For a country that seems hell bent on keeping gays second-class citizens, it’s hard for me to turn on the television and not hear or see something related to gays.  From films, to the news, Oprah, to CNN, America is obsessed with gays.  Tonight was no different.

As I snuggled into bed and turned on the television to HBO, what do I see, comedian D.L. Hughley comparing the Black civil rights movement to the gay civil rights movement and using the analogy that “taking dick and picking cotton” are two very different struggles.

I was even more disappointed to later learn this was the Comedy Relief benefit show for victims of Hurricane Katrina.  I’m sorry, scratch that, I meant the straight victims of Hurricane Katrina, because there couldn’t have been any gay victims, let alone Black gay victims they way Hughley was talking.

Now I could be late on this, I admit that.  My television watching consists of the morning news, CNN,  Fox News, and yes, Law & Order on any channel I can get it.  But nevertheless, I saw it and heard it for myself last night and was deeply disappointed, yet again.

But I guess if there are people that could laugh at Michael Richard’s nigga tirade, and yes, if you listen to the tape closely, people were laughing before they understood it wasn’t part of a punch line, then I shouldn’t be surprised at D.L. Hughley being able to garner laughs at his dick vs. cotton conundrum.