Sagging in public is not cute—at any age and on any gender.  And yes I said gender because I know and have seen more than my fair share of women who obviously disagree.

But like with most things that Black people do fashion wise, there’s always a culture bandit lying in wait around the corner to make a move and commercialize almost any and everything we do.  In this case it was a group of investors who saw the green in the lastest phenom—Sagz Jeans.

Last week by Irese and Mark Davenport, two brothers from Newark, New Jersey, and creative director Dwayne Hoard ,unleashed Sagz Jeans on the world.

Sagz Jeans can be snapped to the waist-hugging underwear at three different heights allowing the wearer to show how low he can go without actually risking a wardrobe malfunction.

The company says it aims to make between $500,000 and $1 million in sales in its first year.

Great–so what’s next–leggings for men disguised as skinny jeans with built in boxer control?  Cause really, that’s the only thing missing at this point.

Anyway, according to these geniuses, Sagz Jeans is for men (and boys) who like to sag their jeans down low but are afraid their pants are going to fall down.  Oh and they also improve mobility.  Yeah–you can run in them.

Some people are hailing this idea as ingenious–I wouldn’t go that far.

What would have really been ingenious is creating a trend where not showing your underwear with every step you take becomes the accepted norm–sort of like with men and the color pink.