The gay community is using the Blacks as a scapegoat for the passing of Proposition 8—but they’re not alone—believe it or not—there are some misguided self-hating Blacks joining them in that call. This by the way is going to do nothing to soothe relations Blacks both gays and heterosexual who always seem to be caught in the middle. Are Blacks homophobic? Yes, that’s no secret. However, that’s a discussion for us to have with each other on our terms and in our community—not to be discussed in mixed company or to be confused with the racism in the white gay community, which is a separate issue all of its own. And even though I may be unhappy with the position of Blacks on gay issues—that’s our dirty laundry.

In the past, it’s been common practice for the gay community to hire Black faces temporarily when needed to convince Blacks to support their agenda of gay marriage. The only problem is that the surrogates hired oftentimes are as far removed from the Black community as the gay community is. By the way—neither is aware of this.

I am of the mindset that Blacks—gay or straight—do not to push the agenda of others. To the extent that our agenda includes gay marriage—it will be because we decided to include it. Not because of some COINTELPRO like operation out of West Hollywood developed to infiltrate the Black community.

Case in point the Jordan Rustin Coalition that was started by the gays out of West Hollywood because they felt that Black gays weren’t doing enough to fight for gay marriage. Hmmm–maybe we were doing other things that we just as important. Just a thought.

The group bills itself has a Black civil rights group for lesbians and gays but does nothing more than push the gay agenda for marriage onto the Black community by holding the occasional town hall meeting in Leimert Park. The one part of the Black community they now and feel safe in thanks to gentrification. At these meetings, they use their surrogates to tell Black people why gay marriage is a priority.

This group doesn’t do anything non-gay marriage related in the Black community—and what I mean by that is that you won’t catch the Jordan Rustin Coalition at the community meetings dealing with Black issues or out on the streets in the hood registering Black people to vote. In fact, GOTV (get out the vote) weekend, instead of helping to register Black voters, they wanted Black gays to go to Pasadena for a Sing Out for Coming Out Day. While I agree that encouraging Black gays to “come out” is generally a good thing—if and when we decide to hold a coming out event, why the hell would we do it in Pasadena?

I use this example to prove to you the continued misunderstanding of priorities of Blacks by gays and the ego and superiority complex that dictates the lengths to which gays will go to micromanage and push their agenda on Blacks.

And in their hurriedness to promote marriage for all above all else to Black people—they failed to understand that it probably isn’t a good idea to start a Black gay group and then hire someone who is not Black to run it. But that’s just what they did.

So let’s stop and recap.

The folks in West Hollywood wanted to organize Black gays around marriage so they started a “Black gay civil rights group” and named it after two prominent Black gay people—one a lesbian woman the other a gay man—who I will add, were both involved in interracial relationships.

They set up a store front office in—where else—West Hollywood with the rest of the gay marriage mafia, but remember, this is a Black civil rights group. (PLEASE SEE EXHIBIT A- Location of JRC to actual Black community 20 miles) Then they hire a non-Black person to head up the group’s efforts to mobilize Black gays by holding the occasional town hall meeting in that “safe” Black neighborhood of Leimert Park and occasionally a dinner at Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine in LaDera Heights, another “safe” Black neighborhood.

Exhibit A

Moving along…next, the gays decide that their new Black group needs a head surrogate (and I am being really nice here by using that term).

So they go off to South Pasadena and find themselves one, who like their group’s namesakes is in an interracial relationship—thus making him one of the “safe” Black men. And what I mean by that is, Black men who date white men are oftentimes considered by the gay community to be less threatening than their counterparts who only date Black men.

The problem is that the head surrogate is unfortunately is as far removed from the Black community as the gay community is—literally. (PLEASE SEE EXHIBIT B-Distance of head surrogate from actual community he claims to be out of) He’s Black, I am not arguing that, but I have a better chance of finding him somewhere in West Hollywood or Silverlake than south of the 10 freeway (except for that occasional meeting in Leimert Park). I’ve lived in L.A. all my life. I’ve been active in Black Los Angeles politics for quite some time. I have never come across the head surrogate at a community meeting or protest—and believe me we have plenty and on all different issues relating to the Black community.

Exhibit B

I don’t think that the gay community quite understood that you can’t just find a Black person, put up an organization, call it Black, and expect folks to just fall in line and embrace it. It simply doesn’t work that way. You need history and some sort of track record of community support and being there and showing up on all issues relating to Black people.

Now if it’s one thing I can attest to it’s that if you’re going to go into the Black community to spread the gospel of gay marriage—and you’re Black—you need to keep it real and be able to connect and relate to your people. However, if you’re far removed from the Black community that can present a problem. And what I mean by that is—you can start quoting statistics and comparing gay rights to the Black civil rights movement if you want to, while walking and acting like Carlton from the “Fresh Price of Bel Air” when you need to Will Smith—but you won’t get very far. I don’t how many degrees you hold, what you scored on your SAT–if you don’t have basic street smarts and the ability to talk to and relate with people from LaDera Heights all the way to Grape and 103rd Street, your message is going to get tuned out. (PLEASE SEE EXHIBIT C – Carlton) And for the record, I don’t think that the head surrogate is acting like Carlton, this is just who he is—and who he is in his words is a “gay Black man.”

You can learn a lot from how a person refers to himself or herself, be it with the n-word or by putting their sexual orientation before their race.

And I don’t care how many pictures of Barbara Jordan, Bayard Rustin, and other Black people this group puts on their website—it is what is—a group started by and led gays in West Hollywood to infiltrate and promote gay marriage and marriage only. If this group had actually come out of the community I wouldn’t take an issue but it didn’t. Nor did it include Black people until they needed a Black spokesperson. I am not going to say that Black gays don’t care about marriage—but to the extent that it is important to us, I think we can organize ourselves. I am not of the mindset that we need outsiders to come in and develop our agenda and talking points for us. Nor do I think that it’s appropriate to be passing yourself off as chocolate when you’re really carob—fake chocolate.

This is just a continuance of a disturbing pattern out of the gay community wherein they continue to step on and over the Black SGL community. Whether it’s by trying to imitate or duplicate us using Black gay versions of the Manchurian Candidate or using their money to get to Black politicians and civil rights groups on gay issues—at least in California—the gay community has a hard time dealing directly with the Black SGL community—and no—the head surrogate doesn’t count.

There are some who are going to say that I shouldn’t have written this and that it’s not going to help solve anything. Look–for those wanting to live in some fantasy world and believe everything that you’re served up–this isn’t the website for you. We deal in reality here and the reality is that this group for all it’s worth is headquartered in WEHO, ran by a non-Black, with a Black spokesperson, who also is not akin to the community and is as out of touch as his employers who are the same people that caused all of this drama in the first place. Now at the point where they are quoted as running a Black gay civil rights group–knowing good and them well that they are not–and claiming to be a part of a community that they live approximately 13 miles away from and barely come to let alone are active in…well then we need to have a conversation about what the real deal is.