Okay, so I managed to sit through Al Sharpton’s "Keepin it Real" radio show today with his guest MSNBC commentator Don Imus and NABJ President Byron Monroe.

I said managed because there were several times where I felt like pulling out my locs, but of course I love them too much to go quite that far.  But nevertheless, it was extremely frustrating.

First and foremost, I take a major issue with Black leaders calling for Don Imus’ head for his comment “nappy-headed hos” when these same leaders aren’t doing the same when it comes to the Black rappers that do it on a daily basis.

Come on now, who are we trying to fool?

Yes, what Imus said was wrong and he be should fired, but we aren’t going to be taken seriously by anyone when we ourselves refer to ourselves as hos.

That’s the crux of the issue.

MSNBC wouldn’t be reviewing the matter if they really thought Black people were united in the effort to get Imus fired.  But they know, what I know, and that’s that many Black people support women being called hos, in fact almost every Tuesday when they go online and download the latest rap album or go to the stores and buy it.

Like I said earlier, the door for people to degrade us and call us names was opened a long time ago by these rappers who continuously refer to women, and Black women at that, as bitches and hos.

In fact, as much as I don’t want to agree with Imus on anything, he made sure to make that point while he was on the air with Sharpton. 

This isn’t about Don Imus, this is about Black people not condoning certain behavior from our own and then expecting others to follow suit.

As loud as Sharpton, Jackson, and other Black leaders are on Imus, how come they aren’t that loud when it comes to the rappers who like I said, use the word on a daily basis.

Most Black people don’t know who Don Imus is, but they do know who 50 Cents is.  They know what Rap City is and what TRL is.

And what’s funny to me is that Sharpton defends Imus in a way by trying to make it about the fact that it’s a public television show where the slurs were heard.

That’s not the issue and it’s a cop out.  It’s not about federally regulated media.

50 Cent and other rappers are on hundreds of radio stations around the country at any given minute of the day using the word ho and bitch, not to mention they’re also on television with their videos that do the same thing.  And I guarantee you, there’s way more money in hip hop with these rappers degrading Black women than Don Imus will ever see.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is about Don Imus, because it’s not.  It’s much more easier to complain about a white television commentator than to turn and look at yourself in the mirror and criticize your own.

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