DNC 2008: Will the Real Democrats Please Sit Down and Shut the F$%^ Up?

In an effort to make sure that you have a clear accurate picture of today’s Democratic Party, the party that the majority of voting Blacks are registered to, please consider the following…

Clinton delegate and Los Angeles based attorney Gloria Allred grabbed a napkin from the tables at the California delegation breakfast this morning and wore it as a gag to protest not being allowed to speak at the breakfast.

“I was not elected to be a potted plant,” Allred said through her gag, holding up DNC rules that say delegates must vote as they are elected. California has 204 delegates pledged to Hillary Clinton, versus 166 for Obama.

Clinton delegate Julie Wong of Los Gatos was handing out white wrist bands to rally solidarity at the convention tonight when Clinton speaks. Hillary supporters have a march planned for today, which coincides with the anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.

Allred said Clinton herself “doesn’t have the legal power” to tell her own delegates how to vote. “She can do it, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it,” Allred said.

Gay media czar Paul Colichman’s vowed in yesterday’s Page Six not to support Barack Obama over the candidate’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

I’m sorry, what is John McCain’s position on same-sex marriage and why is that your main concern come November 2008? Oh wait—you’re wealthy, white, and gay—that explains everything. Carry on.

While Michelle Obama was doing her best impression of a Stepford Wife, the Republican National Committee’s cocktail party for Hillary Clinton supporters, better known as those bitter white Clinton supporting Democrats who call themselves PUMAs (for either Party Unity My Ass or People United Means Action), was just getting started down the street.

“We may not agree on everything, But John McCain is a man of integrity, and I can’t say that about Barack Obama,” said Shannon Scholler, 53, who works for a social service referral agency.

Jessi Cleaver, a 35-year-old software tester and Clinton supporter from New York City, said it just shows how furious Clintonites are about how the Democrats and Obama handled the primary.

“You know what?” she said. “The one who should be throwing the party is Obama.”

And we call ourselves Democrats…I’m just saying.

Last but not least, John McCain’s campaign released a TV ad featuring a former Clinton delegate talking about how she’d decided to vote Republican, “a first for me.”

As I have said before, at election time, I fully expect the Republican Party to try and incite mass hysteria at the polls. What I don’t expect is for members of my own party to throw temper tantrums and put aside common sense choosing to side with the opposition just because their candidate lost.

With each day passing, I am leaning more and more towards registering as an Independent come November 5.

(H/t Craig)

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Black female and Clinton Supporter

    Instead of attacking the loyalty of Clinton’s supporters, the real question is had Obama not won the nomination would we have the same protest? The answer is absolutely. As a matter of fact, Black folk would be outraged and Black media, via blogs radio and television would forge an outright protest against the Clintons. So instead of the media ignoring how Clinton supporters feel, there should more understanding because had the roles been reversed, how would Obama supporters really feel and what actions would they have taken?

  • What the media refuses to acknowledge, which is African Americans in general, is that thousands of African Americans had already resolved that they were not going to vote for Hillary. But as usual, the pulse is not on what we think. This election year could prove to be devastating to white Americans who will be forced to really “see” us for the first time up front and personal. It is time for Americans to realize that whatever affects one of us, affects all of us. For those who have decided that because of the color of Barack Obama’s skin that they will dissent to John McCain is not only going to hurt them personally, but will also hurt the future of their own children. One cannot help but ask the question, if you are truly a Democrat in every sense of the word, how could you possibly turn your back on your own party just because you candidate within the party was not voted in as the presumptive nominee. I say that you were never truly a Democrat to begin with, and God help you.

  • Jake

    Obama must win. When Clinton and Obama were competing, and it wasn’t sure who would win, I wanted to suggest to supporters of o
    Obama that he should run as an independent. This decision would
    have been seen as a sign as a sign of independence.