In a live interview today on KJLH-FM’s Front Page, Good Samaritan David Diaz talked with host Dominique DiPrima about being at the center of the now national controversy involving the July 1 beating of 51-year-old Marlene Pinnock by a California Highway Patrol Officer in Los Angeles.

DiPrima spoke with Diaz after the video he took of incident went viral and sparked outrage from various communities including from African-Americans and advocates for the homeless and mentally ill.

1. On what Diaz felt as he was recording the incident.

“Like this is really happening. I’m really watching this officer really just plunge as hard as he can into this woman on the ground.”

“You can tell this was beyond the call of duty,” Diaz explained.  “This was clearly excessive.  He–this wasn’t just, again, soft hits.  You clearly see him cocking back his hand and his arms and really punching down with force. I mean, there’s no, there’s no bias in this.  There’s no conspiracy in this.  What was on the tape was what really happened.  What you see is what happened.  That force happened.  We need to stop rationalizing this.”

2. On why Diaz didn’t give the video to the police right away.

“Giving it to authorities, we don’t do that here.  We don’t do that in L.A., to give it to authorities.  Those were the authorities.”

“It’s funny because people say why didn’t you call the cops.  That was the cops! And everyone’s a tough guy, they go oh– you should have intervened.  Like yeah, so the other guy–so the other cop that comes in at the later end, so he can shoot me?  Like c’mon, people need to be realistic.”

3.  On the CHP trying to discredit him.

“The CHP has come to my house to take statements.  So they have questioned me.  They’ve tried to discredit me and they’ve tried to poke holes in my story. So that’s happened.  And they are one of the people that have questioned why I didn’t help out and why I didn’t call 911 and why I didn’t stick around to assist her into the hospital if I felt so concerned.  They tried to poke holes at me to discredit me for sure.”

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