Okay, so all the state’s abuzz over Jerry Brown’s aide calling Brown’s rival, Meg Whitman, a “whore.”

First, if this is “big news” it shows just how many people have actually worked on a political campaign, and a local campaign at that.  I’ve heard and seen far worse from aides and candidates.  What Brown’s aide said is G-rated as far I’m concerned.

As I type this I am sitting in a campaign office for one of my candidate’s and if there was a fly on wall in this room at times, no one would think twice about what Brown’s aide said.

Now understand this, what Meg did cut was a backroom deal to look out for law enforcement unions and their pension plans.  It’s no different than what all politicians do when fundraising—including Brown.  They all make promises to the people who give them money and we get sold out to the highest bidder.  I don’t why Jerry is asking so surprised because he is no stranger to California’s political game.  What he is, is pissed that he didn’t cut the deal first and that he didn’t have the wherewithal to make sure the phone was hung up.

More importantly though, the last time I checked, this was a political rat race not some friendly rivalry between adults.  Now I will admit that usually this kind of nastiness is reserved for the local level, but I suspect that after Nannygate, Meg is desperate and figures playing victim right about now might help people forget about Nicky Diaz.  Which reminds me—not a chance Meg.

On the lighter side of things, all this has got me thinking about the word “whore” and who specifically uses the word “whore.” I mean really, who the hell says whore?

The fact is, most people would have just called her a “bitch.”  I mean that is American’s preferred word for women.

I tried to say it, but the closest I could get is “ho.”  My mouth simply has a hard time taking that word any further.  Maybe it’s a Black thing.

I could be wrong, but in my opinion, it takes a special kind of person to go the extra mile and throw in the “o-r-e.”

I hate to racially profile someone based on a word heard on the radio, but I if I had to guess, my money is going on the assumption that the unnamed aide is a white gay or closeted male.

Why?  Because I’ve been around enough white gay men here in California to know that they love that word about as much as Black men love to call each other “niggas” and Meg loves to start each sentence with the word “so.”

At the end of the day, while all of the Dems are moving to distance themselves (for the time being) from Brown and Meg plays the sex card, I have to say, “whore” really doesn’t score any creative points with me.  It’s just too easy and not an adjective I would use to describe her.

Had the aide called her “in desperate need of sun,” “the inspiration for M.A.C.,” or my favorite– Monty Burns’ (“The Simpsons”) long lost giant twin sister—it’s a forehead thing along with the fact they they’re both rich, I’d have been more impressed.  Hell, “Kankles” would have even gotten a chuckle out of me.  But whore—uh uh.  When it comes to Meg, I just know we can do better than that.

When you run for office you set yourself up for constant scrutiny and criticism along with fired nannies and lawyers with a gripe coming out of the woodwork—and yes your opponent calling you a whore.  Before it’s all over, trust me, she’ll be called worse and by people more important that Jerry Brown—California voters.

And no worries, I am no Jerry Brown fan either.  The way I figure it, if she’s a whore, he’s a bore who better slow his roll and work on keeping his blood pressure down for obvious reasons.