We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Did the LAPD have the primary civilian witness to the shooting of Ezell Ford assassinated?

That’s the question I am seriously pondering after I received the following comment on my blog from someone who obviously knows something about it.

“But undercover gang unit members did recognize the Ford’s when they thought someone shot at them and ran away while they patrolled at 64th and Broadway.

You are refering to the incident O.I.S. 023-15, is that right?

O.I.S. 023-15 which was adjudicated before the LAPD B.O.C. last February, but the report of which remains inaccessible under Chief Beck’s policy of transparency in most cases and secrecy when it involves certain gang unit members on the dept. and potential criminal acts.

That was members of the Ford family who shot at undercover gang unit members and could have easily killed them, is that right?

No. They probably couldn’t have been killed because probably nobody was shooting at them.
And it almost certainly was nobody from the Ford family who could have been shooting at them because they never arrested any of the Ford’s on suspicion of that. They did bring in helicopters, SWAT teams and police dogs and placed the area under full lock-down order for several hours – but they didn’t go searching for suspects at the Ford residence.

And although the gang unit members claim they were shot at and they returned fire at the shooters on the open street and they locked down a neighborhood and they conducted a search with SWAT teams and police dogs – they have never arrested anyone for shooting at them, they have never provided a suspect sketch of anyone who was shooting at them and who they shot at, they have never provided any description at all of any suspect.

But they did detain 2 young men, put them in the back of a patrol car, transported them to the station, kept them overnight and let them out the back door the following afternoon.

They did not arrest those men because arrest would create a searchable record and the gang unit members didn’t need that.

They simply needed a pretense to lock-down the area and a cover under which to bring out 2 guys who had spent approx 42 hrs. hiding in a vacant back unit after successfully completing the mission which they were sent in for -to assassinate the primary civilian eyewitness to the shooting of Ezell Ford.”

We always thought is was strange how 46-year-old Leroy Hill was suddenly gunned down near 65th Street and Broadway in South Los Angeles in the exact same area that Ford was killed in.

After he was shot, Hill crashed his car and was later pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

To this day, the LAPD has not found the gunman and does not have a description to even find the killer.

Like I said strange.

The commenter also added:

“The display of selective memory by your gang unit is utterly mind-bongling when it involves their ability to recognize members of the Ezell Ford family.

When gang unit members go looking for Ezell Ford and then find him and kill him, they say they didn’t recognize him and didn’t remember him from their previous arrest and interrogation which is documented in their own records.

You have detectives who provided testimony involving Ezell Ford in the trials for 2 men who were then convicted and sentenced for murder, but your gang unit members don’t know Ezell Ford.

In the area where the Fords live, there are no homes on the west side of Grand for blocks and blocks, only the massive sound wall abutting the 110 Harbor Fwy.

The only continuous East-West routes are the major boulevards that bridge across the 110 Harbor Fwy.

All of the other east-west streets are T-intersections at Grand and the Harbor Fwy sound wall. That means that anyone driving west on 66th from Broadway must come to a complete stop at Grand before making the right-turn and heading North.

They must STOP in front of the Ford residence on the corner of 66th and Grand, where a portable basketball backboard is set on the street at the curb in front of the house and the green Dodge van is parked on the concrete pad of the front yard – but your gang unit members don’t know Ezell Ford.

That’s the same Ford residence and same green Dodge van where officers had previously arrested Ezell Ford and his dad and his brother on marijuana related charges. Officers transported the arrested Fords to the police station where each one was individually questioned and then booked, and a notation was made in their files that Ezell Ford was a gang member whose moniker was Lil Eazy – but your gang unit members don’t know Ezell Ford.

One of those officers who had spent years patrolling that area and had participated in the arrest and questioning went on to become a gang unit member covering that same area.
Part of his job as a gang unit member is to be able to recognize the gang members who regularly operate or reside in the area.

As he patrolled down 65th with his partner in August 2014 he drove past a group of men congregated on a sidewalk, some of whom he recognized as gang members.

They chose not to stop and engage those gang members, but followed after Ezell Ford walking alone on the other side of the street.

They thought Ford may have come out from an alley(like all other alleys in the area it was a place where drugs were sometimes exchanged or used) so they decided to stop him for that reason, but they didn’t recognize him and didn’t know who he was because they don’t remember the Fords and don’t know who they are.”

Somebody knows something and that somebody needs to be in touch with me directly.

Stranger things have happened when it comes to the LAPD.