Now this is what I am talking about!

City of Carson Councilmember Mike A. Gipson, in an effort to promote more transparency among elected officials and stand in solidarity with hundreds of city workers, has voluntarily taken a salary reduction of 5.8% to help balance the city’s budget and published his monthly salary on his website.

In a memo to the City’s Administrative Services General Manager, Gipson said:

“In an attempt to assist the city in balancing its FY 2010/11 general fund budget, I would like to waive my right to the full salary granted to me by Ordinance No. 06-1357. For FY 2010/11, I would like to voluntarily reduce my salary by the same percentage reduction that city employees are going to be taking by way of 12 furlough days and possible other concessions.”

Gipson, who was earning $1,722.38 per month, will now earn $1,622.48, a 5.8% reduction equal to the 12 furlough days city employees are being asked to take to help balance the City’s budget. Gipson’s salary reduction will remain effective until June 24, 2011.

Councilmember Gipson has posted his salary on his website at

Mike A. Gipson was elected into the Carson City Council on March 8, 2005 and was selected to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem in March 2008. On March 3, 2009, he was re-elected to another 4-year term as a councilmember in a record-breaking number of votes in the Carson’s history. With a stronger mandate following his reelection, Mike is committed to continue to demonstrate outstanding leadership and represent the people’s voice in his second term in office.