Congresswoman’s “Extra” House Still Sits Vacant While People in Her District Continue to Lose Their Homes

Almost a year ago, Sacramento’s Capitol Weekly broke the story of how Congresswoman Laura Richardson’s Sacramento home was in foreclosure. She bought the Curtis Park property during her five months in the Assembly, before winning an April 2007, race to replace the late Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald. Bank of America later sold the house to a new owner, who began renovations before B of A reacquired it in a settlement and gave it back to Richardson. Since then, it has sat empty. Here’s how it looks as of last weekend.

Photos by Malcolm Maclachlan.

bsection03-copy1Meanwhile, back in the 37th Congressional District of California, home forslusures continue to be on the rise as ore and more people are feeling the affects of the current economy…

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