While the media was busy controlling our minds with the endless news about Paris Hilton, this little story may have escaped your radar.  And for some reason, I think that’s how the powers in be would have wanted it.

It seems that the United States military is at it again.

A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Pentagon officials on Friday confirmed to CBS 5 that military leaders had considered, and then subsequently rejected, building the so-called "Gay Bomb."

A “Gay Bomb?” You have got to be kidding me.

In America, we’ve got people starving and living on the streets.  Our public education system is a joke.  We claim we don’t have money to accommodate all of the people we lock in our prison systems and the government is wasting time and money on “Gay Bombs.”

This is sick and if I were a religious person, I would offer these are truly the last days.

But what this does do is put into real perspective just what the American government thinks of gays and lesbians.  Obviously, our same gender attraction is viewed as a disease that can be marketed and used to defeat the enemy because after all, all gays want to do is have sex.  Right?  Wrong!  I can’t put into words how disgusted I am right now.

What next?  An AIDS bomb?  A bomb that turns you Black and into a second-class citizen?  Oooh I know, a bomb that makes the enemy experience symptoms of PMS or better yet  “the change.”  What ingenious plan with the American military come up with next using gay and straight tax dollars?

Now is not the time to be asleep at the wheel.  There’s too much at stake and the next Administration is going to have to spend eight years alone just trying to undo all of the damage that was created by the current one.

Just makes you wonder if there’s a cure for AIDS out there somewhere sitting on a shelf with the instructions, don’t touch until all of Africa is red.  Because if we can make a gay bomb,  surely we have a cure for AIDS.