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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


When last we spoke about what I like to refer to as Hoopesgate, I laid out for you the situation between Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck’s daughter Brandi “A horse is a horse, unless of course” Scimone-Pearson and Hollywood Division’s own Sergeant George Hoopes.

Now if you’re new to this story, here’s a recap.

Legend has it that Officer Scimone-Pearson engaged in a sexual tryst with Sgt. Hoopes. Hoopes was investigated for having inappropriate sexual relationships with female officers under his supervision. According to LAPD insiders, Beck’s daughter provided false and misleading statements during the course of that investigation as it related to Hoopes.

Still with me?

As the story goes, when the charges of inappropriate sexual relations/unbecoming conduct were being read during Hoopes’s Board of Rights hearing, he challenged the charges by saying something along the lines of: “Well, if you are going to charge me for those three (or four), you might as well charge me for the other one.”

When all the dust was settled and the Board Chair inquired what he meant by those statements, the sergeant implicated another female officer, allegedly Officer Scimone-Pearson, and threatened to notify the press.  Yes–he pulled a Lyga.

The Chief was immediately notified, the Board of Rights proceedings were aborted, and the matter was eventually settled with the sergeant being restored to his original rank of Sergeant II.

I’m told that once the Chief became aware of the situation, Beck hurried up and cancelled Hoopes’s disciplinary hearing and restored his ranking in an effort to make sure that the information never saw the light of day.

Everyone I have talked to about this situation says that the “dirt” that Sergeant Hoopes threatened Chief Beck with was naked photos of his daughter he had taken during the time they were dating.

Allegedly Beck’s daughter became infuriated when she found out about Hoopes’s sexual liaisons with other female officers so she told on him to her father who had him investigated and sent to the Board of Rights. Beck just didn’t know about the naked photos of his daughter or the fact that Hoopes was willing to leverage them to keep his job.

Hoopes ended up sending the photos to Newton Division’s Lieutenant Andrew Barboza. Internal Affairs was sent to Barboza’s home to retrieve the photos from Barboza’s cell phone but according to his colleagues he got a heads up and erased them completely by having the “phone washed.”

In response to this, Beck demoted Barboza’s boss Captain Rodriguez for allowing Barboza to destroy the evidence before Internal Affairs could get to it.

But let’s stay on Lt. Barboza for a moment–because that’s really who I want to talk about.

Word has it that Barboza was demoted yesterday from a ranking of Lieutenant II to I.

Why you ask?

I’m told he was involved in an unreported DUI a few months back. A DUI that Newton Captain Ed Prokop, Assistant Chief Jose Perez, and Chief Charlie Beck are believed to have known about and purposefully kept on the low. But you know, I don’t think Barboza is a friend of the Chief’s considering he had those photos of daughter allegedly from Hoopes.  Wait wait wait, maybe that’s why they did keep it on the low low because he still has those pictures.  Duh Jasmyne!

But there’s more—there always more.

I’m also told that just a few days ago this same Lt. Barboza was riding somewhere out of the county in his police vehicle when he was rear-ended.

They say the back of the police car was smashed up pretty bad and that Barboza called LAPD Traffic Division to report the accident—as it is required by LAPD policy. Barboza also called the accident in to Newton Division and Captain Kowolsky sent another lieutenant to go and check on the status of the situation with the accident. The car was towed to LAPD’s Central garage for repair and Barboza hitched a ride back with the Newton Lieutenant.

And then yesterday morning he was mysteriously demoted. Now I’m not saying that this more recent accident was the result of him drinking and driving again, but his colleagues sure do believe that’s exactly what happened and that this time the Department couldn’t cover it up.

Now in case you’re missing the point of this little story.

Any other (non sponsored) police officer would be terminated for lying about being arrested for a DUI and then not reporting it to the Department. That’s what we civilians call a no-no.

We’ve already discussed Newton Division Captain Ed Prokop’s alleged DUI in full detail.

All in all it’s been a busy past couple of days for the Department’s media relations section. Between the cop who got popped for exposing himself in the park, to the one sentenced to 25 years in prison for having sex with prostitutes to Shootin’ Newton’s Parolee Compliance Unit who got caught kicking an arrestee in the head, dare I ask what’s to come next.

Now if I’m wrong about Barboza, I am sure the Department will waste no time in putting out a Nixle release about some unnamed blogger spreading rumors and lies.

But if I’m not wrong and what I was told is actually and factually true…

Ya’ll pray for LAPD’s Newton Division, this just isn’t their year.