Recently, comedian Kathy Griffin shared her thoughts on stereotypes when asked by the Dallas Voice, Dallas’ gay and lesbian newspaper about Shirley Q. Liquor.

Shirley Q. Liquor, is an illiterate, welfare-collecting mother of 19 children created by Charles Knipp, a white gay man who performs her in blackface.


I saw that you and your mom opened the GLAAD media awards in Los Angeles, and they gave you a trophy. There’s a drag queen comedian from Texas, Shirley Q. Liquor. And last year, GLAAD condemned her for “perpetuating negative stereotypes.” And this is a gay white dude who performs with RuPaul and Patti LaBelle. From comedian to comedian, do you agree with GLAAD on that?

I’ve never heard of her. But absolutely not — I wholeheartedly disagree. In comedy, anything is fair game. You can’t condemn comedians for making fun of stereotypes. Look at Chris Rock. His “Niggas vs. Black People” is one of his best routines. And I make fun of stereotypes all the time. No way. It’s just wrong to condemn a comedian’s jokes.

Dallas Voice, Dallas’ Gay and Lesbian Newspaper, June 5, 2008

Shirley Q. Liquor Quotes:

“I’m gonna burn me up some chitlins and put some ketchup on there and aks Jesus to forgive my sins.” Shirley also shops at “Kmark,” eats “Egg McMuffmans,” visits her “gynechiatrist” and just loves “homosexicals.”

“On the fifth day of Kwanzaa, my check came in the mail/AFDC!/Thank you, lawd!/Come on, kids/Let’s go to the store/For some collard greens, ham hocks and cheese!”

“Baby, we was extremely povertied this week. My check had not came on time. Oooh, we was stretchin’ it, honey. I aks them to keep my power on. I said, ‘A woman have got to have some fans runnin’ down here in this heat.’ ”