Earlier this year I said that Little Jackie’s debut album “The Stoop” was one of the best albums of the year, in my opinion, and that if I were a singer instead of a writer, I’d pretty much be a carbon copy of Little Jackie’s Imani Coppola. Really it’s true. I love Little Jackie so much, I made two of their songs my ringtones on my BlackBerry Curve. Betcha can’t guess which ones?

Well now it’s your turn to convince me that you love Little Jackie and “The Stoop” just as much as I do.

In 100 words or less (not 101 or 102) tell me what’s your favorite track off of their debut album “The Stoop” and why. Make it good and make it believable, because if you do, you’ll win a pair of tickets to go and see them live in Los Angeles with me Tuesday, September 23rd at the Roxy in Los Angeles. Oh and did I mention our other favorite group J Davey is opening up for them?

The contest starts now and ends on Friday, September 19, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. The winner will be notified over the weekend, so include a phone number—that is if you want to be notified that you’re the winner.

All entries should be emailed to contest@jasmynecannick.com.

Now for the disclaimers…

What You Need to Know Before Entering the Contest

Let me be clear, crystal…if you don’t live in L.A. and can’t get to L.A. on your own by September 23rd for the concert, don’t even bother entering—it just isn’t fair. You know and I know it. You must live in the Los Angeles area or plan on being in the Los Angeles area to be eligible to win the contest.

I prefer that you not be mentally unstable. If you are unsure of your mental status, that’s a sign that you probably are…no need to apply.

The winner of the contest wins the tickets to go to the concert with me. Not a trip to the No Tell Motel with me, I’m desperate but I ain’t that desperate. How you get there is your business, although I’d skip the MetroLink right now if you know what I’m saying. We’ll meet up at the location of the show and go from there. By the way, I like Amaretto Sours and Margaritas…hint, hint.

And even though it’s true what you heard about me being a lesbian, for the purposes of this contest, it is open to women and men, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual, Black, white, Latino, Asian, it doesn’t matter, but no Sarah Palin or John McCain fan’s and no undercover Christian evangelicals. You will not ruin my night with Little Jackie.

I repeat no McCain, No Palin, No evangelicals, No way!

Unlike R. Kelly’s policy of 21 and younger, to hang with this sista, you must be 21 or older.

Last but not least, I rarely travel alone, so if you think you’re going to meet up with me and try to act out your personal frustrations and/or grudges by causing me bodily injury, I’d rethink that one. If you think you’re going to show up in blackface and an afro speaking in a Southern and barely understandable dialect, I’d think again. If you’re a known pedophile who sings R&B while videotaping himself with minors, no need to apply either. If you’re an undercover McCain-Palin fan, don’t let me find out. Oh, and you’re automatically disqualified if you’re an ex of mine.

Because come Wednesday morning, I’ll have no shame while blogging about how I met up with some crazy psycho who I had to put in a chokehold until the police got there and hauled their ass off to jail.

I’m just keeping it real. Fuck the dumb shit.

Good luck and kudos to Jessica and Giant Step for the hook up!