…when he said that decades of lost jobs and unfulfilled promises from Washington have left some Pennsylvanians “bitter” and clinging “to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

To a certain degree, I think we’re all “bitter” over something.  I imagine that’s why in South Carolina, I can still find, and did, the Confederate flag flying high.  It could be that same “bitterness” that caused Charles Edward Atwell to renounce his U.S. citizenship after being convicted by a federal court jury of tax evasion involving more than $2 million.  And even though it’s 2008, Atwell still cited the Articles of Confederation while renouncing his U.S. citizenship before a Greenville federal judge on Friday, saying he didn’t pay his taxes because he was not a citizen of the United States but of “the country of South Carolina.”

I think there’s enough “bitterness” to go around, not just in Pennsylvania.

It’s probably that same “bitterness” that Obama spoke of that has Blacks in California unfairly pointing the finger of blame at Mexican immigrants for L.A.’s gang problem while urging for Special Order 40 to be modified.  But how many brothers and sisters were gunned down by other brothers and sisters?  The truth of the matter whether we admit it or not, is that when it comes to gang violence, Black on Black crime out numbers Latino on Black crime…considerably.

Me, well I’m “bitter” because gas prices reached the $4.00 mark in parts of Los Angeles.  I’m “bitter” because gang members have a better record of taking out their targets than the United States government does, this without the billion dollar advantage.  I’m “bitter” because while L.A. is the homeless capital of nation, there’s no shortage of market rate condos being built in the downtown area.

I’m “bitter” because it was more important for the United States government to bail out Bear Stearns Cos., than to show that same compassion for struggling homeowners.  I’m “bitter” because this government continues to find the rich to be more deserving than the poor.

Were Obama’s comments elitist, out of touch, or patronizing?  No, not at all.  They were right on the money.

And speaking of money and elitism, wasn’t it the Clintons who earned $109 million in eight years?

Add that to my list of things that I’m “bitter” about too!