights hearing.

But Evans was no angel and Dorner knew it and he told us all about it.

“What they failed to mention in the BOR was Teresa Evans own use of force history during her career on the LAPD. She has admitted that she has a lengthy use of force record and has been flagged several times by risk management. She has a very well known nickname, Chupacabra, which she was very proud to flaunt around the division. She found it very funny and entertaining to draw blood from suspects and arrestees. At one point she even intentionally ripped the flesh off the arm of a woman we had arrested for battery (sprayed her neighbor with a garden water hose). Knowing the woman had thin elastic skin, she performed and Indian burn to the woman’s arm after cuffing her. That woman was in her mid-70’s, a mother and grandmother, and was angry at her tenants who failed to pay rent on time. Something I can completely understand and I am sure many have wanted to do toward tenants who do not pay their rent. Teresa Evans was also demoted from a senior lead officer rank/position for performance issues. During my two months of working patrol with Teresa Evans, I found her as a woman who was very angry that she had been pulled from patrol for a short time because of a domestic violence report made by Long Beach Police Department because of an incident involving her active LAPD officer boyfriend, Dominick Fuentes, and herself. Dominick Fuentes is the same officer investigated for witness tampering. She also was visibly angry on a daily basis that she was going to have to file for bankruptcy because her ex-husband, a former LAPD officer and not Dominick Fuentes, who had left the department, state, and was nowhere to be found had left her with a tax bill and debt that she was unable to pay because of a lack of financial means. Evans, you are a POS and you lied right to the BOR panel when Randy Quan asked you if you kicked Christopher Gettler. You destroyed my life and name because of your actions. Time is up. The time is now to confess to Chief Beck.”

According to a Long Beach Police Department report (07-47091), Evans refused to cooperate with the officers dispatched to her home after her co-workers at Harbor division, Officer Margaret Henry and then Sergeant Donald Deming, called for assistance.

On June 19, 2007 Long Beach police officer Keith Mortensen and Sergeant Colbert responded to then Officer Evans’ Long Beach home to respond to a case of possible domestic violence between Evans and her LAPD boyfriend Officer Dominick Fuentes.

When the officers arrived both Evans and Fuentes said everything was fine, lies number one and two.

When the officer asked about the scratches on Evans’ face and her black eye, she told him that her Pomeranian had scratched her, lie number three.

Officer Fuentes went so far as to blame “tweekers across the street” for the police being called to Evans’ home, lie number 4.

Evans continued to tell Officer Mortensen that there was no problem and no need to do any type of investigation, lie number 5.

When she was told that someone from her job called the police to come there she told the officer “she thinks she knows who called and that she thinks she might be thinking she is helping her out.” Evans also went on to say “this person has something against Fuentes.” When asked why, she responded “she did not know that she just does.”

Evans said that she had been dating Fuentes on and off for four years and had been living together for six months.

The officer then went on to speak with Fuentes who corroborated Evans story of the Pomeranian scratching her face and repeated that there was no domestic violence to talk about, more lies.

And I quote, “She just sustained an injury from the dog, we did not have domestic violence at all. And that’s all I have to say to you sir.” All of which was recorded on a digital voice recorder and burned to CD and filed with the original police report by the way.

Moving along, according to the police report, both Sergeant Deming and Sergeant Levy responded for the LAPD and both Evans and Fuentes again denied any domestic violence.

Evans refused to allow the Long Beach Police Department to take any photos of her injuries.

After this, Officer Mortensen was dispatched to LAPD Officer Margaret Henry’s home since she was the reporting party on the domestic violence.

Officer Henry tells Officer Mortensen that Officer Evans started dating Officer Fuentes in May 2003 and that by December 2004 she was getting phone calls from Evans saying that Fuentes was yelling and screaming at her. Evans told Henry that Fuentes was “throwing things around the house.” Officer Evans confided in Officer Henry that Officer Fuentes was “crazy” and that he was taking out his anger on her.

Apparently Officer Fuentes was mad because Officer James Talmage, Officer Evan’s ex, had been assigned to 77th Division where he works and “it drives him crazy seeing him everyday because of their prior dating relationship.”

On June 18, 2007, Officer Evans drove over to Officer Henry’s home and told her that Officer Fuentes was “going crazy every time he sees Talmage.” She said he’s also mad because his ex-wife is threatening to get a restraining order against him and that “she is going to promote to sergeant before him.”

Officer Evans said that Officer Fuentes calls her “cunt, stupid, and nuts.” Evans said that the argument was so bad this time that the only way she could get rid of him was if she was dead to which a sworn member of the LAPD said (Officer Fuentes) “why don’t you just shoot Sean, then shoot yourself?” Sean being Evan’s young son.

Officer Henry recommended that Officer Evans speak with a women’s coordinator to which Evans said that Officer Fuentes threatened to scratch himself up and say that she did it. Officer Evans said that Officer Fuentes told Officer Joyce at 77th Division that Evans had hit him before. She also said that Officer Fuentes was accusing her of “fucking around” with Lieutenant Heron. But Officer Evans was worried that if she sought out help that Officer Fuentes would no longer to be able to carry a gun which would lead to him getting fired.

Later that same day, Officer Evans called Officer Henry crying stating “I’m sending you this picture because if I am killed I want you to know who did this.”

She told Officer Henry that Officer Fuentes had gone “bizerk” and was waving his gun around. Fuentes also picked up a lawn chair and threw it at her hitting her in the face.

When Officer Evans became unresponsive to texts from Officer Henry, she got worried and that’s what lead her to call the police.

Officer Henry also said that Harbor Division Officers Dawna Killingsworth and Janine Bedford would know about the fighting between Officers Evans and Fuentes.

Which brings me to Harbor and 77th Divisions.

None of what I am telling you is news to the folks over at Harbor and 77th Divisions. From what I’m told and according to the police report everyone from the watch commander down knew about the fighting between Officers Evans and Fuentes. That it was a running joke. They fight, they break up, and they get back together all of the time.

But to me what is the saddest commentary about Harbor and 77th Divisions is that everyone knew about the issues then Officer Evans was having with Officer Fuentes and not one person stepped forward to say that Christopher Dorner was right when he ascertained that Evans home life troubles might be a reason for her more aggressive behavior in the field.

The police department is always telling us that if we see something say something, but as I have proven time and time again, they often do the exact opposite.

I will tell you that if I was fighting the way these two were fighting, I’d be having problems not only at work, but driving to and from the job, and anywhere else I went. That’s just part of being human. When your home life is screwed up everything else tends to be as well.

Why Officer Fuentes is still a cop, I do not know. Why Sergeant Evans is still a cop I do know and that I will get into in my next piece.

As LAPD officers neither Evans or Fuentes are not allowed to mislead, give inaccurate information, deny giving information, or refuse to cooperate with any law enforcement agency.

Based on the Long Beach Police Department’s report, both Evans and Fuentes should have been found guilty of misleading the LBPD and LAPD Internal Affairs at the very least. Victim or no victim, a lie is a lie and they are both cops. They are held to a different standard.

Remember the LAPD motto on their bumper stickers is “No excuse for domestic violence.”

Add to that, it is said that one of our favorite subjects Detective Shelly Villanueva asked then Internal Affairs Commander Jeri Weinstein how they should handle the Long Beach Police Department’s domestic violence report involving Evans.  It’s believed by many with intimate knowledge of the situation Weinstein advised Villanueva that it was not relevant and not bring it up in the investigation into Dorner’s allegations against Evans.

But I’m not done.

Did the LAPD know about Sergeant Teresa Evans domestic violence issues and did they purposefully omit that information from the record?

Yes. In a never before publicly released intradepartmental correspondence memo dated October 25, 2007 to the Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigation Division (Captain Jeri Weinstein) from Detective Shelley Gallegos (CF No. 07-004281) on page 5 in the fifth paragraph it says the following:

Dorner stated that he had not had any problems during his probation. He stated that he asked for reintegration training because he believed he was a little behind on some things, but he never had a negative rating.5 Dorner believed that Evans had a lot of things going on in her personal life, and that he believed that Evans was arrested by the Long Beach Police Department for a domestic violence incident.6 Dorner believed that Evans provided false and misleading statements during the UOF investigation, which cause him concern about her character.

6 Gallegos discussed the complaint that arose from the Long Beach incident (CF No. 07-003277) with Captain II Jeri Weinstein, Serial 2433, Commanding Officer, Criminal Investigation Division, who advised that it had no bearing on this complaint.

So then why did the Department bury Evan’s domestic violence report?

Did then Officer Teresa Evans provide false and misleading statements during the Use of Force (UOF) investigation?

Yes. In the Los Angeles Police Commission’s own Review of Christopher Dorner’s Termination conducted by the Office of the Inspector General Alex Bustamante and dated June 21, 2013 on page 5 section C reads as follows:

C. Unresolved Issues Regarding the Training Officer’s Credibility

Dorner accused the training officer of writing the portion of the arrest report that discussed the use of force and specifically omitted any reference to kicking the suspect. During the complaint investigation, the training officer denied writing any portion of the arrest report. At the Board of Rights hearing, however, the training officer testified that she did sit at a computer and edit portions of the report because Dorner failed to understand how important it was to be very “specific and detailed” when recounting each and every action during the reported use of force.

The training officer was never questioned during the Board of Rights about the potential disparity between her initial statement during the complaint investigation and her later testimony during the hearing.

In the Use of Force portion of the arrest report, the training officer reported that she approached the arrestee in the planter during the struggle and took control of the arrestee’s “head and neck.”

However, in her subsequent statements during the misconduct investigation and at the Board of Rights, the training officer said that she approached the arrestee to gain control of his arm, with no mention at all of the head and neck.

The training officer was never asked during the Board of Rights to address which account of her actions was accurate, and why the accounts differed.

And even with this admission, the OIG and the Los Angeles Police Commission both signed off on Dorner’s firing as being justified.

No one, the media or otherwise, has ever questioned why the Board of Rights never questioned Evans about her conflicting statements.  Statements that would usually get an officer fired.

This is important because Dorner was being accused of providing false and misleading statements regarding Evans’ use of force during an arrest that occurred on July 28, 2007.

Evans, as documented, made numerous false and misleading statements regarding the misconduct investigation and at the Board of Rights hearing.

Add to that, LAPD policy dictates, “for this or any other police department to maintain the confidence of the public, it must be clear to officers that they are expected, above all, to be consistently honest in their personal and public life.

Their words, not mine.

Sergeant Teresa Evans (and Officer Dominick Fuentes for that matter) at the very least should have been disciplined for providing false and misleading statements to the Long Beach Police Department and the LAPD about their domestic violence incident but they were not.

The question I’m still waiting on the news media to ask is why was Evans spared from termination for lying on multiple occasions when it is documented that she provided false and misleading statements?

Did the Department withhold exculpatory evidence from Dorner and his attorney?

Yes. The Department intentionally withheld Sergeant Evan’s Long Beach Police Department report that corroborated Dorner’s statement about Evan’s state of mind and her problems at home. Then the Office of the Inspector General and the Los Angeles Police Commission perpetuated that lie to the public in their Review of Christopher Dorner’s Termination dated June 21, 2013 on page 6 section III:

III. Analysis of the Process

As previously discussed, the OIG reviewed all the documents, records, and transcripts related to Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing. In examining the record, the OIG noted that there were no significant issues with the process. The OIG found no evidence to suggest that the Department did not provide all relevant and potentially exculpatory evidence to Dorner and his attorney.

They found no evidence because as documented above in the intradepartmental correspondence memo dated October 25, 2007, between Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigation Division Captain Jeri Weinstein and Detective Shelley Gallegos, Gallegos was told not to include it because “it had no bearing.”

In laymen’s terms, the evidence, which was the Long Beach Police Department’s report was not admitted because it appears that Captain Weinstein told Detective Gallegos not to admit it and those directives were documented in a LAPD memo.

So why did Captain Jeri Weinstein instruct Detective Shelley Gallegos to withhold Evan’s police report and why did she feel it had no bearing?

Did members of Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing have a conflict of interest?

Dorner’s Board of Rights panel consisted of Captain Phillip Tingirides, Captain Justin Eisenberg, and City Attorney Martella.

Captain Phillip Tingirides was and is known throughout the Department to be a very close friend of Sergeant Teresa Evans from when they were both working out of Harbor Division. The fact that they were and are close friends is no secret within the LAPD and that too should have been just cause for his not serving on Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing panel.

Why wasn’t Captain Phillip Tingirides excused from serving on Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing?

Does any of this absolve Dorner of his own crimes? No, but it does shine a glaring light onto the Department’s role into his madness and how unfair and rigged the disciplinary process is.  It is also proof that Dorner may have been a lot of things to many, but a liar about Evans he was not.

Click here for Evans’s lawsuit.



The Court of Public Opinion

  • She told Officer Henry that Officer Fuentes had gone “bizerk” and was waving his gun around. Fuentes also picked up a lawn chair and threw it at her hitting her in the face.
    Funny how we have TWO sets of laws in America today, one set for the police/politicians/wealthy, and another set for the rest of us.

  • Big Dawg Pacific

    this chick is crazy. Everybody at Pacific div knows it. her little boyfriends know shes nuts and needs to be fired!!!

  • The American

    This is how the Department protects itself and its image.

  • Christiann Adtkins

    I can truly second the fact that LAPD lies..I was lied on by a Police Sergeant under oath at a Hearing and was framed because I got into it with another high ranking LAPD official during my course of employment. What goes around comes around though..and I know that everyone who had a hand in my unlawful firing will have their day..

  • Then that explains why LAPD is so upside down….

  • NinaG

    You should see what goes on for the the civilians who work within the LAPD. Because we have no representation per se (just our individual Union reps), we have zero protections and are subject to all kinds of abuse. Our MOU’s are not designed/written to deal with the “paramilitary” bs of the Department, so we are left to flounder and suffer the shenanigans of this corrupt organization.
    I have plenty to say if anyone wants to listen…

  • She sounds like a liar, and a bit off center, but her BF Fuentes makes her look like a girl scout. Is Fuentes still an LAPD officer?? He sounds like a ticking time bomb.

  • BTW, this blog entry BLOWS the LA Times piece out of the water, hands down;

  • Thank you!

  • I’m listening…

  • A Fan

    This is why Jasmine is important. With all of the news media in Los Angeles no one has bothered to get these documents or even report on the fact that Dorner wa telling the truth at least about Evans issues. But that department memo! Wow! How the hell did you get that?

  • DecentDiscourse

    I’m listening, but use a different computer (or download a virtual machine from VirtualBox), use TOR, create a new comment profile and use public internet. Not worth it having blowback for speaking freely.

  • DecentDiscourse

    Being blinded when I try to read this by all of the sparks flying off that axe you’re grinding. Why not have a version that just presents the facts with minimal commentary? Present the dots, let people make the connections.

  • Because that’s the job of the mainstream news. This is my blog and this is my style of presenting the information. Besides everyone isn’t as sharp as you and they need help to connect the dots 🙂

  • Mike Remy

    We are being Policed by the Manson family…

  • soe108

    The continued theme is how the female officers on the department known for getting around. I haven’t met any female officers that dont cheat on their spouse and have multiple boyfriend hooks up from the department. It is pretty sad and disgusting.

  • The Dorner case has always bothered me. Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence were shot and killed on the rooftop of their parking garage in a very expensive building in IRVINE. No one saw a huge black dude in IRVINE? That parking garage wasn’t easily accessible. And why would Chris Dorner go after Randy Quan’s DAUGHTER? Randy Quan fought for him. It just never made any sense to me. And I am not a tin-foil hat, conspiracy theory sort of person.

    Everyone knows that probees never report training officers…..not unless they want to be tormented for the rest of their careers, if they even get to HAVE a career. So, I seriously questioned Teresa Evans. For Chris Dorner to report her…..he was committing career suicide. To me, it sounded like he was ENCOURAGED to do it but then was thrown under the bus because Evans had so many friends in IA. Add in that her rabbi sat on his BOR, he was done. And the “manifesto” reads bizarrely.

    I am not saying that LAPD murdered Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence. I just question if they actually investigated the case properly or were just a little too ready to pin it on Dorner. Now, I am not privy to all the facts of the case. But, from everything I have read, they didn’t have any leads until the “manifesto” appeared. I just find it bizarre that Chris Dorner’s family was just mum on him and that the media got nowhere near them, that we learned practically nothing about the man that wasn’t LAPD directed and that this whole incident was quickly buried. There are so many unanswered questions about this case.

  • The American

    Evans should shut up and quit and stop trying to play “Victim!” Now is not the time for any cop seeking sympathy from the tax paying public. The City Attorney will tear her and her past to PIECES!!!!!

  • John

    This is a very good article & raises some interesting points about Evans’ personal life & background. There are components missing from your article and assertions made which color your article to support some of the claims by Dorner.

    First, the psychology of a domestic violence victim. If true, Evans is a victim of domestic violence. And more complex than that, she is a police officer victim. Police officers are terrible at asking for help. Imagine the shame & embarrassment felt when your trained to help others but can’t help yourself. Domestic violence is a difficult & tragic crime perpetrated by the person closest & most intimate with the victim. Often times the Victim of domestic violence is the one to bail out the Suspect & stop cooperating with prosecutors. It is almost like being addicted to drugs except it’s an addiction to a person or an abuse that feels normal after being raised in a home where Mom was abused. So to call Evans a liar for not cooperating with a criminal investigation in which the person she loves most would be jailed & terminated from work is not exactly fair or a true reflection of someone’s character & integrity.

    Further, a person’s personal & professional life while connection can be completely different. The things a person does inside the privacy of their own home is very different than how they behave & perform at work. You can have a personal bias or a moral conflict with an issue yet still do your job. There are bigots, child molesters, drug addicts etc that perform jobs everyday without allowing their secrets to seep into or effect their professional lives.

    Finally, if you lie once does that always mean you are a liar? No, but that does cause others to question your credibility. In those instances of a he said/she said involving parties with questionable credibility you rely more heavily on independent witnesses. In the Evans-Dorner use of force instance. There were 2 persons outside of Evans & Dorner whose account sided with Evans, not Dorner. One of those people whose account supported Evans, was the very person Evans supposedly kicked.

    It is strange to me that anyone would place more value & belief in the statements of a man so bent on revenge for his perceived injustices that he would resort to a multiple murder spree. This to me is like religious extemists who interpret the Bible/Torah/Quran to rationalize obscene acts of inhumanity.

    I do agree that Evans has a past that shows credibility issues, but those issues are complex & involve her personal life. But let’s just use some common sense here, this isn’t area 54 and a government cover up. This is a man with serious issues who lost his job, took no responsibility for it, blamed others, created a hit list, and then began killing multiple people.

    This is the ink blotter test where you look & see an image of racist cops & a corrupt police department. Those are the things you want to see and they exist, just not here. I’m sorry for those things that shaped your belief system & distrust. This, is just ink on a piece of paper and ripples of lives shattered by a murderer.

  • Anonymous

    What was Smith thinking when he took this case? We thought the Diego/Corrales discrimination victory would give him a little boost, but this case is just BS. There are no substantiations in the lawsuit’s allegations, no names, etc. However, it will settle before there is even a deposition. To the city, the cost of fighting it and risk of a loss in front of a jury isn’t work a $300,000 “go-away” payment. Receiving a settlement isn’t a sign the plaintiff is correct, truthful or “right”. In fact, there are many cases the City Attorney could take before a jury and win. When faced with the cost of fighting the lawsuit and the risk of the one dollar jury verdict, the actuaries deem a settlement to in the city’s best fiduciary interest. At that point, what is right does not matter.

    Seems Mr. Smith is ambulance chasing these days: perhaps not winning the City Attorney election has left a sour grape taste in his mouth and is now just nickeling and diming the city rather than taking cases on merit?

    The LAPD DOES NOT discriminate; at least against “protected classes”. The LAPD is an arbitrary, inconsistent organization. Discipline, promotions and assignments are all based upon who you know and who you don’t.

    Beck has a family and friends he takes care of; so does Paysinger. Villegas takes care of his…the list goes on.

    Dorner was right about the discipline process. It is capricious and arbitrary. Unfortunately for him, his actions after his termination justified the department’s decision. He was not a mentally or emotionally stable person BEFORE his BOR, and probably should never have been hired. There are numerous cops who have been fired for far less. Most move on and become relatively successful in their own right.

    Having said that, Dorner probably did not receive a fair BOR. We now know the process is rigged, and when someone is sent to board for termination, they’ll likely be terminated.

    Evans’ history will become more relevant during this litigation process. She should have felt fortunate the powers-that-be sided with her and not Dorner, who was deemed to lack credibility for waiting two weeks before reporting the alleged incident. The office of the CA is not the LAPD and will do their own investigation, and Evan’s behavior and history will become relevant. Should be an interesting deposition.

  • guest

    “Everyone knows”? Who? In past days, you may be correct. Now, reporting your FTO is a sure way you will make it through probation. Anything done to you after is retaliation, and if you’re terminated, you most certainly will have a lawsuit, win some money, AND get your job back. The department knows this and acts accordingly. The organization is huge, and a “probee” can be whisked away to another division and bureau where they’ll never see anyone from the first division for years.

    What does being a huge black dude in Irvine have to do with anything? Are you that moronic that you think everyone in Irvine is on the look-out for “black dudes”? I’m pretty sure there is

    You are implying the LAPD wrote the manifesto. Take off the tin-foil hat, lady. Are you still developing your photos in the dark room? I think those chemicals are eating your brain away. Even Dorner’s most strident proponents admit he wrote the manifesto, and his motive for killing Quan’s family is in black and white. In a nut shell: he felt Quan didn’t do enough to defend him.

  • Barbara

    The way Dorner handled his termination wasn’t right but he did tell the truth about Evans. Christopher Gettler is my son and he did come home that night with a cut on his face caused by Teresa’s kicks. He testified for Dorner but because of his mental illness they didn’t believe him. If my son had lived with me instead of his father, it would have had a different outcome. We would have pressed charges against Evans. My son wasn’t hurting anyone and didn’t deserve to be abused. I hope she doesn’t win her lawsuit and maybe finally will lose her job. Karma.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Yes, I second that!!! JC, you rock. I may not agree 100% with everything you put out, but it is so important to put it out!!!

    This is a sick dept. How these two infants are still carrying a gun is baffling and scary.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Sorry, nice try covering up the lies and infantile behavior by people who carrying guns all day long.

    She stayed with an abuser, lied about it and is now suing the department which let those lies go.

    Seems like trash to me both her and her bf. Frightening they are still on the streets.

  • C Pltn

    None of it surprises me. None of it at all. As long as your an employee that will Lie to protect the Higher Ranks and protect the Depts image, you will be protected and rewarded with promotions, put in specialized units, maybe be called for easy Cash OT details (Go Dodgers).

    The second you waiver….. Your done. Your next mishap will end up at BOR, an Admin Transfer or back to patrol. The only protection you have is a Connection up Top, a clean Teams report or even better, naked pics of somebody.

    It’s so filty at PAB, its almost impossible to survive as an honest Officer, unless your perfectly content in a Black and White in Patrol.

  • C Pltn

    Lol. Great come back!!

  • There were 2 persons outside of Evans & Dorner whose account sided with Evans, not Dorner. One of those people whose account supported Evans, was the very person Evans supposedly kicked.
    The man that Evens kicked said he could not recall hat happened. That is not what you claim, which was that his account “sided with Evans”, that is a lie…so your comment is a lie, and if that is a lie I would suspect everything you have written here…..

  • cutty sark

    The appointment of Sergeant Evans’s friend Captain Tingerides to serve on Officer Dorner’s Board of Rights panel is one questionable aspect of the process. But the questions about impartiality don’t end with Tingerides. According to the biography of Captain Eisenberg, he joined LAPD following service in Naval Intelligence. While Dorner was certainly upset with the Board of Rights decision that ended his career with LAPD, his resentment may have been even greater over the ramifications to his military status. Apparently, Dorner believed that his termination by LAPD automatically negated his eligibility for security clearances required for him to continue in his capacity with USN.

  • cutty sark

    Would need to go back and read over everything on the Dorner incident to find the exact who’s and when’s, but seem to recall that Dorner first shared his version of the Gettler narrative with someone else. That person then actively persuaded Dorner he must file a report with supervisors pointing out the discrepancy between Sergeant Evan’s arrest report on Gettler and what actually happened.

    As to the status of Randall Quan, it seems he had become somewhat of a nuisance to the higher-ups due to his representation of line officers in certain cases.
    The rules are pretty strict in requiring an officer to fully answer all work-related questions when called in by supervisors. This requirement can leave an officer extremely in doubt as to how they will respond without jeopardizing their employment status or their legal status.
    Randall Quan was arguably the most uniquely qualified person for an officer to consult when placed in this type of urgent quandary.
    Quan’s legal training combined with his work experience and familiarity with intricate LAPD internal rules, policies and procedures made for a rare specialization.
    For example, lets say that confidential photos of a celebrity domestic violence incident somehow got to TMZ and a line officer is called in for questioning by supervisors and must appear in 2 hours.
    How will the officer protect his/her employment status, yet not not self-incriminate or implicate a co-worker? The officer needs someone that is independent of LAPD and LAPPL who can help them right away.
    Call Randall Quan.

  • cutty sark

    The doubts regarding the origins, sources and intent of the “Dorner Manifesto” are legitimate and have never been satisfactorily answered or explained.
    The Irvine P.D. investigation together with FBI executed search warrants at Dorner’s Las Vegas area residence and a home in La Palma, CA which yielded boxes of documents and computers/computerized files. Unless I missed something, there has never been any publicly released investigative report which analyzes Dorner writing samples for comparison with the “Manifesto”.

    Search warrants were also served upon internet service providers and Facebook for documentation needed in pinpointing the computerized origins of the Dorner postings. I believe we are still awaiting any results from those Dorner-related technical investigations.

    The “Dorner Manifesto” is composed of parts which bear radically different semantic constructions.
    If anything, the “Manifesto” seems pieced together from parts of separate essays.
    Those parts may have come from self-initiated writings or they may come from therapist-directed writing assignments or transcribed from therapist-directed conversation.

    Because the “manifesto” is not a unified essay, several separate potential thesis can be identified. The “manifesto” is most clear, specific and purposeful when presenting as an argument for gun control and legislative action to close firearm accessibility loopholes.

  • That’s my point. It doesn’t sound like he had a beef with Randy Quan. Randy Quan fought for him. And, if he did, why go after his daughter? And the crime scene doesn’t make any sense. They were both shot in the car but no broken glass, no signs of a struggle. Again, I am NOT imply that LAPD was involved in the Quan shooting. But, I am wondering if anyone has seen the actual evidence from that case that actually implicates Dorner. The whole case was bothersome for me from the get-go. According to all the reports, Dorner was NEVER seen on any of the security cameras, which were all over the parking garage (which was not easy to get into if you were a non-resident) or in front of the building. This was a very wealthy building with security. Yet, we saw nothing in the way of evidence. I also thought all the bouncing around was bizarre. There was just something not right with the LAPD’s stories.

  • I never once said LAPD wrote it. But, like Cutty Sark said, it wasn’t the most cohesive manifesto. Plus, we didn’t see much of an Internet footprint from him. For such an angry dude, he sure was pretty quiet about it online. And I find it pretty interesting that you have to pull out the personal attacks. As for my comment on him not being noticed in Irvine, considering that Irvine is pretty much ALL WHITE, yeah, he’d stick out like a sore thumb in a million dollar condo complex that is mostly owned by whites and Asians.,_California#Demographics

  • “There were 2 persons outside of Evans & Dorner whose account sided with Evans, not Dorner. One of those people whose account supported Evans, was the very person Evans supposedly kicked.”

    Christopher Gettler is schizophrenic. He told his father that it was Evans that kicked him but, because of his disability, he wasn’t swearable, due to his illness. And we only know what the LAPD told us. His family says otherwise.

  • Dorner was railroaded, there is no question about that. The Shaun Hillman fraud proved that up in spades.

  • cutty sark

    Is this normal practice in a civil suit of this nature?
    Sgt. Evans lawsuit doesn’t describe a single specific alleged act of discrimination, nor does it reference any specific individual who participated in the alleged discrimination against her.

    Evans complaint with the California Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing asked for approval to file the civil suit.
    Approval was granted.
    Evans waited almost one year and filed this suit right before the statutory deadline.
    As the suit stands, there is nothing specific for the LAPD or the City Attorney to respond to – they can simply wait for any amendments.
    If Evans is promoted to Sgt II status, then a substantial allegation of the lawsuit becomes moot.
    Is this how the game is usually played?
    Is it possible Evans is a pawn and her lawsuit is a tactical weapon directed for deployment in political battle at the highest level of the Dept?

    We can assume that Chief Beck will invest significant efforts to orchestrate selection of the candidates to succeed him as Chief. We can assume this behind the scenes political process has already begun.

    If any potential candidate to become the next Chief gets their name added as a defendant to Evan’s lawsuit – this gives the Police Commission and the Mayor an excuse to freeze them out of the competition until the allegations are resolved(which can’t be publicly discussed because of the lawsuit.)

  • DecentDiscourse

    Fair enough. Especially the connect the dots. Sad, but true

  • neroden

    Oh boy. Unfortunately, if you add this evidence up, LAPD probably made a hit on Quan’s daughter. We have been told that Lyga claimed that the LAPD did “condoned hits”.

  • suspension days

    So Evans lies to LAPD & LBPD & gets promoted. Fuentes lies (don’t know of his status). Tingirides should have recused himself (what does that say about his integrity as a command officer & his previous supervisory positions). Weinstein & Gallegos conspire to omit vital information during the BOR. Weinstein, I believe, retires w/o issue to my knowledge (although I’ve heard she’s had other serious drama with officers under her command while active). Gallegos is still in an investigative/supervisory position (what does this say about her leadership & integrity) & made no noise about doing the right thing in regards to what Weinstein told her to do. This is what I talked about in an earlier comment. There are a hell of a lot of people in critical leadership positions in the LAPD clearly should not have been promoted. Who make decisions based on personal agendas such as who they know. Who violate policy to save themselves/others at the expense of other offices careers. Who break the law & cover up the truth. The question for all who read this: How many other training officers, supervisors, investigators & command staff are engaging in the same or similar activities while in these positions???? Think about it!!

    I got more, but I gotta go crush crime.

  • Khaleesi

    Please know NinaG, you are not alone. Unfortunately we all know too well the “chosen ones” will always be protected. Whether they commit criminal acts or violate department policy, they are protected by who they know (Chiefs, deputy chiefs commanders, Captains, lieutenants etc). When we do come forward, we are the ones who are thrown into the fire. It is a difficult decision to make. I know from personal experience.