Assemblywoman Laura Richardson has received the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor in the race to fill the seat of the late Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald.  (Lori Shepler / LAT)

Today the voters will go to the polls and vote for a candidate to replace the late Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald.  While there are some odd 250,000 registered voters in the 37th Congressional District she represented which includes Compton, Carson, South L.A., and Long Beach, only about 20,000 are expected to actually give a damn enough to get up and vote.

This has been a nasty race, starting with 17 people vying for the seat.

Then there was the business of State Senator Sheila Kuehl sending off a nasty letter  trying to insinuate that frontrunner Assemblywoman Laura Richardson was homophobic.

And if it wasn’t enough, then there was the race issue with her main competitor State Senator Jenny Oropeza being Latino, and Richardson being biracial (African American and White).

From  the nasty campaign mailers, coming from both sides, to the debates that either pissed candidates off or sent them out of the room crying, this has been an intense 45 or days for Southern California and it all comes down to this one day.

Both Richardson and Oropeza have produced polls showing they are in the lead.  Oropeza has more money and endorsements, but that means very little in the scheme of things.  She didn’t get Labor and that’s a big endorsement.

Well, I’ll tell you how it goes.  I am of course rooting for Laura Richardson all the way.  I would be sorry to see her leave the Legislature but she’d be great for us in D.C.

If you’re in the 37th District, please go and vote.