Terry McMillan is suing her ex-husband Jonathan Plummer for $40 million.  The reason?  Alleging that he tried to smear her reputation during their highly publicized 2005 divorce.

The lawsuit also claims Plummer, a Jamaica native, married McMillan in 1998 only to become a U.S. citizen, because she later found out that he was he was gay.  She’s also suing his lawyer.

"The defendants conspired and formed a plan to threaten to humiliate and embarrass Terry McMillan," the suit said, "and violate her privacy and place her in harm’s way, and threatened to damage her professional and personal standing in an attempt to extort monies from her."

McMillan’s allegations include emotional distress, invasion of privacy and placing her in a "false light" to harm her professionally and personally.  She also claimed that Plummer violated a restraining order by calling her to speak with her son.

Now if I recall, when all of this went down, Terry wasn’t the nicest of people about the whole situation.  In fact, in interviews she was downright mad and did a little “smearing” of her own against her ex-hubby.  She too was accused of violating the restraining order by her e-husband, including leaving a jar of red hot peppers at his job labeled as “penis juice,” and a bottle of Jamaican pepper sauce where she wrote the words “Fag. Juice Burn Baby Burn,” among other things.

Plummer said that McMillan has tormented him in a series of vitriolic letters, one of which concluded, "I wish I had never met your sneaky ass. I wish I had never married you. I do hate you Jonathan…And I hate all the Fags out there like you who use women to hide behind so that you can walk the streets of America without a care in the world…you’re a Fag alright."

Remember the Oprah interview and her admission that when he told her he was gay she said to him “I feel like taking this lamp and bashing your face in.”

And then there was the The Tavis Smiley Show interview where she publicly showed her bitterness and anger towards Jonathan.

In the end, they had reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount of money, leaving me to believe that there was truth to the accusations that Jonathan put forth as well.

So why the sudden lawsuit?  If you ask me, Terry did more of the smearing than her ex-hubby as it was her, and not him that was seen on national television as being angry and hostile leaving him to defend himself.

What happened between them was unfortunate, I get that.  To me, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a heterosexual relationship or a same-sex relationship.  Coming to the realization that someone you thought was attracted to actually isn’t hurts.  It happens to all us.  At some point, you just have to move on, even on those bad days when you wake up and are mad all over again, you just have to move on.

Jonathan is working as a hairstylist in California.  What is the real point in suing him for $40 million dollars?