The very funny folks involved in the Los Angeles based sketch comedy troupe Slow Children Crossing are getting ready for a six week run of their very politically incorrect humor at King King in Hollywood beginning April 10.

Slow Children Crossing is an African-American sketch comedy troupe that offers its audience high and low brow political satire by mixing multi-media with live sketches.

Consisting of two men, three women, including my neighbor and friend Tiffany Thomas (“The Boondocks”), Bret Butler (Adult Swim’s “Sealab:2021”), L.A. theatre veteran Alem Sapp (“How High”), Destini Meshack (BET’s “Played by Fame”), and Saudia Rashed (“The New Guy”), Slow Children Crossing is being presented by acclaimed writer and filmmaker Ralph Farquhar (“Married with Children,” “The Parkers,” and “Moesha”).

Hoping to bring a new voice to the sketch world with their slightly crooked perspective during a 90-minute set, Slow Children Crossing will run Sundays at 7 p.m. beginning April 10 through May 15 and tickets are $20.  For more information, please log onto

If you’re in L.A.—you should really check their show out.

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