False and Misleading Statements Regarding ‘My Little Pony-gate’

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

July 3, 2014 Intradepartmental Memo

July 3, 2014 Intradepartmental Memo

  Continuing on in My Little Pony-gate, I couldn’t help but notice the following in the intradepartmental memo between Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck and the Police Commission:

All possible conflicts of interest have been researched and there does not appear to be any issues that would reflect negatively on the Department.

The Los Angeles Police Department Foundation paid $6,000 for Chief Beck’s daughter’s horse.

The horse known as “George” was purchased for Chief Beck’s daughter’s use in the Mounted Platoon.  This comes from LAPD insiders who disagree with Beck’s spokesperson Commander Andrew Smith who told the Los Angeles Times other members of the unit ride the horse.

Add to that, Angelenos are now on the hook for George’s board and care as well.

I’m not sure who came to the conclusion that this was anything but a conflict of interest, but to the average person it sure looks that way.

At a minimum from reading the memo there are clearly misleading statements although I am inclined to throw in falsities as well.

How could the Chief just forget to mention that it was his daughter’s horse and how likely is it that Commissioner Steve Soboroff didn’t know either? See it’s the little lies.

If I was a reporter at say a big mainstream newspaper, radio or television station, these are the types of questions I’d be asking with memo in hand.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Horse

    Nice horse “GEORGE” HHHHHHHHooooooooooops,,Get it!

  • On The Job

    George Hoopes has been through so much injustice…

    Jasmyne, please look into what George Hoopes and Paul Byrnes (RIP) went through in the late 90’s at the hands of the out-of-control punk ass brass… and find out the outcome of the lawsuit brought on by Paul’s family…

    There are many LAPD staffers who should be held criminally liable for so much injustice and retaliatory damage they’ve done to police officers and their families…

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    No,,,that horse wasn’t named after George Hoopes…I believe the horse was named after her Grandfather! Not certain about that tho…cuz the horse was named pre Hoopes, I assume

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    a little bird told me that the average price for the sale of horses to mounted units throughout the country is $1500. That George must me some horse!

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    And for those of you who heard the rumor that Dep. Chief Debbie McCarthy was about to also sell one of her horses to the Mounted Unit…don’t believe it! Her horses are way too nice for her to do that! They show and compete all over the country and in
    Canada…she could sell them for much more!

  • krypt onite

    If Chief Beck’s memo had only attached a copy of the AQHA Registration papers, then the Police Commission could have seen this horse’s fine lineage without any extra research by their staff.

    Of course, the registration papers clearly detail the horse’s ownership history.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    The horse’s name is George “Playboy Dun It Again” – Named after Sgt Hoopes????

  • Lakerguy

    OK, so now after stating he will be “Vindicated” after he has his friends fully investigate these baseless claims made by a Blogger. Well now, he just got caught in a Lie per- Kcal 9 news reporting not a blogger and should have been more “forthcoming”. Whaaaaaat? Now what a big SORRY?? Let me think…..what would he do to a Cop on the street, if He/She lied and got caught???????? I believe that You Miss Jasmyne have been “Vindicated” on your baseless claims. Excuse me, I mean posting the truth. Good job! Excellent investigative reporting.

  • georgehoopes is a punk

    Poor George Hoopes. F#@* him. He was weak as an officer, the little time he was one. Most of his time as an officer was on IOD due to his stupid ass jumping over a short fence only to realize it was 12 feet high on the other side. He then used the time to study and make sgt. He made sgt with 4-5 years on the job. By the way, most of his 77th stories aren’t even his.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    The LAPD needs to delete “integrity” from its so-called list of Core Values–we need a Federal Consent Decree for the out of control Command Staff.
    The tone of any Department is set by its leadership, or in this case, its lack of leadership. Thank you Chief Beck for proving what I have been telling the Police Commission. I just wonder what kind of dirt you have on them to have been given a pass for lying? Because if you ever have to testify in any future deposition, the attorneys will certainly bring up your credibility issue. Way to go Chief Beck…you should be proud of yourself.
    Don’t see how you will be able to fire any of your officers who get caught lying after this…and I wonder if the Inspector General has cut the face sheet on you yet….come on IG, fair is fair. DO THE RIGHT THING.

  • cutty sark

    None of this had to happen to the LAPD family, Chief Beck’s big extended family.
    Brandi could still get her position with Metro Division Mounted Patrol. She could still ride her own thoroughbred Palomino Quarterhorse when on duty.
    Kryptonite’s sire would still receive full board and care covered from the Dept. budget.
    And Brandi could still get the extra benefits of transferring title – LAPD becomes her sponsor to ride in special private events and law enforcement equestrian competitions.

    Chief Beck could have spared himself the contortions taken that not one fingerprint is left on the process or final decision.
    It would have been easy to avoid all the confusion and do what’s best for the family – donate Brandi’s horse directly to LAPD or sell him to the Foundation for one dollar.
    If it had been up to Chief Beck, that’s probably how it would have been done. But he had no idea, because he had walled himself off from the decision.
    Please understand Brandi is still a bit young and wants to save up the money for an Italian saddle, tack and bridle. Which is exactly what Charlie planned as her surprise gift for next Christmas. Because Chief Beck really cares most about the whole family, not just the money.

  • LA99

    Sounds like Mrs. Beck has entered the room and posted. Also spoiled Christmas for Brandi. Ma’am please know these stories are not a personal attack on you or your family. Your Husband and his step daughter did this. Your right in the proper steps of using the horse in Metro. But what you fail to mention is that she shouldn’t even be in Metro. She isn’t qualified nor had the time on or experience to fit that assignment. She is the only P3 I’ve ever heard in my 20 yrs on the job that was loand to Metro two times a month while working Newton, excuse me, while assigned to Newton gangs. So the writing was in the wall as to where she was going. I didn’t know Metro did that, can other P3 wishing to go to Metro get a loan there a few times a month??? Probably not. Chief Beck said he can take the criticism but to leave his family out of it. Well Sir, your the one who put your family into it. Let them make their way on their own and without your influence. Your daughter should have never been transferred from Hollywood straight into Newton gangs, then after a few months become a P3 in gangs. When more experienced and harder working officers were more deserving. Then she takes a bullshit modified PFQ into Meteo. I know solid members who were harvested and have been trying to get back into Metro, but they take her over them??? I wonder why!!!!!! So don’t get on TV and say you want people to leave your family out of it!!! You placed them in the postion to be scrutinized not us.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    I rather pay for a horse’s upkeep, then for the dammed to hell worthless gang members who have no dignity for their own lives and the lives of others. Do some real good journalism on black gangs in prison/out of prison/death row/and why so many of them are wasting away in prison. Where the family break down occurred, when Welfare became the daddy for black families/new slavery. This I’d like to read about.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    Also, if innocent police officers are killed because of your ranting and such, you should be held accountable for their deaths. Just saying, ya, just saying.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    The new slavery in America is now the Hispanics who are coming over the boarders. The black nation are living in the skid rows, left behind. Why are not the black leaders not helping? O, yes, because there is no publicity or money in it for them. Also, another good write up is why there is no black leaders anymore! I want you to go outside your box and comfort zone. Maybe become the next Ophra.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    Thank you and hope we can become close friends.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    Leadership is following the way of the world. Obama is the head, and he has become more slippery than cigar sniffing Clinton. When the head is sick, then so, the whole body.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    Where is the justice for what gangs are doing for this country. No one speaks out because they are afraid or some of you are the thugs.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    georgehoopes is a punk, person who is using this name, godless. Please do not die yet, because hell awaits you.

  • Lakerguy

    I agree the Sign On name shouldn’t be used re;Hoopes. I know and worked 77 Th w/ him. That wall was at Crenshaw High School, I believe the S/E corner of the school by all the grass.

    I’m actually really surprised he stooped to relationships w/ young impressionable female Officers. But, I am sure glad he kept those photos!!!Well played George, well played.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Of course all our Chief knows about is nepotism and favoritism…after all, he learned it from his dad.

  • scarecrow

    Any wonder why Deputy Chief (and close family friend of Beck) Debbie McCarthy was transferred from OWB to IAD?…It couldn’t have had anything to do with the charges raised against her husband Captain Kevin McCarthy…could it? Hmm…I wonder how his IA investigation will turn out since his wife will be signing off on it. Care to place a wager on the outcome? I’m sure you already know the answer.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    For all of you officers reading this, perhaps we should all go the Police Commission on Tuesday and ask that any officer who has been fired, suspended, demoted or downgraded for “false and misleading” be rehired, the suspension removed, etc, in view of the recent events. I know I will be there. It sure would be nice to have some company. No need to say anything…I am well aware of how the Department retaliates, after all, I have 24 years on. The presence of a few of you for morale support would be nice.

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