Ladies and gents, if you’re in Los Angeles and want to check out London trio the Noisettes on Wednesday, July 22nd in Silverlake at Spaceland, here’s your chance.

I have one pair of tickets for the first person to email me at, who is in the Los Angeles area, with their first and last name and the name of their guest, gets the tickets.

It’s just that simple.  Good luck.

H/t Carmen @ Fly Life…

About the Noisettes

Wild Young Hearts
Will Be Released: Sep 22, 2009
Released By Mercury Records

With Noisettes, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. That lies true in the London trio’s new album Wild Young Hearts. From the stomping electro-rock of “Saturday Night” and galloping funk grooves of “Don’t Upset The Rhythm,” to the glorious ’60s-tinged soul of “Never Forget You,” Noisettes have made what is set to be one of 2009’s most adventurous albums. “Wild Young Hearts – it’s about feeling and acting young, whatever your age,” says guitarist Dan Smith. “It’s about having fun and not following the pack.

Produced by Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys, The Rakes), the album shines the spotlight on soulful and captivating front woman Shingai Shoniwa, joined by Smith on Guitar and Jamie Morrison on Drums. “Some bands stick with the same style forever,” says Shoniwa, whose versatile vocals have seen her compared to everyone from Deborah Harry and Kate Bush to Billie Holiday and Diana Ross. “They get together because they share identical musical tastes, then never do anything different. We’re a gang, but we’re also three divas with different record collections who constantly introduce each other to new sounds, whether it’s African music, jazz, Van Morrison or Black Sabbath. For us, making music means keeping our ears open.”

What is most captivating about the Noisettes is the energy they put in to performing. Described as “the best live band in Britain” by The Guardian, a recent London show saw Shoniwa charge into the audience playing guitar and sing clinging a ladder suspended from the ceiling. “The idea of putting on a proper show seems to be missing from a lot of young bands at the moment,” says Shoniwa. “We always go that extra mile to give the crowd a night they’ll never forget.”

“We’re not trying to be trendy – we want to make music for everyone – but we put effort in to every aspect of being in a band. Our aim is to prove that pop music can still be alternative and exciting. With this album, I know we can do that.”

vinyl-128x128Track Listing

  • Wild Young Hearts
  • Don’t Upset the Rhythm
  • Never Forget You
  • Saturday Night
  • Atticus
  • Every Now And Then
  • 24 Hours
  • Beat of My Heart
  • Sometimes
  • Cheap Kicks