Yesterday I stopped at the Arco station on Rosecrans and Figueroa to get gas.

So I pop inside to pay for my gas and decide to grab a pack of cookies to munch on. 
When I get to the counter to pay for my gas and my cookies I notice that the cashier charges me 69 cents instead of the printed 59 cents for the cookies.

So being me and considering that my money is funny and my change is strange, I say to the brotha, I thought the cookies were 59 cents and you charged me 69 cents.

Now why did I do that?

The brotha looks at me with this blank stare and I’m like, hello, anyone there?

Another brotha comes up behind me and tells him to charge me 59 cents and that I’m right.  So Brotha #1 is like, “well how do I do that?”  Brotha #2 says, “just give her the dime and you’ll be short a dime but we’ll fix it later.” 

So Brotha #1 commences to doing my transaction and doesn’t give me back the dime and I ask where’s my dime.  Mind you, there’s a line forming behind me of impatient people.

Brotha #1 says, “oh, you gonna listen to him,” referring to Brotha #2.  And I’m like yeah, I want my dime.

So Brotha #1 and Brotha #2 get into this argument…over a dime mind you, that resulted in Brotha #1 calling Brotha #2 a nigga and telling him to fuck himself.

Brotha #2, not to be outdone replies, “fuck you gay gay.”

After I got my dime, I turned around and told both of them off.  I told Brotha #1 that he shouldn’t be calling anybody a nigga considering how that world was used to demean us for years and years and I turned to Brotha #2 and told him that calling someone gay in an effort to demean them is just as wrong.  They just looked at me like I was speaking some foreign language.

The whole ordeal was so trifling and sad that I just had to shake my head as I was pumping my gas. 

Are we that fucked up as a people?