Just when I think that, we as a people can’t go any lower…

On November 1st, Chuck Wilson has announced that he will launch a new new multi-service website catering to an “urban audience” (i.e. Blacks). will offer previously-unseen songs, remixes and videos from artists such as Ludacris, T.I., Diddy, Akon, Ghostface, Lloyd Banks, Hi-Tek, Jim Jones and Foxy Brown.

Additional site features include news, gossip, a YouTube-like video uploading and sharing component, a download store and a MySpace-inspired web community where users can upload and sell their own songs, videos, ringtones and wallpaper.

Now I don’t have a problem with the idea in theory, but to call it in reality and market it to a community that has been and continues to be devastated by the effects drugs like crack is extremely problematic.  Even more troubling is the fact this website is the brainchild of an African American, who in theory should know better.

It’s not enough that the whites are marketing “Cocaine” the energy drink in our neighborhoods, but now we have one of our own marketing crack to us as well, in a different form.

Is there any hope left for us as a people?