Community Helps Capture #10 on CA’s Most Wanted List

This has been a crazy week.  A suspect was arrested in the Grim Sleeper case, the verdict came back in the Oscar Grant trial, and now this…#10 on California’s Most Wanted list, is caught in my hood.

It went down like this.  I get a phone call late Thursday from a friend who tells me to go online and check out a photo on the CA Most Wanted list.  I instantly recognize him as I am sure many of you in L.A. who frequent the Walgreen’s, Denny’s, and or Starbucks on Crenshaw and Coliseum do.

We know him as Will Thomas, a security supervisor.  Apparently in a previous life he committed multiple murders in Georgia and fled to California.  Well I’ll be damned.

See you have to understand, we have a tight knit family at my Starbucks.  From the kids to their parents, the staff, and everyone else, we are an extended family of sorts.  Will, or Mark R. Reed, as he is known in Georgia, was a part of that family in a way.  We all knew him because he was over the security there and was always around.  As a matter of fact when I left KJLH on Wednesday morning and went to Starbucks I ran into him at Walgreen’s and talked to him for a bit.  That was before I knew.  His picture is a dead ringer for him except for instead of cornrows, he has locs today.  He was the guy I blogged about sometime ago who’s girl rolled up on me like she was gonna kick my ass at Starbucks because he was talking to me.  Yeah him.

Putting it all together, we really had to look at the big picture because none of us are fans of seeing Black people behind bars and even less being the reason Black people are behind bars.  When we all agreed that we had an obligation to do the right thing we worked with a trusted friend in the LAPD, a Black female detective, who we knew would be sensitive to our concerns for our own safety as well as everyone else’s who could be possibly be involved, even Will’s aka Mark–cause you know sometimes the LAPD can get a little trigger happy.  I’m just saying.

When it finally went down, I was there to witness it, and I am happy to say that even though he was armed, he was taken into custody without incident in front of the Goodwill Store behind Walgreen’s.  Maybe he was tired of running or maybe it was because he knew he was surrounded  and out numbered.  I just don’t know.

Everyone was shocked because like I said, we all know him.

How he managed to become a security supervisor is still beyond me considering he’s wanted for homicide in Georgia.  But I am happy that no one was hurt and maybe the families in Georgia who lost their relatives will sleep a little better knowing he’s been caught. I don’t think Will Thomas aka Mark R. Reed will be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

And before the LAPD, FBI or anyone else takes credit for this capture–it belongs to one individual who I won’t name but they know who they are because had it not been for them telling the rest of us, we still wouldn’t know.  I know I wouldn’t.

This person who wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, really put themselves out there today to help the LAPD and FBI when they didn’t have to and it’s because of this person that we can sleep a little better tonight and the families in Georgia affected by Mark aka Will’s murders can perhaps get some justice.   Also thanks goes to the LAPD detective who took time out of her day to make sure that all of our concerns were addressed and that everything went smoothly. Thank you.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • love godess

    my mouth is on the floor because i see will at least once a week when he comes to check on the gaurds at my place of business…….i never would have thought!

  • Simone

    please tell me who it is that he suposed to haved killed this is the father of my daughter

  • Simone

    and that bitch that keeps haunting him i raised her this is some freaky shit but this is even freakyer

  • Simone

    I need to write a book my life is a movie help me please as the drama keeps unfolding

  • gloria reed

    hello im his first wife and his ex wife i have kids by him and im devasted that he is being accused of murder my kids will need some closure of this statement

  • wowow32

    damn i was one of the guards that he was over that’s scary, he took me home one night from work ! he said he was from belize and had 10 kids woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww