So last night I quickly posted my thoughts on finding out that Blacks had been targeted during the Westwood march by some in the gay community as being the reason why Prop. 8 passed. Very upsetting to say the least.

N-Word Hurled at Blacks During Westwood Prop 8 Protest

OMG The Gays Are Trying To Get Gangsta With It

But this madness isn’t germane to the gay community only as it has ruffled the feathers of Blacks who feel like they are being attacked in both the media and now on the streets by gays for their role in passing Prop. 8.

Case in point. Every morning I get up and head to the tennis courts before starting my work day, today was no different—except for the fact that today my practice was interrupted by people on the adjacent court who were loudly discussing their thoughts about gays and Prop. 8. So loudly that their conversation provoked me to stop playing and give them a piece of my mind. You just never know who you are playing tennis next to because before I announced I was a lesbian and didn’t appreciate the comments being said about gays on the court today—it was all good. As one of the men said, “I was going to ask you on a date.” Ha! Even if I wasn’t a lesbian, trust me when I say that I wouldn’t have been interested.

Unfortunately, for them, I am in the habit of taping my tennis lessons so that I can review my strokes and see where I need to improve—today was no different.

I thought tennis started with love for all, not hate. Go figure?

Next the gays are now trying to enlist the support of our Black elected officials to spearhead conversations between them and heterosexual Blacks—mind you these are some of the same politicians that were M.I.A. pre November 4 and Proposition 8—financial contributions and all.

The time for dialogue between the gay community and Blacks was before November 4. It was when they were sitting around their war table trying to develop a campaign strategy that in the end failed…again. That conversation should have been had first with the Blacks in the gay community. How are they going to just ignore the Black same-gender loving community and go straight to the Black politicians in an effort to have a dialogue with Blacks? It says a lot to me when even after all that’s happened, they are more interested in talking to the Black heterosexual community than Black gays. Isn’t that what got them in this mess to begin with?

I am sure before the day is over, there’ll be more news on this front as the gays are headed to Long Beach tonight to protest. I wonder though why they are moving from Westwood to Long Beach and skipping past Compton, Watts, and South L.A.?