Dick Gregory made my millennium on Saturday at the State of the Black Union.

You would’ve thought I was in church, screamin’ “Preach! Preach!” Lol.

From his speaking truth to power about Black folks and Bill Clinton to his acknowledgment of what Black women have endured in this country, Dick Gregory put it down.

I also appreciated what he said about Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and how we call her “Condi” and don’t call Madeleine Albright “Madi.”  I actually had to check myself on that.

I wasn’t even going to watch the State of the Black Union this year, especially after Tavis Smiley’s temper tantrum over Senator Barack Obama not attending.  And even with his random reminders to the audience that Senator Hillary Clinton accepted and Obama didn’t, I’m glad I made the time to watch it, just for Dick Gregory.

Thank God for Dick Gregory!