Okay, so my little short documentary is ready for its world premiere.

I didn’t intentionally set out for this to be my first film, in fact, I didn’t even intend on doing my first film this year. But you don’t always have control over when inspiration strikes.

So here it is, my first film and it’s a short doc on the group of women that I met doing my weekly hikes in Runyan Canyon. Now while I am sure that Mr. Oscar won’t be knocking on my door, I am proud of my doc and all of the women who have come out over the past several months for the hike. And hopefully through this project more women will feel encouraged and inspired to take up some activity, be it hiking or otherwise, and make it a sista thang and get out there. There’s more than weight loss and fitness to be gained.

One of the things that I find the most inspiring about our weekly hikes is the mix of women that over time have become really good friends—straight, gay, Black, brown, white, mothers, young and younger, and yes even boyfriends! For me, that was inspirational. We always have a good time. We talk we laugh, we celebrate the ending of each hike with lattes and juice. And I just wanted to share that—something we don’t always see, women bonding over common issues. Whether it be weight loss, depression, looking for new friends, we made our little hike into a celebrated weekly event that keeps growing in numbers. In fact, I think we single handedly increased the number the number of Blacks hiking in Runyan at least 50 percent in the past year.

So if you’re in Los Angeles come out and celebrate with us for the world premiere of The Incredibly True Adventures of Sistas of the Canyon at the 16th Annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival taking place February 7th through the 18th.

The Incredibly True Adventures of Sistas of the Canyon

World Premiere
Saturday, Feb. 16th, 6:40pm

Monday, Feb. 18th, 3:50pm

AMC Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15
4020 Marlton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90008