DEVELOPING – Did the LAPD Run Over a Black Man in Downtown Los Angeles Today?

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


*This story was last updated on 11/20/2015 at 2:56 p.m. Scroll to bottom to see latest updates.

It could be something or it could be nothing, but people don’t usually reach out to me with tall tales of woe regarding the LAPD.

So this is what I want to know.  Did the LAPD hit a Black man in downtown Los Angeles today at approximately 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of 6th and Springs Streets?  And if so, is it also true that the man was denied medical care for at least 30 minutes while several cops stood around and watched the man laying on ground on his side almost motionless?  I would also like to know if it’s true that the man is no longer living.

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This story is developing…


9:55 p.m.

I found one eyewitnesses account of what allegedly happened on social media.

“On my way home after a job interview I was walking to the bus and heard a skid and thump down the block…. the LAPD HIT A BLACK ELDER WITH THEIR CAR ON 6th and Spring. HARD. I turned late and saw him rolling, others said he flew into the air before he dropped. Instead of getting a fucking ambulance they called backup and denied him medical care for 30 minutes. Intersection was swarming with pigs but no EMTs. He couldn’t get up or move. Some people said he died but I didn’t see them move him into the ambo I was trying to get a hold of security cam footage but the cops took it. ‪#‎FTP‬ ‪#‎livid‬


4:37 a.m.

I want to thank everyone who reached out to me with information regarding this situation.

It seems that yes, the LAPD did hit a Black man in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday.  While I still don’t know his name or if he is alive, it’s clear from the PHOTOS from the eyewitnesses there that the man was in pain and was knocked clear out of his shoes.

Now it’s time for the police department to explain.  Who is the man?  Were the officers busy talking and not paying attention?  Was the driver on a cellphone?  And why the incredibly long wait for medical care according to witnesses while officers just stood around and watched him suffer?  From the photos it does seem that there wasn’t a lot of compassion for a man they hit.  Someone has a lot of explaining to do.

Click photos to enlarge





9:49 a.m.

So this is how this works.  The LAPD can put out a press release to announce that Chief Charlie Beck sneezed.  So there’s no excuse for the Department not getting ahead of this story yesterday when it happened.  Treat it just like an officer-involved-shooting.  If a police officer ran over a man, one who appears to be and I’m just guessing –homeless, they have a responsibility to inform the public.  They knew there was a crowd and they knew the crowd was taking photos and videos so eventually the information was going to get out.  What’s sad is that the witnesses after not seeing or hearing about it in the news reached out to the media  to let them know.  That’s the Department’s job but occasionally mine when they fail to do theirs.

Another eyewitness account to yesterday’s incident

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.01.06 AM

We’re adding a few more photos we’ve received from a witness.







The paramedics finally arrive


11:05 a.m.

LAPD PSA On Obeying Traffic Rules

No official statement yet from the Department, but my sources tell me that the LAPD is saying that this was a minor incident that happened when officers were on their way to assist in a foot pursuit nearby at around 2:50 p.m. yesterday. They are telling me that the Department only had the man transported to the hospital as a precaution.

Now I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing minor about being hit by a police vehicle and knocked out of your shoes.  There’s nothing minor about lying on your side holding your back in the middle of the street while officers surround you.  And finally, there’s nothing minor about having to wait 30 minutes for paramedics to arrive on the scene.  But hey, that’s just me.

1:32 p.m.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.00.25 PM

5:04 p.m.

PINAC News is naming the racially ambiguous officer in his 50s who hit the unidentified man as one Officer Mejia.  Now I know for a fact the Department has more than one Mejia on staff, so we’ll keep you posted.

5:34 p.m.

Another eyewitnesses account.


“So I was walking down Spring after grabbing a cup of coffee from Spring for Coffee and it happened right in front of me as I approached the corner of Spring and 6th St.

As the officer started making the turn you can tell he was not paying attention at all. He was driving too fast to make the turn safely and did not even come to a complete stop before making the turn.

Then there was a loud Smack! followed by an agonizing scream, he was moaning in pain with his hands in the air as if he was reaching for something. His shoes both were flung from under him and he then went into shock on the ground.

Other cops began to show up and block off the incident. I also noticed the cop move the victim’s shoes from their original location and place them next to the victim which I thought was odd. I became overwhelmed with sadness and shock and I left the scene after a few minutes. I also took a short video of the aftermath and spoke to a few other witnesses.

Please be extra careful when crossing these streets people, this incident could have easily been prevented if either party had been more aware of their surroundings. I’ll stick around for a bit, if anyone has any questions leave a comment and i’ll reply as soon as I can.”

6:56 p.m.

Eyewitness video of the LAPD moving the shoes of the man they just hit with their vehicle.  So I need one of the many officers who read my blog to explain to me in great detail the circumstances which would warrant the LAPD moving items at the scene of an accident.

11/20/2015 2:56 p.m.

A LAPD insider sent me a tip saying that the racial ambiguous officer who hit the unidentified man in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday is one George Mejia.  This officer knows him from working Rampart together and from a little pepper spraying incident in which my source says almost cost Officer Mejia his job. #teamwork

The Court of Public Opinion

  • K. Williams

    This is true!! I was there when it happened. At least a dozen people witnessed the hit and people gathered around and recorded the scene on their phones… I hope they get the video up on social media. I didn’t see if he survived or not but he was wasn’t moving much, he was just laying there on the street. So sad. I think they took him to California… I hope he survives and the officers responsible are prosecuted.

  • Appreciate the comment. So I guess this really did happen. I’ll keep digging around. This is awful.

  • Cinderella

    So,,,if K Williams was there as they state, why don’t they tell us all what happened instead of hanging the PD prematurely? Jasmyne, how can you make a comment about the person on the ground being knocked out of his shoes? Another question for you Jasmyne, is how do you know if these cops were compassionate or not? One would have to be an expert in multiple fields of psychology (I’m not talking about a B.S degree) to maybe figure that one out. You are slipping away from your own belief system Jasmyne as you state in the first line of your post. “We are not against the police”. If that statement were true, you would press the pause button on your comments until the facts came in.

  • Cinderella, here’s the deal. More than one person reached out to me regarding this incident. Second, i went onto social media to see if I could find any posts about it and I did. Even today I was sent another post from another witness not to mention the photos that were sent to by yet another witness. So here’s the thing. Let’s say that the guy jumped in front of the vehicle–it happens. Either way, the LAPD who can put out a press release about everything else going on in the Department has said nothing about the incident. Being that the man is Black and there was a large crowd of witnesses that’s all the more reason why they should have put something out instead of people reaching out folk’s in the media to explain what happened. That’s not a good look. It’s also not a good look for the LAPD to try and commandeer video of the incident either which several people have said they say them do. The witnesses don’t know each other. They were at various bus stops and walking on the street when the incident happened. By all means, if the LAPD has a different account bring it on. At this point I think the public deserves to know exactly what happened according to all parties–the LAPD, witnesses and the victim. As far as the compassion goes, all of the witnesses I spoke to said the same thing. It happened. Cops called for back up and 3 to 4 more cars arrived within 30 seconds to a minute and it took at least 30 minutes for paramedics to arrive. That’s not compassion. I doubt these people are all lying.

  • Cinderella

    I totally agree with you on the press release given the climate if in fact it is not out yet. “One” could always call and find out, but I am sure you covered that. All of those “So called” witnesses should go to the traffic division in that area and state what they saw. As far as the compassion goes, cops are cops, and most of the time unemotional due to their job. Don’t expect smiles and hugs or tears, or for them to play paramedic. I don’t know where the nearest firestation is in relation to that street, but there are alot of variables in response time in going downtown at that time of the day. I am not doubting that the incident happened, but either way, it was an accident, not some type of intentional assault by the PD on a citizen using their vehicle. I think we all know where this one is going though, and the citizens of Los Angeles lose either way.

  • I never thought for a minute that they hit the man on purpose. My mind won’t allow me to think like that when it comes to cops and so I am always left shocked when I read these horrible atrocities committed by them–but that’s another story. Anyway, PR 101 – own the story, control the story. Right now the LAPD doesn’t own this story, I do. That’s because they let others (me) get it out first. Now they can only respond and since they weren’t the first ones to announce what happened, they are going to get the side eye from folks. But that’s on the Department and their Media Relations Department. I mean it’s downtown Los Angeles, a Black and I am assuming homeless hit by one of their vehicles–no matter what the optics on it alone just aren’t good. My two cents.

  • Cinderella

    I concur!! 😉

  • General Jeff

    As a Skid Row community activist who has lived Downtown for 9 years, I happen to know very well that the closest fire station to this intersection is Fire Station #9 on 7th and San Julian- SIX blocks away!!!!!…..The LAFD also has to be held accountable for their reported 30-minute delay in response time….And if they say they came as soon as they got the call, it will be interesting to compare both LAFD and LAPD call logs to see EXACTLY when the call for paramedic assistance went out….Either one or both of these “first-responders” have SERIOUS questions to answer…..We DEMAND official responses from both LAFD and LAPD!!!!!…..Thanks, Jazz, for once again “getting out in front of the story”!!!!!!!!

  • So Cinderella, I decided to do the press release for them regarding the Hit-and-No Tell. Feel free to share. It’s pasted above as an update. Thanks!

  • Cinderella

    Well played!

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  • Citizen

    How is it LAPD’s fault that it took 30 minutes for the fire department to arrive???

  • I figure if that part is true, there’s enough blame to go around. The LAPD for hitting the guy and the LAFD for taking their time in getting to the scene.

  • anthony909
  • Cinderella

    What’s the deal with the shoes Jasmyne? I am sure anyone can get a hold of the traffic manual including yourself in regards to moving persoal property during a traffic accident. I was not there and only going off what the pics and video are showing, but the person is moving in the video. This would indicate along with what the PD put out that the man lived. I believe the only time that personal property is not suppose to be moved is in any traffic accident where someone dies or there is a possibility of it. A crime scene is usually set up until the PD gets the word from the hospital. What do you think? That’s just my two cents. True story: I saw a guy in his 30’s riding a mountain bike down a busy street at around 35mph and get hit by a tahoe who was doing around 45mph. This guy flew up in the air 10 feet, did a couple of flips and landed in the street lifeless. I thought he was dead for sure. 10 minutes later, he woke up. When the ambulance arrived, he said he didn’t want to go to the hospital, but he ended up going. I was a witness to that, so the PD called me back and told me that he walked out of the hospital with nothing but a scratch. So, there you have it!

  • First of all, no one said the man died in the street. Second of all, no one still knows the condition of the man. Third, slow your roll. Even the witness who took the video was perplexed about the shoe moving. It’s not an odd question to ask. Me, I’m thinking why move the shoes out of the way when there’s a freaking body in the street. It wasn’t like the shoes were stopping traffic because it appear traffic was already stopped.

  • Cinderella

    I like you! Ok, you are right, not an odd question to ask. Answer: PD was not trying to cover anything up in regards to moving the shoes. They just moved them. Unfortunately, you will most likely never know the condition of the man unless he or a family member tells you. I am sure that people in his circle know or will know shortly of his condition. 🙂

  • I like you too. I can tell from your comments you are trying to look at everything from both sides. I just want you to remember that civilians don’t think like cops and so the questions they may have are completely legitimate. As far as the condition of the man, I am sure I will find out who is he and what happened to him at some point. When I do, I’ll make sure to do another “update” lol!

  • Cinderella

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

  • cutty sark

    The homeless brother laid out on the asphalt isn’t the only person in this scene in need of medical attention.
    The plainclothes officer with the goatee should also get examined.
    The way in which he bends down, picks up and repositions the running shoes is symptomatic of a condition known as
    O/CETD –
    Obsessive/Compulsive Evidence Tampering Disorder.
    It can infect any age, gender or race, but the most acute cases tend to occur within the criminal justice professions.
    Due to the absence of noticeable symptoms and due to the perceived stigma attached to a positive diagnosis, O/CETD is easily overlooked by co-workers and most often kept in denial by the afflicted subject.
    However, O/C ETD has serious long-term health implications and may cause permanent scarring if left untreated. Unlike many other disorders, the infected person may remain relatively pain-free. The worst injury occurs from primary or secondary contact with the carrier.
    Loss of liberty, loss of life and denial of due process are counted among the damaging health conditions which may result from a single incidence of contact with an O/CETD carrier. That’s because the disorder is closely corellated with high rates of filing false or inaccurate reports, failure to disclose material facts and willful perjury under oath.
    Luckily for the LAPD, the goateed officer, the City of L.A. and its residents – a concerned bystander was able to clearly record and document the symptomatic behavior of the shoe moving.
    Under Chief Beck’s leadership which emphasizes transparency and dedication to maintaining the quality of the process, we can be assured that LAPD management has already moved to place the subject officer on temporary administrative leave and scheduled him for thorough examination by a specialist.

  • Cinderella

    That’s funny!

  • Thank you so much for that laugh. The tears are literally coming out of my eyes and I can guarantee you that won’t be the last time you hear about O/CETD on this blog. You have coined a new and most accurate term. As always, your comments are spot on and appreciated!

  • Fork

    I was literally there. I saw the police randomly turn on their siren and make an immediate left turn at a high speed. It was highly reckless of the police officers, and as they got out of the car it seemed as if they didn’t care that they ran someone over. I was on my way to a job interview, so I didn’t stick around for long. When I got out of my job interview, the roads were blocked off and there were police everywhere asking random people questions and the man was no longer on the ground. This was around an hour and 30 mins after the event happened.

  • cutty sark

    The actions of the officers in this patrol car may appear random and reckless, only because we observe from a distance without complete knowledge of the particular situation.
    Could this have been a patrol car sent on emergency dispatch to the Wilshire Grand Hotel?
    The hotel would be departure point for a multi- patrol car full-siren escort needed to bring Rene “Boxer” Enriquez across town to attend a CEO/Law enforcement gala fundraiser in Century City.
    Getting the former La Eme leader there on time would be critical as Enriquez would be receiving the group’s Humanitarian of the Year Award.
    That plan got all screwed-up.
    Mainly due to the delay caused by hitting the pedestrian on Spring St.
    One can’t realistically expect Officer Mejia to be concerned about an injured pedestrian when he is already sweating about potential fallout coming from Mr. Enriquez and several other V.I.P.’s.
    There could be serious demotions coming as a result of this lttle accident.

  • Karl Krautner

    “First of all, no one said the man died in the street.”

    No, you just suggested it over and over.

    “Second of all, no one still knows the condition of the man.”

    So, you’re suggesting he died after all?

    “Third, slow your roll.”

    Like you slowed the man flying “clear out of his shoes”, like in those too many comics you watched growing up?

    “Even the witness who took the video was perplexed about the shoe moving.”

    Right, because cops taking care of a person’s possession – well that is just “odd” and “perplexing”, because “we all know” that those goons with badges “denied him medical care”, right?

    “Me, I’m thinking”

    I doubt that.

    “why move the shoes out of the way”

    He didn’t. He put one shoe with the other, so they stay together. It’s what people do. If I would arrive at and accident scene and a person’s possessions were strewn about the street, I would put them together, too.

    Not so you. You would take video of the evil police conspiracy to move incriminating catapult shoes. Seriously?

    Besides, tell me why you didn’t render aid? Why didn’t the “eyewitness”? Oh, that’s right. Not your problem, right?

  • My goodness you sure are hostile. Take a chill pill or some time off from the job dude.

  • Karl Krautner

    Right, I’m hostile. Did you see me accusing a man I don’t know of evidence tampering? Did I suggest a man was deprived of medical care by people I suggested were concerned more about their own welfare? Did I suggest several times a man had been killed? Did I?

    “time off from the job dude”

    Yeah, quickly suggest I must be an officer. Because only officers would dare to question a black woman’s rightful outrage and righteous suspicion of the “man”.

    “My goodness”

    There is no goodness in you or what you are doing. You make money off race-baiting on a powder keg.

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