Daniele Watts and Her Man Issue Statement on Car Sex Charges

Well, I was wondering when they’d resurface after news of them being charged with committing a lewd act (sex in the car) in public.  I didn’t have to wait long.

“We are, quite frankly, appalled and disturbed that the LA prosecutors office has chosen to file these charges against us.  The LAPD has previously issued a statement saying that there was no crime committed.  If a passionate public embrace while displaying no nudity is grounds for having charges filed against you, then we’d expect that everyone who engages in an extended public display of affection with their loved one will be targeted as well. Sergeant Parker is still under investigation for his conduct and filing misdemeanor charges against us does not change his behavior.”

Where to begin and not be in front of my Mac all night?

Oh–I know, how about that’s some bullshit and negro (and yo’ man) puhlease.

I’ll be on NBC 4 Los Angeles at 11 p.m. with reporter Robert Kovacik discussing this very issue tonight.  Tune in.

I haven’t given out a Negro Please Award in quite some time. Daniele Watts more than qualifies. Don’t you think? I do.



The Court of Public Opinion

  • SurfPuppy619

    If she was not nude, like she claims, then the charges are pretext for her speaking out. I also have a strong feeling if she requests and is willing to take it to the box- a jury trial, the city attorney will cave and drop the charges. A 2-4 day jury trial over this, tying up DA’s, PD’s, cops, bailiff’s, court reporters, judges and 14 jurors would be the biggest waste of tax payer resources in decades…very few DA’s or CA’s will waste those kinds of resources on a jury trial for a petty crime, which is a crime that carries less than 6 months in jail. And 6 months in County in real life means 2, 3 or 4 days because of over crowding. It would be incredibly wasteful to take this case to trial.

  • GoodGooglyMoogly

    No one thinks that this is going to trial. I think the interest in the charges is because she wasn’t forthright about what had occurred managing to do the impossible in LA embarrass the LAPD and the black community at the same time LOL! If she had initially she was getting freaky with her man when they asked for their ID people would have rallied around the legality and application of the ID law, or the validity of nuisance laws, but she had to play the “respectable card”. The police claim they have additional pictures from witnesses that demonstrate nudity. While I understand that if there is no nudity that kills the case, but given the nature of the published pictures it is not unreasonable for eyewitnesses to have thought the couple were engaging in sex, after all they were in front of the DGA.

  • SurfPuppy619

    If there are no nude pics or video there is no case, and if the CA wants to go to trial on that kind of evidence then he is a fool. She is a fool if she does a pea deal if she was not nude as she has claimed. I have failed to see a single pic of video of her nude.

  • GoodGooglyMoogly

    There are two sets of pictures I am referring to the ones obtained by TMZ which show no nudity and the NEW pictures that the police have collected from witnesses as additional evidence which they say show her exposed breasts. So no one has seen those pictures outside the DA, police and her lawyers. If the police are making it up that’s another story…

  • SurfPuppy619

    Have seen these “new” pictures? If not then I would be skeptical.

  • GoodGooglyMoogly

    I’m skeptical of anyone who is untruthful…

  • SurfPuppy619

    Well, I guess the case will boil down to whether there is evidence like you say, nude pics…..have to wait and see.