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Okay so I have to admit that when my girl Chok turned me on to Vitamin D and the Stahi Bros. Valentine’s Day offering, I didn’t know what to expect–but I’m sold and it’s now instant vintage in my catalog.  As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much all I’m listening too right now.

Now for the disclaimer, because there’s always somebody, some pucker butt that comes onto my site with that “oh but Jasmyne how could you like such music.”

So for my newbies who obviously didn’t look up at my header when they logged onto (emphasis on the…the disclaimer.

Now let’s get this straight from the jump…this is strictly for those smart enough to know that not everybody needs or wants to hear it.  What I mean by that is, turn this shit off when kids are present or people who are super sensitive about race, class, and the use of the “N” and “B” words.  Now I live alone and usually drive alone so I can listen to wtf I want  to, that may not be your situation.  Judge accordingly–and with this album, I’d also say depending on your situation with your girl or dude, timing is everything. If you’re in love and things are running smoothly, just back on out of this post now.  I don’t want to hear no shit about “how could you listen to this?” Or, “he’s saying bad words Jasmyne.”  Puhlease.  I grew up listening to rap, I am going to die listening to rap.  Besides, I keeps it gangsta–never under estimate my gangstaness.  The only difference between my earlier years and now is that I am smart enough to know when to turn it off and how to decipher what’s being said.  I take what I need and leave the rest.  Kind of like some you church going holy bible thumping sanctified people do every Sunday.

Now moving on…

Much props to Vitamin D and his crew out of Seattle and for keeping it real with this album—which I will say can be used by both males and females to communicate their current feelings about their relationship or failed relationship.  Just change the words around as you go… In trying to figure out who to compare the Stahi Bros. too I came up with the great philosopher from Pomona Suga Free and his sidekick Afro Man.

Favorite songs include Over Her which includes the infamous chorus…

“don’t lose it all over a –, it’s a crying shame — got me off my game” along with “…they build you up having you home lazy getting fat as f$!? Oh no that’ll never be me…”

BTW, special dedication to my girl Tracy…fuck him, he’ll get his you stay strong and don’t lose it all over a bro.

And Hear and Now, on punkass bitches and we all know one or two, which says…

“You could never get with me you know how I get down.  Claiming that you changed mofo how? You was a b—-then u still a b—- now.”

I actually considered sending this song to one person in particular who really needs a rude awakening—I still might if she says anything in the near future concerning me, and that’s real.

But again, this is not for everyone and inevitably like a bad car crash that you just shouldn’t look at as you pass by but do, someone is going to download this album and get their feelings hurt because either they just realized they’re just like the person being talked about or they just don’t get it.  But hear me when I say, I don’t want to hear about it.  You were warned and like the great philosopher from Pomona once said, “if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

Thank you Stahi Bros for keeping it real.  Bless us with some more of your profound wisdom where relationships are concerned soon.

Track Listing

F#%k A Valentine by Stahi Bros.

Bold denotes a personal fav

  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. Dolla for a stripper
  3. Jealous ft. Kokane
  4. All Over
  5. Sinsitive
  6. Here and Now ft. T. Love
  7. Be Word
  8. C.B.L. Christian Battle Leeg
  9. Bonus Track ft. Topsin and T. Love

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