Formal Complaint Filed with Inspector General Alleges Chief Beck Engaged in Extramarital Affair

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


It’s been a while since we’ve had an addition to our sex, scandals and shenanigans series otherwise known as As the World Turns LAPD Edition, but alas, the wait is over.

I swear I couldn’t make this up even if I tried.

It seems that a complaint has been filed with the Office of the Inspector General Alex Bustamante (and Police Commission I’m told) regarding some alleged hanky panky going on between Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and newly promoted commanding officer Ruby Malachi of Media Relations and Community Affairs. Yes, you read right.

According to an anonymous letter dated March 15, 2015 to Inspector General Bustamante, Lt. Malachi and Chief Beck have been having an ongoing affair and her promotion is a direct result of it.

According to the immediate staff working for Gloria Grube, Commanding Officer of Personnel Group, Grube was directed by Chief Beck to make a 12th captain position as a “Special Position,” so that Ruby Malachi could be made a captain. There were only to be 11 captain promotions and the next round of captains would be made around April 2016. Grube directed her immediate clerical staff to create the position and not ask questions. Secretary Elsa Hernandez unwillingly created this position knowing it was unethical, and that no such authority number even existed; however, under the direction of Gloria Grube and Chief Beck, Hernandez complied. Grube had pressure on her, as she was next in line for promotion over Personnel Group as a Police Administrator.

In order to keep her close to him, Beck created a captain position for her within the building conveniently located on the second floor.

Therefore, keeping Malachi from managing a patrol division like all new captains are supposed to do when they are promoted to captain. The position Ruby Malachi took over is that of a lieutenant that use to be held by Lieutenant Andrew Niemen, who also became a newly appointed patrol captain at Van Nuys Division. Neimen was on the same exact promotional list as Ruby Malachi, which everyone thinks is unfair that he became a patrol captain and Ruby Malachi managed to become a captain over his old lieutenant job. Ruby Malachi has not only managed to be placed in coveted assignments and riding on the coat tails of Chief Charlie Beck for the past several years, but has now managed to not even work as a patrol captain and has avoided being held to the same requirements as all other newly appointed captains.

The letter goes on to say that Chief Beck’s security detail is fully aware of the affair and Inspector General to interview those cops who have allegedly transported Beck to secret meeting locations so that he can engage in his extramarital affair on the taxpayer’s dollar.

If that wasn’t enough for you, it’s alleged that members of Beck’s security detail know that Lt. Malachi’s husband, who is also a member of the Los Angeles Police Department—Air Support Division I believe—is very upset about what’s going on.

The letter says that Chief Beck needs to be investigated for sexual harassment as it relates to Lt. Malachi and that Beck has no right to take advantage of his position as chief of police and expect sexual favors in return for the promotion of women in the department.

Beck has no compassion for anyone, not even for the families he destroys, in this case Ruby Malachi’s own family, as she and her husband are headed to divorce court for her infidelities. We doubt Ruby Malachi even recognizes how her own personal agenda destroys others, such as her own family, her peers, and the organization as a whole. As for Beck, how could he even be appointed as the chief of police in this City, without morals or regard for his own people. Beck’s own arrogance and belief that the rules do not apply to him is appalling. Chief Beck has stooped to the lowest and has lost the respect of many in his rank and file, including some of those in the command staff.

The letter is simply closed with the following statement:

Mr. Bustamante, we urge you to investigate and ask questions. This matter should not be glossed over or ignored. We all deserve an equal opportunity when seeking a promotion that we are qualified for. Thank you.

Now I don’t know if any of this is true, but then again, that’s not my job now is it. It is the job of the Inspector General, Police Commission, etc. to investigate these claims to see if there is any merit to them.

What I do know is that just like with My Little Ponygate, Lygagate, Hoopesgate, Newtongate and Boxergate—the rank-and-file are not feeling Chief Beck and his perceived nepotism and favoritism. So much so that folks are willing to risk their careers to expose the hypocrisy going on within the department and its commanding officers.

Everyone knows from day one that the goal of the game is to promote in the LAPD. Those who are not “sponsored” have only their record of service to rely on in order to do so and in some cases the asses they must kiss.  And quite frankly, sometimes that just ain’t enough.

It can’t be easy putting in years and years of dedicated service while having to watch the relatives of commanding officers and favorites just rise through the ranks because of their last name, who they’re friends with or who they are sleeping with.

Charlie—as he’s affectionately referred to as—and his crew have obviously angered the rank-and-file with all of their antics. The sad thing is, I don’t even think they’re aware of how much they are loathed.

At any rate, it looks like the Inspector General’s office is going to have yet another investigation to launch.

For the sakes of all parties involved, this is one scandal I hope isn’t true. I take no great pleasure in writing about these types of shenanigans.  But if it is true, it merits more than just a comment card or the admission that mistakes were made.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Click here to read the formal complaint to the Office of the Inspector General

The Court of Public Opinion

  • SeniorDIII

    The whole Beck Family are whores. It’s no secret. The same can be said for many other Commad Staff. How about the creepy swingers Assistant Chief Michael Moore and Commander Villegas and the sexting on there Black Berries. FID Detectives and Defense Attorneys can elaborate. Mayor Villar knew what he was doing when he picked Beck. They have shit on each other so play the game and get paid. It’s a shame the real POLICE who dedicate their lives to the job have to deal with these cowards who know nothing about police work.

  • NinaG

    Thanks Jasmyne. The more exposure the better. The LAPD is a cesspool of deceit and corruption…having worked here for 20+ years, I’ve seen it all…

  • robert peel

    i have direct evidence these people lie and cover up corruption but if your not one of them your beaten into submission by false complaints then starting agaisnt yourself

  • nothingheretosee

    any Department employee who has engaged in leaking confidential personnel complaint information to this blogger should be investigated, and if appropriate terminated. perhaps the IG should look into that.

  • Stop being a hater before someone drops a house on you.

  • robert peel

    they do like to keep things secret jasmyne, they hate any outside entity looking into their secret world.

  • nothingheretosee

    it’s clear you aren’t interested in the truth or the innocent families who are irreparably damaged by your hate mongering. get a life.

  • Guest

    Hey Nothing-here-to-see, you’re a lose who hides their identity, so go and crawl back under your rock!!! If you can’t expose who you are then you are a coward!!

  • Hey Nothing-here-to-see, you’re a lose who hides their identity, so go and crawl back under your rock!!! If you can’t expose who you are then you are a coward!!!

  • Gunslinger

    I believe nothingtoseehere is a LAPD officer with the name Larry Park!


    Actually, it’s not me (Larry Park) because I have much better things to do but thanks for mentioning my name and giving me publicity (not that I needed it).

  • La luz

    If you havent noticed if you provide your name as a department employee you will be the subject of a complaint investigation. So, for all the imbeciles out there who are angry that department employees post anonomousley, get over it! This is one of few of the outlets where we can vent about the corruption that Beck and all his undeserving friends whom he promotes, can discuss the dirty name that they are making for the department! If the lawsuit judgements and payouts are evident enough that there is a problem with retaliation posting ones true identity would be disaster. Get over yourself and realize what is really going on!

  • La Luz

    Beck and his idiot minions whom are not worthy of being promoted don’t give a dam about all the damage they do to people so why would anyone give a crap about their lives! They sit in their undeserving glass houses judging others and when they are judged they lie, deny and cry their way out of it pretending they are innocents. What comes around goes around and we have evil command staff who will be judged and a Chief who takes no ownership of true issues caused by his own self. People have gotten fired over doing the same Beck does. He is as corrupt as they come and a slithering snake who just put Downing out to hang to save his own skin. Have no fear all though IA will not find wrongdoing against their own command, they never do.

  • C4Adam

    If your a department employee you should be fired for being such a idiot!

    Oh wait a minute..Lt. Malachi’s is that you?

  • C4Adam

    You really don’t need to read anything posted here. Now, take a deep breath and go away. By the way have you been taking your meds?

  • nothingheretosee

    if it wasn’t so sad i would laugh at the attempts to silence me from posting on this blog for having a dissenting opinion. i post here to warn police officers of the dangers of supporting a malignant blogger. i have no want to defend those who are involved in misconduct. i have no choice but to monitor this site as my family has been damaged by the lies and libel perpetrated by this blogger. it’s all fun and games until she wants to get ahold of YOUR confidential personnel files, which are protected by law. when this directly impacts your children and spouse, you will finally get it.

  • robert peel

    have you ever had the department go after you after you reported misconduct ,talk about destroying lifes ,no pay ,accused of crimes, other officers drop you like a rock exept a few close friends,losing your house ,nervous breakdowns,then you prove your innocent and the ones who went after you are all promoted.dont knock this blogger she may be your only voice one day


    BTW, Gunslinger I opened an invitation for you to talk to me and I’ve still yet to hear from you.

  • nothingheretosee

    i am going through that nightmare right now, so i get it. but nothing gives anyone else the right to violate other people’s rights and destroy INNOCENT lives to further their agenda.

  • robert peel

    its called a pichless motion it needs a judge order ,but thats part of the job. but most people here were all attacked illegally from within .my advice is not to blame jasmyn’ but if you believe your totally innocent come out swinging ,go to the media ,get the loudest civil rights attorney you can.the league attornys probably wont do that as generally other league members were involved with command staff to do u in.if you think by doing nothing and believing in the system your in denial.

  • Franko

    LAPD has and will always be a place where favoritism and sponsors make you who you are. I have witnessed the days when now Chief Beck then Lt. Beck was a huge sponsor of retired Lt. Marcela Piersol/Sandy. Rumor had back then he dated her and many others. I worked with a captain retire as a commander (married) met his wife on several occasions was lunching/vistiing on duty with then Sgt Mittsie Grasso (married) rep of the LAPD Officers Union now retired with the commander. Both were dating on duty, divorced their previous spouses and married each other. This department is a perfect example of a cheap realty show. I’ve witnessed several examples as mentioned and every one has been covered up or hidden by the department. Beck is no different.

  • robert peel

    its truly shocking how corrupt this dept is ,unfortunatly most are in denial until you see something that is so serious you have to report it and then out of the blue you are suddenly under investigation yourself.its a playbook thats so predictable that the majority just keep quiet out of fear.

  • Congratulations to Jasmyne for being the only Los Angeles journalist willing to hold Chief Beck and his LAPD accountable. I know the LA Times writers are reading her work and wish they had the balls to journalize the LAPD as Jasmyne. Current and former LAPD members, is the only entity to inform the public about inappropriate conduct by Beck and his command staff. Don’t be part of the code of silence. As a former LAPD defense representative, I’ve witness many LAPD careers that were destroyed by LAPD’s elite class. This extramarital affair by Beck is unethical, but the Police Commission and LA City media is intentionally allowing Beck to get away with for what many rank and file have been fired.

  • SurfPuppy619

    It’s only called a Pitchess motion in state court, there are NO POBOR protections in federal court. A federal court would not allow political groups to get special treatment based on their connections or $$$, like the POBOR has done in state court with the infamous Pitchess Motion, named after our esteemed former LASD Sheriff.

  • robert peel

    the RCP have been getting information on officers via courts for years.i dont mind anyone looking at mine .what i object to is our own police department turning on you with all their resourses and then seeing those involved promote and keep doing the same thing until they finally do something that’ they cant hide it or turn on each around the country very few police departments have the protection the lapd has and that’s maybe why we have so many systemic problems.

    In a message dated 3/27/2015 10:26:37 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

    “It’s only called a Pitchess motion in state court, there are NO POBOR protections in federal court. A federal court would not allow political groups to get special treatment based on their connections or $$$, like the POBOR has done in state court with the infamous Pitchess Motion, named after our esteemed former LASD Sheriff.” (
    _Settings _ ( (

    A new comment was posted on _Jasmyne Cannick_ ( 8775050&url= inspector-general-alleges-chief-beck-engaged-in-extramarital-affair/#comment -1932626621:KoLJZ1FpuX74I88EGV6MbTt4jOI&variant=active&experiment=digests&be havior=click&post=1932626621&

  • Nomore

    Just because a female is promoted does NOT mean she slept with someone to get it. If that is the case, the men also had sex with their bosses to be promoted. Half of the people on the job were hired or promoted because of affirmation action! Yes, females were hired at higher numbers because they were needed. Blacks and Hispanics also. No one will ever make officers happy. If you think it is bad now, open your eyes and see that it is starting again but with a new crew. Moore and Villegas are doing the same things promoting their friends. The Capt at Pacific is female and a friend of Villegas. McMahon just got promoted several times….oh wait he is good friends with Moore and Villegas. This is the way the WORLD works. Friends always promote friends or people who have worked for them and know they will do the job. There are people on the job you may not like because they don’t give you everything you want, but they have the balls to make decisions and have the education or experience to do the job. The minute someone makes Capt or above they are now the enemy. You ALL also allow rumors and this blog to be the truth. Stop spreading rumors. Unless you are in the room, were part of the decision making, or was that fly on the wall watching everything, you only know a small part of the story, one side of the story, or just rumors. When you all go to a radio call you always try to get both sides of a story. When you write a report, you try to state both sides of a story. When you go to court, both sides are presented. This and everyone here is working on ONE side of a story. You ALL are destroying the LAPD. If you are not happy working for the LAPD…go flip burgers somewhere. And STOP making this one sided blogger look like she is a expert in a field that she is nothing more than a pot stirring trouble maker!

  • robert peel

    all of us here agree with affirmitive action ,we are all against corruption ,you should be to .

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