Did Another LAPD Captain Get Caught Cooking the Books?

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

This story was updated 12/17/2015. All updates are at the bottom of the article.


There’s always some sort of shady business going on up on the 10th floor at the Los Angeles Police Department’s headquarters often referred to as PAB and today is no different.

So let’s see where to begin…

Last year we discussed a certain unethical captain who we’ll call Captain Machiavellian, who was involved in a well-known tawdry love affair with his adjutant who also just happened to be the wife of a cop. I know that’s a lot but stay with me. I’ll try to simplify it—Cop slept with cop who is also wife of cop.

Neither Captain Machiavellian nor his adjutant at the time seemed to have any shame in their game about what was going on as their affair was well-known throughout the Department much to the humiliation of the cop husband.

Now this captain, who is believed to be a favorite of Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy the Commanding Officer of Professional Standards Bureau, was widely known to have been personally handpicked by McCarthy to oversee the ethics unit of the Special Operations Division (SOD) after Commander Scott Kroeber’s rather shall we say sudden disappearance.

Last October Captain Machiavellian was quietly downgraded from a Captain III to a Captain II and shipped off to the Black Hole otherwise known as Office of Operations or OO. For those not in the know, OO is in charge of creating the deployment of officers and assets for the entire Department and is a well-known drop off spot for bad Captains that the Department can’t or won’t get rid of—or as I see it, one stop on the Department’s version of the Catholic church’s Vatican Shuffle.

Now while the Department will never confess to it, legend has it that McCarthy allegedly ordered Captain Machiavellian to end the affair he was having but he did not—hence his transfer to OO.

Think about it. The Captain of the ethics unit engaging in an affair with a subordinate who is also the wife of a detective doesn’t look good from any angle. Not to mention the hell they both put the husband through who I’m told tried to bring it to the Department’s attention many, many times and was rebuffed.

Eventually Captain Machiavellian emerged from the depths of OO and continued on his way winding up in West Traffic and if you think this is where the story ends my friends, think again.

It seems that Captain Machiavellian is believed to have been cooking the books over at West Traffic and was just sent back to OO. Yes, you read right.

Between my omnipresence and my sources, it looks like Captain Machiavellian was recently relieved of command and sent back to OO while the Department figures out what to do about his cooking of the books relating to traffic collisions.

Now for the record, I’ve known about this since the day the transfer happened. My sources keep me in the loop at all times–believe that. It was just my crazy schedule that didn’t allow me to actually write about it until today.

Well legend has it that Captain Machiavellian told members of the CAD otherwise known as the Crime Analysis Detail not to report all of the traffic collisions at once but rather to spread them out over time. Apparently some folks didn’t agree with this and tried to report it but it fell on deaf ears so they took their complaint straight to the Inspector General Alex Bustamante himself.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Machiavellian is reporting to OO once again but not before I’m told he made it clear that he didn’t appreciate being ratted on—which to me sounds a lot like a threat. But what do I know? Actually a lot, lol.

But the drama didn’t stop there because this all happened as folks were preparing for the next Compstat meeting. This is where the Department analyzes crime statistics and those in charge get grilled about their strategies on reducing crime in their areas. Compstat is a metric-driven system that the LAPD uses to reduce crime and was inspired by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s efforts to create meaningful metrics for other city departments.

And speaking of my Mayor, the discovery of the books being cooked at West Traffic also happened ahead of his big announcement of his “Vision Zero” initiative that called for city departments to pursue a goal of eliminating traffic-related deaths by 2025.

So what does Captain Machiavellian have to do with the Mayor you’re asking yourself?

Well the Mayor’s “Vision Zero” initiative relied heavily on numbers supplied to his office by the LAPD. Numbers that the LAPD knew were inaccurate—at least where West Traffic was concerned. Remember, the West Traffic Division is responsible for the investigation of traffic collisions and traffic related crimes for all of Operations-West Bureau, which includes the patrol divisions of Hollywood, Olympic, Pacific, West Los Angeles, and Wilshire—and we all know that there are a lot of traffic collisions in these areas.

Word has it that neither Deputy Chief Michel Moore, our good friend Deputy Chief Michael Downing or Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger wanted any parts of the Mayor’s press conference or having to tell Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck that once again a Captain was caught cooking the books—especially after the ghost car scandal.

As of now, thanks to the Inspector General’s office an official complaint has been made and an investigation is under way. We’ll see if that investigation leads to Captain Machiavellian being sent to a Board of Rights hearing. Because as you know, Chief Beck only sends officers he wants to see terminated before a Board and that came straight from his mouth.

On a side note, karma is a–well you know the saying.  There’s no love lost for Captain Machiavellian with most folks in the Department.  When you sleep with a fellow cop’s wife seemingly with no remorse, folks tend to give you the side eye and feel some type of way about you. I seriously doubt anyone except for the person he had the affair with and his sponsor will be boohooing for him.



Okay folks, as in typical fashion the info has been pouring in about Captain Machiavellian and the cooking of the books over at West Traffic.

Well according to my omnipresence there are some missing books out of West Traffic as of late.  Books as in binders full of numbers related to West Traffic’s traffic stats.  Books that one might consider evidence of the crime committed by Captain Machiavellian.  Books that no one seems to be able to locate–but I have a pretty good idea where they are.

I’ve been told that the missing books–no make that evidence— were handed off to Captain Machiavellian at an undisclosed location in West Bureau by a female white motor officer who was a part of his administrative staff.

Apparently, this all went down right after Captain Machiavellian was transferred back to OO after being reported to the Inspector General for asking members of the Crime Analysis Detail (CAD) to provide false and misleading information as it pertained to traffic stats out of West Traffic just prior to COMPSTAT a couple of weeks ago.

Now what books could Captain Machiavellian possibly need from West Traffic while he’s assigned to OO?

Is this a case of the cover up becoming worse than the initial crime?

We think so.  Internal Affairs do your job and stop calling me asking me for information on where I get my information from.  That part.

As for the female white motor officer who handed off the books to Captain Machiavellian, yes I know exactly who you are and where the handoff took place.

Everyone else keep the information coming. Teamwork makes everything work.


We’ve heard from a LAPD insider that Captain Machiavellian’s stunts and tricks got him recently downgraded from a Captain II to a Captain I and he’s headed to Hollenbeck Division (as if they don’t have enough problems already).  Now remember, in October 2014 this same Captain was downgraded on the low for some other nefarious business from a Captain III in Internal Affairs to a Captain II in the Office of Operations before being shipped off to West Traffic. He couldn’t even make it a year without getting caught doing something that was obviously bad enough to downgrade him even more. The alleged downgrade doesn’t take place until the first DP (deployment period) of the new year but at least it’s a step right direction–he could have been promoted to Commander, because you know how they do.

But the question still remains.  How many acts of serious misconduct does this particular member of command staff have to be found guilty of before the Department kicks him to the curb permanently and revokes his status as a Los Angeles Police Officer of any ranking?  Based on the seriousness of the misconduct and the obvious pattern of bad behavior as a commanding officer why is the Department allowing him to stay a member of command staff?  Now they’re putting him in charge of yet another division.  I wonder if this had been anyone else would they have been demoted to the ranking of lieutenant and not just giving a slap on wrist downgrade and allowed to stay a Captain?  I think we all know the answer to that.


I rest my case.

For those who aren’t familiar with a Transfer Order or how to read one, the one below states that effective January 1, 2016, Captain II E. Pape of West Traffic Division will be known as Captain I E. Pape of Hollenbeck.

TO 01-2016_1 -1

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Blue lives matter

    That Pape has been and is still a naughty boy.

  • NinaG

    Never mind the fact that “Adjutant” positions are supposed to be filled by Management Analysts. The Dept has sneakily, over the years, taken those jobs away from civilians (MA’s) and given them to able-bodied sworn personnel who should be in the field. They’ve made it a convenient stepping-stone in the promotion process and we civilians can’t get the jobs for which we have the admin experience.
    Go figure…

  • Fuck PAPE


  • cutty sark

    Don’t know where, when or why you got the idea that COMPSTAT was inspired by L.A. Mayor E. Garcetti???
    The record is clear that ex-LAPD Chief William Bratton brought along and implemented the COMPSTAT concept when he was hired in 2002.



  • Insight

    This guy is one of the biggest frauds on the department. With his shameless lack of integrity and character, he has absolutely no business being a police officer, let alone a captain of police! He must have naked pictures of someone influential with farm animals. But seriously, isn’t our city worth more to the mayor and city counsel? Isn’t the management of the LAPD important to the security of the city? We all know it’s the patrol officers and detectives who do 90% of the important work. But when is the mayor and the city counsel going to get serious and force the LAPD to get serious with completely revamping its habitual failure of management? This guy is the stereotypical moron, costing the city millions, and he’s allowed to infect every place they try and hide him. So why is the city worth so little to the mayor and city counsel, that they continue to allow this guy to be a captain? The Chief should fire him! Now! I don’t know why the Chief keeps people like this on the job. He is an at will employee, and he is bringing great shame on the LAPD, the mayor, the chief and all his “sponsors”. Get rid of this guy already. He will likely try and become a chief of another social department like all the others. But hasn’t the chief had enough of this guy tossing egg on his face? I mean charlie does a fine enough job of that all by himself. He doesn’t need this guys help. Get rid of him. The city deserves captains with integrity, and we have plenty of good examples. But this guy isn’t one of them.

  • Getting Truth Out

    You are correct. The city does deserve better. But its the officers who are liars, thieves and cheats. Not the command staff. The lid is about to come off as this person is tired of keeping quiet. Written proof! Command staff gets there by being smart. Smart people keep written records of everything on you people. That is why you are all fighting with each other and creating stories and rumors. Proof will make you all cry. And Jasmine will not be the one getting the story.

  • First, I don’t know who Jasmine is. Second, if you meant Jasmyne—no worries I don’t need your story. News reports on bad police officers these days are a dime a dozen. Very rarely are there reports on the shenanigans of command staff. So I’m good and in a class of my own. My folks keep me filled with enough information that it’s a shame I don’t have the time to just sit back and write about it on a daily basis. So please, make us all cry. I’ve got my Kleenex.

  • Insight

    GTO, I’m just glad your good friend isn’t the captain down in the division my family lives. We have enough problems with all the gang violence, we don’t need a guy cooking the books. And on a side note. I’m guessing that your reference to “this person is tired of being quiet”, is a veiled confirmation to “this person” being the topic of this post? Interesting. Are you saying that your friend is keeping private, personal notes about “misconduct” that he didn’t report? Or are you referring to adjudicated complaints, or BORs that have occurred that the public is not aware of? This sounds like it should help greatly in the uncovering of total disfunction in the LAPD. Thank you for that contribution.

    As for fighting with each other? I haven’t seen any infighting. Perhaps you cold elaborate?

  • That part.

  • As I have said MANY times, there is a “culture of corruption” at LAPD. And culture starts at the top, Beck, and works its’ way down the chain of command. This is exactly why the LASD was in chaos. Until Beck is GONE, nothing is going to change.
    As for Hubby wanting his “wife” to stop cheating, and him complaining, I have a solution, and it beats homicide; it is called DIVORCE. If only OJ, Scott Peterson and the rest of the low brow imbeciles had a brain.

  • Isn’t that government though? Making a mess of everything with impunity.

  • LOL…tell u show you REALLY feel about “Pape”.

  • Captain Pape attended the University of Southern California, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Science with an emphasis in teaching; a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership and a Doctorate in Policy, Planning and Development.

    NUMEROUS Brass at LAPD have this “Master’s degree in Executive Leadership” from USC, and I have to wonder if it is a “Pay for your A'” type program, and not a true academic endeavor. I also KNOW it is a City benefit and wonder how much these program/s at USC and other universities are costing taxpayers.

  • A Los Angeles Police Officer

    Let’s just say we popped champagne (off duty) when Cpt. Pape was removed from West Traffic. Many of us hope to never have to see the likes of that man again. Way to fuck up a Division.

  • I know the truth

    Are you sure he fucked up the division? Are you sure there isn’t information proving otherwise???? Hmmmm. You all should think hard!

  • I know the truth

    If IA is contacting Jasmyne stop and think…..paper will be cut. You never know what the truth really is and what proof may come out that is different.

  • IA didn’t call me about this madness. They were looking for information on other information I have–which of course my attorney told them to go pound sand. But that’s something I’ll be writing about later this week.

  • I take it this is Captain Machiavellian or one of his women because no one else in the Dept. would care enough to come on here in defense of the not so good Captain.

    If you’re speaking of the missing books, then yes there is info out there. Now does it prove you (or your man) innocent is a whole different story. However, I will extend to you (or your man) the same anonymity afforded to everyone else. So let’s see this information if it really exists.

  • I know the truth

    REALLY!!! Well you better re think yourself as you have just implied in your writing above that IA called you regarding your story and knowledge.

  • I know the truth

    Nice try! As usual try to get info and play a game. By your on admission, you are not a journalist but a social blogger, which means there is no protection and as you have proven, no integrity. Because as you stated above, you were contacted by IA asking for your information making everyone think it was about this. Everyone knows WTD was and is fucked up with liars and cheats. Oh and this is not Capt nor “one of his women”

  • Yeah ok.


    Jasmyne, thank you again for exposing the stuff that needs to be exposed. Just out of curiosity, does IA consistently contact you regarding these stories? Did they ever contact you about the Dukes of Hazard and that weasel Manny Botello? Something tells me that they are trying to sweep that scandal under the rug also.

  • No IA doesn’t usually contact me. They wanted something specific which apparently ruffled some feathers on the 10th. I’m sure before that detective ever picked up the phone to call me she knew that I wasn’t telling her anything. I don’t work for the LAPD. I don’t have to tell them a damn thing.

  • OCS

    Are you also going to report and look into the female detective at west traffic who is into a S & M ring?

  • No.

  • Yeah, ok.

  • Hes Just Not That IntoYou

    Get a grasp on reality of the department and how the double standard for management still exists.

    The person who provided the files from WTD to Pape is sleeping with your man. Go figure…

    There is a reason why IA is calling Jasmyne for information. Because they find value in her blogs.

    Your so called love interest is blinding your vision and not allowing you to properly see the red flags that are popping up all around you. He’s a bad seed, that needs to go.

    Your promotions not based on merit have caused you to wear rose colored glasses in your views of the department. While the rest of us who work toil with sweat on our brow trying to get past the nepotism of this regime.

    If the command staff was so “smart” as you say, we wouldn’t have BOXERGATE, PONY GATE, Captain Prokop, Captain Rodriguez’s demotion then re-promotion within one year (ha, who else gets repromoted so quickly!!!), Commander Krober, Ruby Malachi, Shelley Villanueva (SOS’s pride who punishes officers for the same things she is does), Sylvia Ruiz and the Duke’s! Not to mention the latest findings of Bustamante’s audit which shows a serious lack of control over an area by your “smart” command staff.

    Embarrassing still!

  • abc123

    Lapd officers are notorious for having affairs.

  • Sgt in penalty box

    I can not thank Jasmyne enough for this blog. The command staff of this Dept has been, and will remain, elitist and privileged until a chief with guts is appointed. No field experience, no empathy, no common sense. From Beck, to Downing, Paysinger, Kato, and Girmala. All of them got there on the backs of real working cops!

  • The American

    S & M is not against the law!

  • Yeah ok Cpt. PhD
    hahaa…you killed it!

  • Good looking babe, is she single?

  • Stay thirsty my friends

    Hello all, does anyone really think The inspector general will say anything, do anything or take any action…. Don’t hold your breath…. The IG or in smaller circles “Alex” has had better evidence on other issues with zero consequences as Pape has personal knowledge of from the past experience with the “IG”. Pape is protected & privileged … This was Bratton’s adjutant…. Promoted or should I say rewarded for his loyalty… Never had a real command, specifically selected to go to internal affairs, squashed a lot of internal misconduct and continues to be sponsored by a Deputy Chief – Debbie, who continues to protect Pape for his loyalty & silence…. This is the LAPD culture which has deep roots and growing. Pape is a weak link in the command staff, maybe he will conjure the same story when he tried to avoid a break up with a certain female officer…. This just goes to show you how desperate Pape can be….

  • NinaG

    Yup… We conducted an audit and our Union presented the facts to ERG; which Commander Weinstein promptly ignored…

  • NinaG

    Girmala got there ON HER OWN BACK…

  • cutty sark

    Do these so-called “books” from West Traffic Division contain data involving traffic stops initiated on suspicion of DWI?
    If so, then it would make perfect sense to hold back certain records from review
    Its traditionally the role of the local police to shield the privileged and the elite from consequences of their drunk driving and public disclosure of their assorted peccadilos.

  • Pio Pio

    Does Rubi Malachi get paid the same as the Southeast? 77th? and Southwest Patrol Captains?

    Did Beck beef up Metro because he wants to make Prokop look good or because his two offsprings work Metro?

  • Interesting

    Who in their right mind would do her!!!!!

  • NinaG

    You’d be surprised….

  • Beatriceg@aol.com

    If someone did do that it’s obviously for promotional reasons. The same way she got her position. Just pity screws!!! She’s a very hateful, nasty and vengeful nasty person. For all of you who still have to work with her watch you backs, she’s always ready to jab u if it helps her…..

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