Fifteen years after the acquittal of three Los Angeles Police officers in the brutal beating of Rodney King…now this. 

Robert Evangelist, the former police officer accused in the videotaped beating of 66-year-old Robert Davis on October 8, 2005, just weeks after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, was acquitted Tuesday by a judge who heard the case without a jury.

Another officer, Lance Schilling, was also accused and fired but Schilling committed suicide earlier this year.

Damn, damn, damn (with hands in the air)!

I know New Orleans is hot right about now.  Hot like Los Angeles was and quite frankly still is.

According to published reports, this whole incident started when Davis, who had returned to New Orleans to check his property, was involved in a confrontation with the officers after they stopped him on suspicion of being drunk. Davis, who had been booked for public intoxication but never charged, said he hadn’t been drinking.

Davis testified Tuesday that he was headed to buy cigarettes in the French Quarter when he asked a police officer what time a curfew took effect that night. Before the officer could answer, a different officer cut him off, Davis said.

"Those were ignorant, unprofessional and rude officers," Davis recalled saying as he walked away from the policemen.

Moments later, an officer grabbed him from behind, threw him against a wall and punched his face, Davis testified. His assailant uttered a racial epithet during the attack, he said.

"I don’t remember very much after that point," Davis said.

Franz Zibilich, one of Evangelist’s attorneys, said his client "acted appropriately and well within police standards."

I tell you, it’s not safe to be a Black man anywhere in America.

You got folks patrolling the streets in San Francisco after it’s alleged that a Black man raped two white gay men.  You got Black men being shot to death frequently from Los Angeles to New York, and when they’re not being shot to death they’re being beaten to a bloody pulp.  Even with videos and cameras, when it comes to Blacks, there’s no guarantee of justice.

And what are we going to do about it?  I am sure one of the Reverend’s, if they haven’t already, will hold a press conference condemning the acquittal and we’ll all go on with our lives.

At some point hopefully, we’ll get tired of getting our Black asses beaten and rise up and revolt in union.

Until then, this post is for you Mr. Davis.  Get well soon and keep the faith that it will get better sooner or later for Black men on the streets of America.