Did Someone Say Brady Letter?

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


“For this or any other police department to maintain the confidence of the public, it must be clear to officers that they are expected, above all, to be consistently honest in their personal and public life. —The Los Angeles Police Department


By now the word is out that Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck perjured himself before Angelenos via the media when he said that he had nothing to with the purchase of a horse from his daughter for use in the Department’s Mounted Platoon.

“Yesterday, I stated that the paperwork for the donation of a horse originally owned by my daughter, LAPD Officer Brandi Scimone, and purchased with private funds ‘Steered completely around me,”’ Beck said in a statement released by the department.

“Since that time, I reviewed the file and realized that I had signed the LA Police Foundation’s grant request after the donation had been evaluated and approved by the Office of Special Operations and had also signed the intradepartmental correspondence to the Board of Police Commissioners to approve of the donation. Therefore, I now realize that my comments were mistaken.

“After evaluating the circumstances of this donation, in retrospect, I should have ensured that the department had formally transmitted to the commission the additional documentation on file which identified the original owner of the horse. I will continue to work with the commission to increase the department’s transparency.”

Using LAPD’s terminology, our chief of police provided false and misleading statements.

If that had been a member of the LAPD’s rank-and-file we might have been looking at the newest member of LAPD’s Brady list.

Oh, what’s that you say?  It’s a blacklist of sorts that is kept by prosecutors with the names of officers who are said to have credibility issues.  Credibility issues because they have been caught lying.

Ever since the 1963 U.S. Supreme Court ruling known as Brady vs. Maryland, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys whenever a law enforcement official involved in their case has a sustained record for knowingly lying in an official capacity.

If a cop is found to be lying, that cop might receive what is known as a Brady letter placed in his or her file and from there on out would be referred to as a “Brady cop.”  More often than not cops end up terminated if they’re caught or even suspected of lying about anything, unless as I am told they are “sponsored.”

Brady letters are usually reserved for the rank-and-file and that I know of never for the brass—let alone the chief of police. And “Brady cops” don’t testify in court because they can’t be trusted they are just lucky to still have their jobs like Officer Shaun Hillman.

Although Beck is not required these days to testify in a court of law (he is after all the chief of police), it’s about the principle of the matter in the court of public opinion.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    It looks like the fix is in. Stevie Wonder Soboroff stated that he is satisfied Beck’s lies weren’t lies and still supports this asshat. unFUCKINGbelievable,

  • CityEye

    Each day its looking more and more like Beck is no better then Baca. People be lery because the quotes coming from the moron police commissioners like Soboroff yesterday that “my decision is still fluid” and toy boy Garcetti saying he still thinks Beck is doing a good job, is telling us Beck will get a 2nd term. Send in those emails to reappointment@lapd.lacity.org AGAINST BECK GETTING 2nd term

  • CityEye

    I forgot, rank and file should start booing like they did during the Parks era to show their disappointment and frustration. BOO BOO BOO BECK at every event he attends. That will surely send the message this clown is dirty

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Thank you Police Commission for proving what I have been reporting all along. Officers get fired for lying and NOTHING happens to the command staff or the COP for doing the same. Like I said Tuesday at the Police Commission, why are LAPD officers held to a higher standard of conduct than their command staff? Where is the Chief’s Brady letter? How will he ever be allowed to testify now in any legal proceed and have any credibility? The tone of an organization is set by the leader. What tone is Chief Beck setting. The Department command staff needs to be placed back under another federal consent decree.
    This is not about any horse. This is about INTEGRITY. Mr. Garcetti and Mr. Soboroff, your decision to do nothing about this will prove very expensive in terms on ongoing employee lawsuits because you have just shown how fraudulent the system is.

  • Lakerguy

    I think I’m gonna be sick. Beck is going to get away with all this. I think my police vehicle may get stuck in Park for a long time, except and only except on real emergencies. No longer will I do those special patrols, you know the ones Chief. If for some reason you (the LA citizen) get stopped by LAPD. Please drop the Chiefs name. We might as well extend his corruption to everyone! Just to be fair and transparent.

  • LA99

    This is so disheartening, they will give this man another 5 years even after ALL these true stories have come out on his dirty ness. If it was me or any other cop we would be FIRED!!! And now the President of the Police commission said he is leaning towards giving Beck another 5 yrs. WOW!! You go ahead sir, I was around during Bernard Parks, and I can tell you moral is worse now. This is utter bullshit and I hate this Freakin Dept. If I didn’t have as much time on I would leave and go somewhere else. The public thinks we, the street cops are the corrupt ones. While the command staff runs wild. This police department use to be the standard of law enforcement, now we are the laughing stalk of it. We are the “what” not to do of law enforcement. And just to be clear this is in reference to to our leadership NOT the hard working me and women in the streets pushing black and whites.

    So basically what I have taken away from this scandle is that our core values and leadership principles are all bullshit!!! Next time I’m in an oral interview and they ask what is your favorite core value, my response will be “do as I say and not as I do,” and let them know I don’t recognize the Dept’s core values since they are BULLSHIT!!!

    Sorry Mr and Mrs citizen if Beck is back for another 5yrs you can pretty much plan on crime going up and response times getting longer. NO ONE wants to work and continue to make this COP look good.

  • For those of us who have spent more than a few minutes on the LAPD, recent [public] revelations regarding the LAPD’s two tiered system of discipline is old news.
    Many of us have watched in disbelief and horror as heavy handed command
    staff ( a Captains la Julie Nelson, Reggie Maeweather et al ) officers mete out discipline for the rank and file officers as though it were candy being given to a precocious child; as they [command staff] minimize, rationalize and flat out lie about their own misdeeds. #Disgusted and glad to be RETIRED!! Beck just received his 2nd Term. Expect Response Times to increase.

  • cutty sark

    This is how its going down. Soboroff has set the timer for the Emperor to announce his abdication in 24 hours and walk away with all the coffee cans Charlie already filled with cash from the LAPD secret account to pay Rewards for Information to solve serious crimes. The only official blemish will be the Checkers dog, —excuse me, I meant pony……correction Brandi’s Palomino Pony donation oversight.
    If Beck stays past 4pm Friday, then Soboroff’s guarantee is off and Charlie is on his own.

  • CityEye

    Someone needs to investigate the Police Foundation that Gerald Chalef has his and Becks hands in. Unfortunate they canned Karen Wagner who made that foundation a million dollar pot that has been abused since she left. It needs to be audited. So the the Paysinger pot of gold called the Ray Charles Jr. Foundation a $1 million that hasn’t all gone to youth programs as it should have. What has Paysinger done with all the $$$$

  • cutty sark

    Soboroff is scheduling the Emperor for a full dress Royal City of Angels send-off.
    Which Prince Eric and Lord Herb both agree is deserved, because they have enabled the Emperor’s excess every step of the way.
    I can’t wait to see who the surprise guest will be – how about Justin Beiber on a Ducatti from the 118 to the 405 to the 101?
    Approx 15 seconds after Beck’s news conference begins is when all cameras cut-away to the heli shot of Beib doing 105mph with CHP in hot pursuit.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    You speak truth to power! People have no clue as to the differences between command staff and street cops. I thought Bernie the Turd was bad until Good Time Charlie got his 4 stars. When the troops don’t respect their leaders, the department is doomed.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    The only good thing to come from this is that suburban departments are going to be getting a ton of lateral transfers of well trained and ethical young police officers. The officers with more than 10 years on are stuck at LAPD. Its really a sad state of affairs.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    You forgot to mention that Bieber will be naked sitting on Kanye West’s lap

  • Legacy Killer

    The deparment is already coming down on us as it is in preparation for the upcoming exposure of story which will reveal LAPD higher ups have been reclassifying crimes in effort to show reductions in crimes. An ADW is a 415 Man. A Burglary is a vandalism. Stand by LAPD street cops, higher will be placing the blame on you.

  • hairy callahan

    Today is a special 3 year anniversary in the career of Charlie Beck.
    August 7, 2011 was the day Juan David Vasquez Loma was murdered on Silver Lake Blvd.
    A tragedy for the victim and those who knew him. But a very rewarding day for Chief Beck and Detective Jose Carrillo(Ret.)
    Detective Carrillo had the ideal selection of suspect to exercise every possible violation of process. Culminating in a cavalcade of perjury lent credence from his badge, Carrillo finished out a career with the dirtiest win and the City issued a proclamation of appreciation.
    Thus affirming Beck was correct to entrust Northeast Station Detectives with the initial Dodger Stadium assault investigation.
    And then Charlie Beck came for the money. Charlie requested $50,000 to pay for witness testimony that I.D.ed the defendant at trial.
    Please ignore the fact the Offer of Reward terms
    were not met. Ignore the fact that the required sections of the submission were never completed. The Police Commission and L.A. City Council also ignored their own rules and the laws at hand.
    Beck defers any questions to Det. Jose Carrillo(ret.) and Captain William Murphy(now Commander), but Chief Charlie Beck is the only signature found on this request.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    No, the actual core values should be Promote at all Cost, Hypocrisy, Take Care of Number One, Lie whenever it is convenient, Cover up Misconduct for your Relatives and Friends, and Finally, Sleep with your Subordinates and then Promote Them. Does anyone have more?

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    For those of you with only a few years on the job, do the smart thing and get out while you can. Unless of course you are related to the COP or upper level command staff. For you lucky ones, by all means stay.–.because you will be the future “leaders” of the Department. It won’t matter if you commit crimes, commit perjury, are a racist or sexist pig, get arrested for choking out your spouse, etc etc…If you have an upper level connection, you are golden. As for the rest of you, RUN…get out now as fast as you can.

  • wimpdick

    Where does the LAPPL stand on these issues. After all, most of you still pay hefty membership dues to the league so where is your LAPPL representation. Why aren’t membership screaming to the league to make statements at Commission hearings on the behalf of membership. The LAPPL need to start earning those dues by getting of their hind quarters and speaking up on the behalf of union members.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I was doing that at the LAPPL meeting last night. The LAPPL Pres is afraid of the wrath of Chief Beck and in MY OPINION, is trying to line up a job for his post retirement days in Dec. The only LAPPL delegate who is doing anything is DET DAVE NUNEZ and thank GOD, he is going to be running for Tylers’ spot in December. I have a feeling that when Nunez gets elected, things will be very different at the LAPPL. Unfortunately, it will be too late–Beck will already be re-installed and will continue to demoralize the rank and file who have no connection to anyone in upper management.
    Nunez has repeatedly gone to the Police Commission, as have I, to report the corruption and the failed leadership of Charles Lloyd Beck. Clearly, Mr. Soboroff does not care how much taxpayers pay out to the officers from lawsuits do to the “out of control” command staff. Neither does the Mayor.

  • On The Job

    Jasmyne… You need a FB page so we can all have a “conversation” in somewhat real-time.

    FB notifies one when someone comments on the post or one’s comment.

    Discussion, sharing of info and ideas will help, not only in exposing the truth, but in verification of the allegations being made!

    Create a Facebook page for these articles…and watch people’s eyes and minds open up!

  • On The Job

    Let’s not forget how shootings are reported!! Someone needs to do an in-depth analysis on RACR Division… the numbers which come into the center dont match the numbers which go out… it’s all about how it’s interpreted in order to fool the citizens!

  • On The Job

    The better question is “on which side of the bed does the lappl lay on these issues”… The league needs to be staffed and operated by civilians, professional negotiators and labor law attorneys who can not be intimidated or “sponsored” by the LAPD staffers… not run by guys looking to get to their retirement in a soft, cushy, safe position… The league guys most dangerous position is underneath the the COPs desk with their head on the chief’s lap…

    Get a copy of the lappl’s taxes, they’re public record, anyone want to guess how much money they make a year??? Dont try doing the math, you’ll be way off!!

    Seriously, take a look at their last year’s return.


    Remember Chief Willie Williams!!!

  • neroden

    The problem you, as the street cops, have is that the corruprt part of the command staff protects the worst of the street cops. So the public have no way of knowing whether they’re dealing with you, or with one of the bad apples who’s “favored” by the command staff. They have to assume the worst.

    When the bosses are corrupt, the whole department becomes permanently corrupt; the good cops get forced out (look at Joe Crystal, Adrian Schoolcraft, Frank Serpico, etc.)

    “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch” if it isn’t removed.