Okay so I totally forgot all about Denny’s free breakfast promotion going today.  That was until after tennis practice when I dropped by Starbucks on Crenshaw and Coliseum and saw a large crowd of people standing in front of Denny’s.

I went over to the crowd for a closer look and listen and the natives were getting restless.  Some people had been standing outside in Cali’s sunshine for over two hours.

I guess they thought that somehow during all of the hoopla around the Super Bowl that the millions of people who tuned in, missed that commercial about Denny’s free breakfast, lol.

Not in L.A…

Unfortunately, pancakes with butter and sweet maple syrup, turkey sausages dripping in so much oil I could grease my entire scalp and still have oil leftover to grease down my body…yeah well, that’s not a part of my “Dinah Shore is coming soon and before that there’s that tennis tournament and above all else, never let your haters see you down or fatter than the last time they saw you” weight loss plan.

So in my best impression of Seinfeld’s Nazi chef, “no pancakes for you Jasmyne!”