Okay, so here I am again, minding my own business driving down Crenshaw to the pad when I hit Adams Blvd. and once there’s 48th Assembly District turned 26th Senate District Candidate Mike Davis smiling down at me. But wait—haven’t I been here before.

I remember now.

Back in November, Mike had a very similar billboard go up just days before the General Election and I questioned that. Why? Because he was unopposed so what was the point. In my opinion billboards that go up before the deadline to register to vote for a candidate would be a smarter choice. But these billboards in my opinion are less about getting people vote and more about the Id.

Back in November

Many people speculated as to why Mike would have a billboard put up in the 47th Assembly District. The winner’s were those who said that Mike was going to make a run for the 26th Senate District seat vacated by Mark Ridley-Thomas when he replaced Yvonne Burke on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Still with me? I know the musical chairs game can be a bit confusing.

Mike responded to my initial post back in November with the following:

Jasmyne, thank you for your opinion. I always have a billboard because I try not to take anything for granted. Each time I have had a sign in the African American Community as well as other communities. Sometimes you are not able to get a spot directly where you request, but may get a great one that is in the path of where your constituents go. I am proud to say that my constituents do get a chance to go down Crenshaw Blvd.
and throughout other parts of the community. In addition, my district starts up the street on Arlington. Once again, thank you for your opinion. I hope that someone is encouraged to vote. Speaker Bass and I have a wonderful working relationship. It might be of help for you to know that that sign was donated. MD

For the record, like Clear Channel, I too donate my services for free from time to time in the form of opinions…so Mike you are very welcome.

Note the part about the billboard being donated. Now, I am wondering if Mike can get a billboard donated to his campaign can he get someone to donate sending a piece of a mail on his behalf? I live in the 26th Senate district and am registered to vote and I haven’t received one piece of mail from Mike’s campaign. Not that I need a piece of mail to make of up my mind on who I am voting for. I’m just saying. Maybe that was a low blow. All I’m trying to say is that Mike’s out there getting billboard donated on his behalf asking for people to vote for him, when the average resident of the 26th Senate District doesn’t even know there’s a Special Election much less who Mike is. If you don’t believe me, we can meet on Adams and Crenshaw and randomly ask passerbyers.

Now Mike, like our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took me for granted. He thought that I wasn’t smart enough to put two and two together back in November or maybe he just thought I wouldn’t. I knew all along Mike was running for the 26th Senate District, I just wanted to know if he was going to cop up to it. As you can see he did not. That business about his constituents rolling down Crenshaw Blvd. and not getting the spot he requested his hilarious with a capital H. I guess it was just coincidental that you landed the same spot again and are practically recycling the same billboard from November.

In the future Mike, just keep it real. If you’re running you’re running, you ain’t got to lie to kick it.