StarThe Jamaica Star is reporting the murder of two young women earlier this week is the result of a "murder of passion," involving the women who were possibly lesbians and one of their ex-boyfriends who may have been unhappy with their relationship.

According to the Star

The bodies of 20-year-old Candice Williams and Phoebe Myrie, 22, were found dumped in a pit at a home they shared in Taylor Land, Bull Bay, last week Wednesday.

As a result, police are now on the hunt for the father of the one-year-old child of Candice Williams, Dwayne Lewis, who is wanted for questioning in the matter.

Police who were on the scene when the bodies were found, say the evidence found at the scene, suggested that the killer might have been angered by their suspected lesbian relationship.

"From yuh see di lesbian DVD whe di man throw in di pit, yuh know seh di lesbian ting have something to do with the murders … The assailant bun up mattress an fling weh sheet, so it obvious," said an officer, who was at the scene when the bodies were taken from the pit.

Police confirm that an lesbian DVD case, sheets, and a pillow were found in the pit along with the bodies of the young women. A burnt mattress was also found in the yard of the house. 

Although residents of Taylor Land expressed "mixed feelings" toward the alleged lesbian couple, they all concur that they were much more than friends. "Everybody know a two lesbian dem dat. U fi see how one a dem timid like gal, an di oda one guan like man … The only time dem apart a when di Samantha (Candice) gu check har mother ina di morning," said a resident.

"Mi hear seh a lef one a dem lef her baby fada fi di nex uman, an tek di baby carry guh live," said another resident.

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