Drawing by Son of Ellis

If my memory and education serve me correct, it wasn’t Blacks that allegedly stole Mexican land and claimed it for their own.

It wasn’t Blacks that slaughtered the Native Americans and stole their land too.

It wasn’t Blacks that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean bringing human cargo to serve as slaves in a new land and then went onto treat them like second class citizens.

And it’s not Blacks leading the fight to dehumanize Mexican immigrants today.

No, this is all the handy work of the white man and by association, the white woman.

Now while it may seem unfair to put it out there in this way, it is what it is.  I didn’t make it up.  This is what happened and is still happening.

While I may not be Mexican or Latina, for that matter, even I can see out of the two democratic presidential candidates, which one is more likely to be more sensitive to the concerns and needs of immigrants and Latinos, especially given the fact that one is the son of a Kenyan immigrant and his people don’t have a history of exploiting humans for labor, stealing land, and running a Soprano style government.

So when I read all of this jibberish about Latinos not wanting to support Senator Barack Obama because he’s a Black man, to me it’s just a ploy to exploit and capitalize off of our emotions regarding immigration. 

However, if there is any truth to it, I’d hope our Latino friends would revisit American history and then ask themselves, honestly of course, who they have a better chance with?

I’m just saying…