Dobson_1You know it’s election time when you read headlines in the newspaper like today’s in the Los Angeles Times, “Conservatives Put Faith in Church Voter Drives.”

James C. Dobson, a.k.a. “Enemy #1,” is at is again. Colorado based conservative group Focus on the Family is organizing a massive voter registration drive to mobilize Christian evangelicals in eight battleground states.  How’s he’s planning on doing this?  Through church bulletins and tables outside of service.

So get ready Maryland, Montana, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Minnesota, because he’s on his way.

And please for one second don’t think this initiative is going to exclude Black churches because it won’t.  We already lived that reality during the 2004 Presidential election when Black pulpits were purchased under the guise of protecting America’s moral values.  Remember?

I fully expect misguided Black pastors in Maryland, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to come out in support of Dobson’s efforts.

Now what I want I want to know is how legal is it for a church, which is supposed to be a tax exempt 501c3 corporation, to insert political information into church bulletins?

Any voter registration efforts that Dobson is a part of are going to be geared towards the GOP.  Let’s be real.  So what I want to know is, are these churches going to give equal time and efforts to those organizing on behalf of the Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents?  Let’s say Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson want to set up shop outside one Sunday or insert a message in a church bulletin.  Will these same churches give equal time?

I hope the IRS is watching and paying attention.  The Los Angeles Times has given you a big lead. 

Along with their voter registration, there are plans for Focus on the Family to distribute voter guides listing candidate’s views on same-sex marriage.  No surprise there.

Tennessee, Maryland, Minnesota, and Maryland are all going to be dealing with the issue of marriage rights for gays this year.

Like I said in a previous article criticizing the white gay community for capitalizing on the Black gay community’s failure to mobilize in mass numbers against the hypocrisy in the Black church, Dobson and the GOP are doing what the Democrats continue to fail to do, they are actively and at all times recruiting new members, regardless of race.

So with that said, what should we as Black same-gender loving people be doing to counteract the right wing initiatives that will most certainly include the Black church?  I’m taking ideas and suggestions.