Deb_priceIn Detroit News columnist Deb Price’s latest column, she argues that gay rights advocates to learn a thing or two from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

Price draws a parallel between the perceived backlash facing the gay community over marriage rights and the opposition to Black civil rights following the landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling. Price believes that gays should spend less time concerned about backlash and march on as Blacks did during the Movement.

What interests me is the concern that gay groups have alienated mainstream America with their tactics and strategies to win marriage rights and in the porcess have been ignorant to the fact that they alienated their own community.

The last time I looked, neither Blacks, Latinos, nor Asians of any mass numbers were chomping at the bit to become a part of the gay movement.  And why is that?

Because we’ve never been included when you think about it.  In addition, it bothers me that the so called gay leadership, and I say so called because they aren’t my leaders, are more concerned about what the straight folks are thinking than their own community, whether they include us or not.

Anyway you know how I feel about the white gay leadership and if you don’t, click here.

Deb’s column points out, yet again, whites can learn a lot from Blacks.