I just love a good mix and a good deejay even better.  I swear in another life I would have definitely been a music supervisor or a deejay.  Anyways, enjoy!

Mix Details

DJs: DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres, hosted by Cosmo Baker
Genre: House, Dance, 80s-90s Hip Hop & R&B
Best Time to Listen: Stuck in traffic, working out, cleaning house
Length: 1 hour and 2 minutes
Download Mix: Here

  1. Gloster Williams and Master Control “The Message”
  2. David “Fathead” Newman “Freaky Beat”
  3. Silver Convention “Fly Robin Fly”
  4. Earth, Wind & Fire “Kalimba Story”
  5. Marvin Gaye “T Plays it Cool”
  6. Le Pamplemousse “Gimme What You Got”
  7. Skyy “High”
  8. KC & The Sunshine Band “I Get Lifted”
  9. The Whatnauts “Help Is On The Way”
  10. Unlimited Touch “I Hear Music In the Streets”
  11. Sylvia Striplin “Give Me Your Love”
  12. Grateful Deal “Shakedown Street”
  13. Eddie Drennon “Disco Jam”
  14. Aretha Franklin “Rocksteady” Danny Krivit Re-Edit
  15. Tower of Power “Drop It In the Slot”
  16. Belle Epoque “Miss Broadway”
  17. Special Ed “C’Mon Let’s Move”
  18. Leaders Of The New School “Sounds of the Zeekers”
  19. 3rd Base “Brooklyn Queens”
  20. Kool G Rap “Talk Like Sex”
  21. Digital Underground “Dowachalike”
  22. Brentford Allstars “Greedy G”
  23. Ghostface Killa “Cherchez La Ghost”
  24. Masterdon Committee “Funkbox”
  25. 45 King “900 Number”
  26. “Crazy in Love” Instrumental
  27. “Never Leave You” Instrumental
  28. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” Instrumental
  29. “Beware of The Boys” Instrumental
  30. “Nothin” Instrumental
  31. “React” Instrumental
  32. “Grindin” Instrumental
  33. Outkast “Party Break”
  34. Outkast “Hey Ya”
  35. Gloria Lones “Tainted Love”
  36. The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”
  37. Queen “We Will Rock You”
  38. Joan Jett “I Love Rock & Roll”
  39. Billy Squire “The Stroke”
  40. Jay Z “99 Problems”
  41. J-Kwon “Tipsy”
  42. R Kelly & Cassidy “Hotel”
  43. New Edition “If It Isn’t Love”
  44. Ready For The World “Let Me Love You Down”