Election ’08: I See Black People

…on the wrong side of the issue, but Black people none the less.  So let’s recap, no Black people for the No on 8 campaign ads (using Samuel Jackson’s voice doesn’t count) and Black people in the Yes on 8 campaign ads.  And Black people made up 69 percent of the Yes vote you say?

Yes on 8 Ad

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Nyah Molineaux

    Yes it is about our children, unless they are gay. It is about our children, unless their parents are gay. What a bunch of bull.

  • frank

    I will not try to understand the meaning of your article
    but you sound very bitter. Has anything Obama said registered?
    2 wrongs doesn’t make it right, in your case 3.

    My savior living and breathing inside me
    believes in hope

  • This ad was very effective – but so WRONG. No on 8 did not have an adequate counter argument for this. They really messed up!

  • Eddie

    Dear Stupid Idiot,

    Yes, that’s right, I called you a “stupid idiot”. Why? Because I just read your op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle. And let’s clarify things, you’re a “stupid idiot” not because of the color of your skin, or because of your gender or because of your sexual orientation. No, you’re a “stupid idiot” because of the BS you just unloaded. How can you write in the same paragraph that “you care deeply about social justice issues” but that “you weren’t inspired to encourage black people to vote against the proposition”. It would be like calling yourself a health advocate but only fight breast cancer and not care about AIDS or heart disease. Say what??!!
    You need inspiration?? After decades of discrimination, you need inspiration to fight it???!! How sad… Honestly, this is not a competition. Discrimination IS discrimination. Period. Whether it’s racism or homophobia or sexism, why can’t we fight them all (I mean we’re talking 30 seconds in the voting booth here)?? You can only handle 1 issue at a time? You must have been overwhelmed by the 12 propositions then. Which one to pick? The rest of us tried to do our best with all of them.
    Blaming other people for your lack of interest or “inspiration” isn’t going to help. Take responsability and just admit it: you simply don’t care about your gay rights.

  • Nyah Molineaux

    I wont call you “a stupid idiot” but Jasmyne too little, too late. Proposition 8 has passed, and if you wanted to get married— its lost for now. Next time if this comes up, write it or speak up before its too late.

  • Louis

    It’s clear these folks are clueless. I now understand your point. The gay community has centered all of its energy around marriage and civil unions, when it should be centered around all rights. Marriage is not end all against discrimination and hate. But, most likely when you have wealth, assets and resources nothing else really matters.

    And, the ad that was produced classic and effective. It did a wonderful job in using the civil rights movement against the gay movement. To add insult to injury they used an ignorant Black women with very little education to set the fire.