Five More Years for Beck

Above is the audio clip of my appearance this morning on KABC 790 AM’s McIntyre in the Morning show discussing the Chief’s reappointment.


We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Okay so Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has been appointed to another 5-year term.  That should come as no surprise to anyone who lives in Los Angeles and has a pulse.  As long as Mayor Eric Garcetti was supporting him, it was as we say, a done dada.

For those who don’t know, the Mayor appoints members to the Police Commission and of the five currently serving there’s only one he didn’t appoint.  Incidentally, it was that one member who voted against reappointing Beck.

So I was none too surprised today to see a tweet from I believe @SteveSoboroff about standing behind Beck—although I did think it odd for him to be publicly tweeting his support of Beck considering he’s the President of the Police Commission.  He must have thought better of it as well because he quickly deleted it and I haven’t been able to find it since. It was a tweet in response to a tweet @LAPDChiefBeck sent out yesterday.  So much for being a civilian watchdog.  But I digressed—but no not really.

So what’s next?

It’s going to be business as usual.  Chief Beck was the head of the Department yesterday and he will be the head of the Department tomorrow.  There are already a number of misconduct investigations underway in the Inspector General’s Office as well as various probes the Police Commission is allegedly spearheading.  But again, when you have the President of the Police Commission tweeting that he’s standing with the Chief, it’s not likely much will come from the Commission’s investigations.

Before it’s all said and done though—and the it being Beck’s next five years—I suspect there will be multiple investigations and probes on various issues announced.  The question is whether or not the findings are going to be announced just as loud.

It’s kind of like that 2013 survey where approximately 500 sworn Department employees were asked how they felt about the internal dealings of the Department.  The impetus for the survey was the Christopher Dorner incident. As quiet as it is being kept, from what I hear folks are still waiting for the Department to release the findings and it’s been over a year now.

Me, I’m neither sad nor glad the Chief was reappointed.  New chief or old chief there’s still work to be done and there always will be.  I mean c’mon, this is Los Angeles.

Right now I’m more interested in finding out the status and findings of the investigation into why Chief Beck stopped a Board of Rights termination hearing for an officer involved in a domestic abuse case involving another officer.

Well that and other things.  Stay tuned.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • 1942 Transient

    We all saw this coming when Garcetti and Soboroff said the Chief was doing a good job as one scandal after another was brought forth day after day. Each more appalling than the next.. No one else would have survived this which makes me wonder whats going on behind the scenes.

    Garcetti and Soboroff, you’re both useless representatives of government.. You mean nothing and you represent nothing. Your degrees and experiences mean nothing and you learned nothing from a lifetime of observations and learning. You stand for no principles and you have no integrity in the positions you hold. Charlie Beck did what he did. Im actually more angry at both of you for not stopping it. We have a system of checks and balances and you two are part of that process. In the end, this behavior by Beck was OK with both of you.

    One thing I do know is that Garcetti and Beck will be done after this. Political opponents will always bring this time up. Eric if you ever thought about Governor or president, you can forget that now..

    Charlie you are the most hated LAPD Chief ever. Quite frankly I thought you were going to be one of the best. That is true, I really did. What happened? Why did you take this road. You will feel the cold shoulder of the people that work for you as you travel around the Department. Officers will walk the other way in parking lots and at the academy and when you brief a roll call they will look at the walls and ignore whatever message you’re trying to sell. Your feeble attempts to reach out to us rationally on the LAN carry no integrity anymore because they are hollow words. Your actions and decisions told us who you really are. You dragged your family and friends into this debacle by making decisions that benefited them and then had the nerve to be offended when their character was attacked.

    This is no longer your Department. You dont lead it and your officers dont like you. You are now a hollow leader with no inspiration to give your troops. You lead an empty house.

    The Department has been split by the still unresolved contract dispute and your debacle. You legacy is ruined by the decisions you have made. We are not better off for having you as our Chief.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx


  • I wanna see those compromising photos of Beck’s daughter publicized! I’m sure those photos will make a public appearance soon.

  • CityEye

    Jasmyne are you freaking kidding, “you’re not glad or sad.” Do you not have any integrity or ethics? The pulse of the City is fuming because Beck got 5 more years to continue his corrupt behavior. And where was the PPL who receives millions in due money from rank and file? They were hiding out with Garcetti selling their souls instead of speaking out for the Officers and putting out that NO VOTE OF CONFIDENCE every cop wanted. Word is the rank and file will now show their disgust

  • dirty chief

    Did anyone happen to catch his speech after he was given a second term? He thanked everyone EXCEPT Los Angeles Police Officers! Wow…. speaks volumes chuck.

  • Joe Citizen

    What a shame, the chief who condons domestic viloence, lying and denying, theft by his command staff, and his daughter… so on…. so many innocent officers prosecuted through LAPD discipline system that has flaws. Sgt Marx from Internal Affairs has spoken of countless incidents and the mayor re appoints him. The mayor no different than his loser father who targeted police officers. The chief who condons that stats be padded so the city looks safe…. WOW what a JOKE..

  • cutty sark

    Ginuwine…..The Bachelor

  • Overthisdrama

    There is no pictures! It’s all rumors!

  • CityEye
  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Just think how much he could get for those photos if he sold them to TMZ!