For the Record

Ahem…A disclaimer of sorts


Jasmyne doesn’t write every day but when she does, it’s epic and she’s been doing it since 2004. But like with all relationships, sometimes we need more.  If you need Jasmyne in your life on a more consistent basis you can follow her on social media.

Now onto it..

For the record, this is Jasmyne’s personal website.  While Jasmyne is known for breaking news and exclusive stories, this is not a news website– there are already plenty of those out there.  This site reflects Jasmyne’s personal and sometimes professional opinions on life, love, dating, politics, race, and her taste in and love for music. Basically, the stuff she cares to write about.

And because there’s always that one person who doesn’t get it–Jasmyne is not now nor has she ever been a member or leader of Black Lives Matter.  While Jasmyne does believe that Black lives matter, Blacks are not born into this world with an automatic membership into groups like Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and Urban League just like whites aren’t handed a lifetime membership into the Ku Klux Klan at birth.

If you read something that you don’t like and you can’t just leave your comment in the comment section like most people and move on with your day–then feel free to send her an email.

Speaking of contacting Jasmyne…

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