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N’dambi (meaning Most Beautiful) is a R&B singer from Dallas, TX. She used to sing background vocals for Erykah Badu.

Her debut album was titled “Little Lost Girls Blues”. Her second album, which was a two disc set, was entitled “Tunin’ Up & Cosignin'”. It focused more on a live and jazzy sound and contains new versions of several songs from her debut. It also contains a severn-minute long tribute to Nina Simone, simply titled, “Ode 2 Nina.” Both of these projects were released independently by N’dambi, but still managed to garner considerable critical acclaim.

Next, N’dambi recorded her third studio album, A Weird Kinda Wonderful, which contained funkier and more rock-influenced tracks. Initially, the album was only released in Japan, which made the it a very sought-after collector’s item on eBay.

Recently, N’dambi has been signed to the legendary Stax Records label, much like Angie Stone and Nikka Costa. The singer’s fourth album–and first to be released on Stax–is entitled Pink Elephant and is said to be released in October of 2009. The first single is “Can’t Hardly Wait.”


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