Father Glyn Jemmott Nelson
is a native of Trinidad and has worked in the Costa Chica region of Southwestern Mexico for more than 20 years. Padre Glyn is the Parish Priest at the Parish of St. John of the Cross, El Ciruelo, Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico, which is a predominately black community.  He was a member of the preparatory committee for the First Meeting of Black Communities of the coastal region of Guerrero and Oaxaca, Mexico, held in March 1997 (Encuentro de Pueblos Negros). In conjunction with other regional residents, Padre Glyn has helped open a library and a secondary school.  He is also a founding member of the organization México Negro. 

Father Nelson works to promote and develop cultural and economic empowerment in his
community based on African heritage and identity in Mexico.  His
knowledge of African American issues (throughout the Americas) and the
Afromestizo community in Mexico is impressive.  He is well known for speaking about the
Afromestizo experience in Mexico and its relationship to the larger
context of Pan African American identity. 

On Sunday he will speak about the
history of Africans in Mexico and the current socioeconomic challenges
that face their communities in the cultural mosaic that is Mexico

Sunday, January 27, 2008
12 p.m.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
2889 North Lincoln Avenue
Altadena, CA  91001-4598
(626) 794-2046